The most recent update to PC versions of Mortal Kombat X has provided the first clue to suggest a klassic arena coming to downloadable content! Mortal Kombat Online affiliate Murdoink uncovered the reference diving into settings updates, which add "Pit" to the list of "background" arenas in the code:

Before & After: PC update adds "Pit" to Mortal Kombat X background code.

In May; Mortal Kombat X Creative Director Ed Boon revealed NetherRealm developers had already discussed klassic arenas [full story]. Fan scuttlebutt may have mythologized Boon's sense of humor as "trolling", but about these things, he's often remarkably forthcoming. He first alluded to Brazil DLC and Klassic Fatalities as early as October, last year [full story]. Both hit downloads in recent months.

The idea addresses one of Mortal Kombat X's most glaring deficiencies. The sequel shipped with only thirteen arenas -- a dramatic 48% fewer than precursor: Mortal Kombat (2011). The 2011 reboot almost exclusively featured reinvented versions of klassic stages.

MK is The Pits: Incarnations of the iconic stage from past (below) to present (2011, above).

The Pit debuted as an arena concept back in the very first Mortal Kombat! Originally a precarious bridge fight staged on Shang Tsung's Island; the concept has been repurposed to appear as a recurring trademark of the series throughout its early instalments.

The Pit II introduced a dark, atmospheric Outworld version remembered by fandom for introducing Blaze, and another mysterious fighter as background sprites. This version returned in 2011, succumbing to a meteor shower and even more background kombatants - characters not used in the Trilogy remake. The Pit 3 (MK3) features elaborate spinning blades beneath its cavernous dome - a sadistic chamber of Shao Kahn's citadel. The original Pit allowed players to fight amongst its blood stained, spikey bottom, where Stage Fatalities were born and Reptile was waiting!

Mortal Kombat Online named The Pit fourth in a list of the Top 10 Klassic Arenas We'd Like To See in Mortal Kombat X DLC. Is it coming soon? Register to share your thoughts and speculation on the Mortal Kombat X forum. Support the site by liking and sharing stories via @MK_Online & Facebook! Immerse yourself in kombat