July in Mortal Kombat X will be all about the arrival of Predator [read more], but in Compatibility Pack v1.07 the foundations are already being laid for next Kombat Pack addition: Tremor! The full patch notes:

    Character & Skin Online Compatibility:
  • Tremor
  • MK3 Kung Lao, MK3 Jax, MK4 Quan Chi

  • Free Bonus Content:
  • Klassic Ermac skin

  • General Fixes:
  • General Gameplay tweaks
  • Online King of the Hill AFK fixes
  • Online Desync fixes
  • Online 5v5 Team battle fixes
  • Online King of the Hill respect point tally fix
  • Bug fixes

  • Character Specific Fixes:
  • D'Vorah (Swarm Queen) - Added 2 buffer frames on Bug Bomb dash cancel combos if the opponent is in hit stun
  • Ferra/Torr -Grab-N Stab now does full damage when thrown backwards
  • Ferra/Torr (Lackey) - Back Breaker now does full damage when thrown backwards
  • Jacqui - Added 7 damage to Bionic Blast in all variations
  • Kitana (Royal Storm) - Bounce Back has 14 frame startup (down from 23 frames)
  • Kitana (Assassin) - Punishing Poke now correctly gets a damage buff from Sharpen / Razor Blade
  • Kitana (Mournful) - Reduced the block stun on the first Glaive of the Enhanced Glaive Throw by 8 (no longer jails from up close at min range)
  • Kung Lao (Tempest) - Orbiting Hat is +12 on block (down from +27)
  • Liu Kang (Flame Fist) - Fixed a bug where the recovery on Shaolin Flame (24) and Shaolin-ferno (15) using the other’s value
  • Shinnok - Hell Sparks / Hell Blast when enhanced is +14 on block (down from +24)
  • Tanya - Slight damage scaling adjustments
  • Tanya - Removed the invulnerability frames on her Teleports
  • Tanya - Added 10 recovery frames after landing from a Teleport naturally
  • Tanya - Added 10 recovery frames after landing from a Teleport after a missed or blocked normal attack
  • Tanya - You can no longer chain into ground attacks or 2in1 special cancel after landing from a Teleport after a blocked jump attack
  • Tanya (Pyromancer) - Added 5 recovery frames to Air Fire Blasts after a Teleport

The compatibility patch is available to PS4 America, with Xbox and Europe to follow soon. Players will gain access to a free Klassic Ermac skin inspired by Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 [pictured top]. You'll also be able to preview the second Klassic Skins pack, featuring MK3 versions of Kung Lao & Jax, and the recently retro MK4 Quan Chi.

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