The rightful heir to the Edenian throne is back in the fight! Kitana has made her Mortal Kombat X debut in an exciting new gameplay trailer! The video was the first glimpse of the princess's new design. Take a closer look in this official render:

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If appearances are to be believed, Kitana is the second fighter back from the dead, having suffered a fatal end in the Mortal Kombat (2011) story mode. She shares the trailer spotlight with the other return - Kung Lao - with the identity of this game's Sub-Zero still uncertain.

The new design confirms the second of six mystery kombat boots teased in 2014. Split-toed foot wear with metallic accoutrement spied briefly in the letterbox trailer - part of a stylistic change for the princess after a simplistic redesign in 2011.

This look represents some of the most ornate design work applied to Kitana - a character who hasn't always embodied her royal roots. Plenty of exposed flesh maintains the base qualities of her traditional, swimsuit fighting attire, embellished well with a long overdue presence of royal blue fabric. An assortment of armor plates and decorative metals lend more weight and elegance to the look. There's a slight piecemeal quality to the disparate elements, but it both lends a sense of realism, and seems to compliment the grittiness of Mortal Kombat X's post-apocalyptic tone.

Kitana voice actress Karen Strassman was first attached to return in Mortal Kombat X last April. The actress may have prematurely added the Mortal Kombat sequel to her resume - giving us the first whiff of MKX and its returning cast. No word on whether MK2011 survivor Mileena will come with her genetic precursor. Some fans are already speculating this may in fact be a disguised Mileena - an idea that has played out in previous games' plot, but never from the perspective of the player.

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