Sonya's most recent voice actress, Dana Lyn Baron confirmed earlier this month that in September of 2009 she had once again lent her voice for the veteran Mortal Kombat character. This is a quote from her regarding it:

In September — right before I left for Paris & the South of France — I reprised my role as Sonya Blade for Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s next installment of the MORTAL KOMBAT videogame.

In November, we reported that WB had registered a trademark for Sonya Blade, though it's uncertain if this might be related or not. Regardless, this information does confirm Sonya will be appearing in some form of upcoming Mortal Kombat video game.

You can read this comment and more about Dana at her website.

Thanks to our forum members for alerting us to this story, as well as for being the first Mortal Kombat site for reporting on this.