11/09/2004 03:06 AM (UTC)
raverhavok Wrote:
The best post in this thread

Very nice indeed.
There's no shame in borrowing things from other games if it's actually going to make MK7 functional and playable.
If only all the fans thought that way.
11/09/2004 03:11 AM (UTC)
I would like Konquest mode to include the customize your own character mode. While you run around in Konquest mode and survive each fight you get yourself in you gain experience that you can customize your character to in terms of speed, strength, and defense.

I want to have more areas able for your character in Konquest to travel to. I think it would be cool to enter the Lost Sea and explore Shang Tsung's lost island while you participate in the Mortal Kombat Tournament. I also would think it would be interesting if you could travel to the more modernized section of Earthrealm and explore the cities of Earthrealm so that you could meet characters such as Johnny Cage, Sonya, Jax, Stryker, Mokap, Kano, and other characters that you would see fit in a city area.

I also would think it would be cool if you could be recruited by the Lin Kuei, Red Dragon, Black Dragon, Special Forces, and White Lotus. When you join these groups you complete missions for them to gain experience, items, koins, moves, and special articles of clothing that you could put on your character.

I want to be able to choose my own dialouge while I talk to characters from Mortal Kombat.

Example :

Liu Kang - I need your help friend, my friends are captured by Onaga and I know that I cannot rescue them alone!

A) I am sorry to hear that, I will aid you with what I can.
B) I don't know, what's in it for me?
C) Get lost monk, why don't you cry to someone else!

11/09/2004 05:34 AM (UTC)
Character balance is a must.

I hate to see characters like Jade that do 35% damage in 3 hits compared to Darius who can do 25% with 6. This just doesnt make sense.

Infinates like Boi Ra Chio's are un-excusable.

Moves like Diarru's tombstone drop need a start up animation at the very least.

I know everyone is screaming for new characters, fatailities, (heaven forbid) for player mode, but when there are obvious fundamental issues with the engine it's best that these items get worked out before moving ahead.

I know some of these balance issues can be diffucult to catch, but hopefully the next generation consoles will have harddrives where game updates can be implemented to adjust balance as needed.
If people want four player battles a tag system could be implemented. Picture performing a combo that pops up your opponent, then tagging in your partner to finish it off with a juggle.
11/09/2004 05:45 AM (UTC)
I'm going to have to be honest here

Ed, ignore the fans

Now, don't get mad at me, but if it wasn't for the "fans", as in "OMFG, tH3r3 i$ g0ing 2 b 2 F@t@lities in MKD ROXOR !!!!1!!!1!", and their stupidity, maybe your games could have been better. I'm not saying that all the guys who have made constructive critisim should be left unheard, they NEED to be heard, I'm not saying that at all. MKDA had a good foundation, but instead of building the house for MKD, you built the pool and garage.

Some people might dismiss my claims, but that's ok. I just am so sick and tired of one of my most favorite games ever being shunned and considered worst than a fighter made by a unpassionate wannabe rockstar on the basis of exciting a few hormones in a 13 year old boy.

OK, the lecture out of the way, now here's my REASONABLE list of stuff that would make MK7 better:

*I like the enhanced Agressor Meter idea that ShingoEX and the other guys have elaborated on. That is a killer idea, and the breakers would be more rewarding with that system.

*I, too, think there should be only one open hand fighting style, though the weapon style should be still by itself

*Basically what all the pro-gameplay guys said

*Sektor has to be in MK7. This is not out of fanboyism, but pure logic. He has so much potential, and I am still to this day still wondering why he isn't in MK:D, even though so many people wanted him in.

*If the MK Team's influence is from Hong Kong martial arts movies, why not elaborate more on them? A brawler mode, where up to 16 people can fight an all out everyman for himself fight. Think Deathmatch in any FPS, but MK style and no guns. This would so kick arse online

*This might be wishful thinking, but a Kombat Kart mode would be so super!! Every character have their own special moves, and the stages can be MK-themed with their own brutal dangers. Another kick arse mode online

*Survival mode and tag mode is needed. Practise mode needs to have more options (CPU level, opponent actions, fatality time, etc)
How would the controls for the brawl type game work?

It can't be like normal controls, It would have to be changed to work in that type of situation.

Like in Rise to Honor so you can attack in any direction.

Or they could make use of a lock on button, like in Tekken force in T4.
11/09/2004 06:44 AM (UTC)
bleed Wrote:
How would the controls for the brawl type game work?

It can't be like normal controls, It would have to be changed to work in that type of situation.

Like in Rise to Honor so you can attack in any direction.

Or they could make use of a lock on button, like in Tekken force in T4.

Sorry, I forgot about the mechanics of the brawler in my list. To answer your question, yes it would be a lock-on feature like Tekken force on T4, but it would be more flexible.
11/10/2004 04:16 AM (UTC)
I think a Tag mode would be awsome. It would be cool to have a player online from your team back you up in a match in case you loose your round.
I'd like a tag mode too.
11/10/2004 07:12 AM (UTC)
Sheeva, Sektor, Rain, Kintaro, Old Ninja-Reptile, Kintaro

A COMPLETELY new fighting engine WITHOUT the three stances!
11/11/2004 07:19 PM (UTC)
I like the 3 styles. sad
03/05/2005 01:02 AM (UTC)
Konquest mode-Have your original character join a group or side.Like the Lin Kuei, the White Lotus society, etc.wow
03/05/2005 05:08 AM (UTC)
I know some of this might be a bit......DOUBTFUL and already said, but I would kill to have this in the next MK game..

