Mortal Kombat X is gearing up to take the global stage at Gamescom 2014! The annual trade fair doesn't take place until August 14-17 - but the European charm assault is already underway! Along with a major cover story in the latest GamePro Germany; July reveal Raiden has been released to European outlets [eg; IGN] in new assets via Warner Bros.

Get a better look at the Thunder God in a new render image, before delving deeper into the benefits of new Character Variations below:

We've seen these infographics for D'Vorah & Sub-Zero, offering explanations for the different Character Variations that determine play styles in Mortal Kombat X. They not only offer a description of the strengths and weaknesses as described by the developers themselves, but also highlight the visual tells that expose each version on sight.

Thunder God: The Thunder God Variation enhances Raiden's lightning attacks. This allows him to extend and perform combos that are unique only to this Variation. Thus giving Raiden the potential to do more damage.

Displacer: In his Displacer Variation, Raiden gains the ability to teleport to multiple attack zones. This tactic can be used to move into close range, attack from behind, or even escape rushdowns, making Raiden difficult to contain and significantly more mobile.

Storm Lord: The Storm Lord Variation gives Raiden the ability to create lightning traps. These traps can be used defensively or as a method to corner opponents. They can be used to affect wide areas, allowing Raiden to control the entire battlefield.

These Character Variations feature heavily in the most recent MKX trailer narrated by Creative Director Ed Boon. The trailer covers similar ground to the Evo 2014 Reveal Trailer with key new story details for an extra zap!

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