Mortal Kombat X is set to revolutionize the basic mechanics of kombat with the introduction of Character Variations. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of different modes will be key to tipping the strategic balance in your favour in competitive match-ups. The Official Facebook recently highlighted the Variations of D'Vorah -- now it's time to learn more about Sub-Zero!

These helpful infographics summarize the basic properties of each Variation style with MKX's new and tasteful aesthetic -- but there's more to pay attention to than just gameplay. Each Variation possesses a visual tell that instantly identifies them for on-sight strategizing. Be with us as the developers reveal all three phases of Sub-Zero in the coming days.

Cryomancer: This Variation gives Sub-Zero the ability to create ice weapons. Armed with hammers, swords and daggers, Cryomancer is ideal for a fast paced rushdown style of play.

Unbreakable: This Variation is focused on defense. To counter rushdowns, Sub-Zero possesses the ability to create ice shields that freeze opponents in their tracks. He can also create ice armor which helps to reduce chip damage.

Grandmaster: In his Grandmaster Variation, Sub-Zero can generate ice clones that improve his trapping abilities. These clones freeze opponents on contact and can also be used as projectiles.

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Which Variation are you most looking forward to? Register to talk tactics and share your impressions on the Mortal Komabt X forum! Sub-Zero is a finalist in this year's Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion fan tournament -- but is he the same character? Be sure to vote, discuss and share via @MK_Online & Facebook!