The official launch of Mortal Kombat X has been an exciting, energetic time - but not without its problems and confusion. Mortal Kombat Online has enjoyed receiving and answering as many fan queries as possible. With many repeat questions, we're starting an FAQ to try to help resolve common issues.

For now, our FAQ will cover the commonly asked basics. Register to post additional queries on the forum. There is no knowledge that is not power! We encourage the MKOmmunity to do their best to help.

Frequently Asked Questions:
I purchased The Kombat Pack. Why can't I find/download Jason, Predator or the other characters?
The Kombat Pack guarantees you first access to four downloadable characters and additional skins. Each character will be released incrementally in the coming months, and are not yet available. For more information refer to: the original Kombat Pack story.

I bought Kollector's Edition. Why don't I have The Kombat Pack?
The availability of Kollector's Edition bonuses varied around the globe. Many UK & European editions do not include The Kombat Pack as a standard feature. For more information on global extras, refer to: the original Kollector's Edition story. NOTE: An official global guide table can be launched by clicking the thumbnail at the bottom of the article.

I have the Kombat Pack. Why can't I download Goro?
Goro was a pre-order exclusive unrelated to The Kombat Pack. Goro will be released individually as DLC at a later date (to be advised). For more information refer to: the original Goro Pre-Order story.

I pre-ordered Mortal Kombat X. Why isn't Goro in my game?
You will need to input the DLC code to gain access to your pre-order playable Goro. This code may be provided on a special card, or on the receipt of your purchase. On PS4 use the dynamic menu to go to the store and highlight "redeem codes". On Xbox One, go to games and select "use code". For Steam, select Game and "Activate Product".

I pre-ordered Mortal Kombat X but don't have a Goro code. What do I do?
First ensure you haven't received your DLC code via a receipt, or online store e-mail (check your junk folders). If you haven't received your code, you may need to contact the retailer from which you bought it.

Modes in my Mortal Kombat X are locked. How can I fix this?
There have been many teething problems with PC Steam versions of Mortal Kombat X. Most issues relate to the Steam pre-load system. While the game itself works, patches have been made to fix this. Go to your library, select MKX and locate DLC. Select install packs 1 to 20 to begin manual install. If problems persist, you may need to relaunch your Steam client. Online multi-player is still awaiting a fix.

I pirated Mortal Kombat X and am still having problems. How can I fix this?
In this instance, you get what you pay for. Some games contain piracy detection ticks that will render the game unplayable in various ways. If you wish to continue to have the best games you can from NetherRealm Studios, we encourage you to wait patiently until you can purchase legitimate copies.

Something is missing from my order. What should I do?
If something is physically missing from your Mortal Kombat X order, your best course of action is to contact the retailer you purchased the game from. Use clear and polite language to explain your problem. For in-game issues, refer to other questions in the FAQ.

Where are the PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 versions?
Unfortunately, Mortal Kombat X has been delayed for last generation consoles until the Summer (rumoured June). These ported versions aren't being made by NetherRealm Studios, and we do not know the exact cause of the delay. It is safe to say current consoles are the better experience. For more information refer to: the original Summer Delay story.

How do I download my Future Raiden skin?
You will need to link your console account with your WB Play WBID. You can do this by using the log-in options available to PSN, Xbox Live & Steam main menus. Once linked, you will be able to redeem your Future Raiden skin. For more information refer to: the original Future Raiden story.

Uh... Who's next?
The "Who's Next?" tagline may seem arbitrary, but it applies in a wide variety of ways. With fatalities always a part of the game - it could mean who's next to die? It could also refer to who's next to invade in faction mode? Who's next to try to rule Outworld? Who's next to threaten Earthrealm? Who's next on the adaptive living towers? Who's next to rise through the competitive tournament ranks? Who's next to be offered as downloadable extras? There are many possible meanings. For more information refer to: the Who's Next? launch trailer.

I've exhausted all options and need help. What should I do?
If you've searched for solutions and been unable to resolve your issue(s), it may be time to contact Warner Brothers Game Support. By following the link, you'll find various methods to query them about your problem. Remember to use clear and polite language to explain as much about your situation as possible. Allow them adequate time to respond to your message.

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