If appearances are to be believed: the latest Mortal Kombat X Twitter tease from Creative Director Ed Boon may suggest the return of fan-favourite sword saint: Kenshi!

"???? Wins .... Fatality! #MKX #MotionCapture" - @noobde

The behind-the-scenes photograph [pictured above] is (apparently) a fatality in-progress - capturing the motion capture men behind the wireframes that power in-game models.

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With the aggressor's fingers to his temple and opponent reacting violently at a significant distance - the move has all the hallmarks of a telekinetic attack by Kenshi! Other prime suspects include Kenshi's fictional mentor: Ermac, the soul stealing sorcerer Shang Tsung, or even recently revealed mystic Quan Chi. Only Kenshi is so specifically linked to this stance and circumstance, as in Mortal Kombat.(2011).

Kenshi promotional art for Mortal Kombat DLC.

Kenshi was first introduced in 2002's franchise reboot: Deadly Alliance. He remained a consistent presence throughout the generation, emerging as one of the most popular new additions to the klassic roster.

His plot created unique ties with fan-favourites Ermac and Sub-Zero; established a personal rivalry with series arch-villain Shang Tsung; and culminated in his enrolment with the MK Special Forces (or Outerworld Investigation Agency) - teaming the blind swordsman with Jax, Sonya & Cyrax. Kenshi was reintroduced as the second downloadable extra character in 2011's Mortal Kombat, playing an indirect role in the franchise's new timeline.

Earlier this year, Ermac & Kenshi were runners-up in the second fan-voted Supreme Tag Team Champion Tournament.

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