Revealed in a must-see trailer at the beginning of the month - Quan Chi returns to cast a dark spell over Mortal Kombat X in 2015!

The necromancer will command an army of fallen warriors in the story of MKX, but its his sinister sorcery that's delighting across three unique Character Variations. Learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of each gameplay mode as they're illuminated by the developers:

So far we've seen infographics for D'Vorah, Sub-Zero, Raiden & Kano. Each spotlight explains the unique strengths and weaknesses of the Character Variation system - an innovation that reinvents each fighter to create specialist match-ups between individual player styles. Visual tells make variation identification a snap as evidenced when all three are compared!

Sorcerer: The Sorcerer Variation allows Quan Chi to create spell circles within the arenas. Offensive spell circles buff Quan Chi's attacks, increasing his damage output and enhancing special moves, while defensive spell circles weaken opponents. This variation allows for extra chip damage, allowing Quan Chi to quickly end rounds against defensive opponents.

Warlock: Warlock Quan Chi uses his dark portals to create unpredictable attacks and reach, making this Variation excellent for counter zoning and zoning mix ups. When properly timed, Quan Chi can also combine his portals with attacks to create special kombo strings that send his opponent to the Netherrealm and back.

Summoner: In his Summoner Variation, Quan Chi can summon a demonic beast from the Netherrealm to fight by his side. When deployed, Quan Chi's minion brings an additional set of ranged attacks to his already diverse arsenal. [W]hen summoned at the end of kombos, the demonic beast gives Quan Chi additional options for post-kombo setups.

All three Character Variations feature heavily in the Quan Chi reveal trailer, as narrated by Executive Producer Shaun Himmerick. Get the drop on the competition by watching the trailer and be back daily as each variation graphic is revealed!

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