1) The Krypt, with REAL secrets in them, and without the pictures of the makers. We have DA and D, we already know what ya look like! lol Christ.
2) Better Fighting System
3) New, non rip-off characters (i.e. Kira)
4) Bring back more old arenas again, seeing them in Deception was awesome
5) (see #4) In old arenas, especially newer ones, have more things to be able to interact with the fighters (example: say you and the computer are fighting and there is a guard standing by a cage, if you knock or bump into the guard, he picks you up and throws you lol or hell, even like punches or kicks you)
6) Have more things in arenas as weapons (i.e. have breakable items such as a window or a column, then pick up the debris and throw it at your opponent)
7) PLEASE make the character models look real, not like something out of a Playdoh cartoon or something lol
8) More graphic fatalities, hell even make a new fatality if you wanna, just make it bad enough to make me puke, this is suppose to be Mortal Kombat, not what I can turn on my TV and watch on CSI LOL
9) Bring back the old way of fighting (or even retrieving) hidden characters (i.e. MK and MKII)
10) Rip clothes, but not too much, it would just be retarded to see Sonya or Kitana's boobs flying around, because next that'll lead to a move similar to BoRaiCho like "Chest Suffacation" or something stupid like that
11) If a character ain't important to the story, and he's dead, STAY DEAD (i.e. Johnny Cage - if he dies and comes back one more time, I'm gonna rip my hair out)
12) If you are even going to attempt Konquest, do it right! Not make Earth like a couple tiny villages *rolls eyes* PLEASE!
13) Tag-team (i.e. Shaolin Monks)
14) Deathtraps; make them more original, not just eek, oop, squish, splat. Have it like....push your opponent into a section of an arena to reveal a trap door, that sends your opponent falling into a cage the floor below, and have a giant monster (i.e. something like Moloch) eat him or rip him to shreds. grin
15) Characters I want in MK7; Sektor, Sonya, Liu Kang, Kitana, Smoke (alone), Noob (alone), Rain, Kintaro, Khan, Motaro, Tanya, Kabal, Nitara and Kai
16) Arenas I want in MK7; The only Arena I REALLY want back is Subway (Can you IMAGINE how cool that could be to knock your opponent into the path of an oncoming train in 3D and have to jump outta the way before it hits both of you? lol) Other areans from MKII or MK3 or even MKDA and MKD are fine by me
17) Since we know animated endings won't happen, have the normal endings (i.e. MKDA and MKD), BUT have the biggest unlockable in the game be an animated 2-3 minute movie or how the game really ends, and what happens to lead up to a cliffhanger for MK8 or whatever is next?
03/05/2005 05:25 AM (UTC)
... STOP MAKING SUB-ZERO LOOK OLDER AND OLDER! the shouldve kept his mask on in his costumes, so his age would b unkown... just like scorpion!
03/05/2005 07:04 AM (UTC)
Scorpion without a mask would look okay, but it would counter previous games where his whole head is a mask which rips off to reveal his skull.
I would like to see Midway introduce four player deathmatches, if they can pull it off. It would possibly only need one camera angle and free-roaming movement, since each character wouldn't have an opponent to revolve around. Unless it was two-on-two, where one on each team versus the other, and the winner helps their ally to defeat the last player! This was an idea they originally thought for Deception, as a concept piece shows.
03/10/2005 10:39 PM (UTC)
1) Faster play (recovery time is too slow after you punch or kick)

2) MKDA's version of konquest mode (where they went deeper into the character's story)

3) Animated endings even though I know this won't happen, but at least have about 4-5 pictures in a character's ending.

That's all I can think of for this.
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03/10/2005 11:37 PM (UTC)
The next Mortal Kombat game should take place before MK 1. I don't know if that would make sense with the storyline, but it would be cool to see characters we never knew.
03/11/2005 12:18 AM (UTC)
I want a tournament mode,and endurance mode all online and both online with a tag-team mode as well as a kombat mode too.!!!!!!!!!!
Make sure that all of these modes are all online!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!ED BOON!!!!!!!Your the man!!!!!!!!!!oh yeah and bring back Ermac too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hes the best!!!!!!!!
All of the modes above have 6-8 players in one room......the endurance mode must work like the arcade endurance mode in UMK3...except this time say 6 people in one room ok ed boon and have an even 3 on 3...and have it work just like the endurance mode in UMK3......all of the players will get in on the action because eventually everyone will have to fight .....unless one player manages to wipe out the other team all by himself.....which i doubt will happen!!!!!!!!!!!
Please make this happen Ed boon please man.....You can scrap the Chess and Puzzle combat and put these modes in instead:
Oh yeah and bring back Ermac and Rain please,i really love these two ninjas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!gringrin
03/11/2005 12:34 AM (UTC)
Some of the things I want:

Faster Gameplay - And I mean way faster. I couldn't stand how slow the fighting was in MKDA/MKD. IMO the fighting needs to be as fast as MK3/KI (Killer Instinct).

Alot More Combos For Styles - Some people already mentioned this, and I agree. I want to do combos that are up to 15 or more hits. Each characters fighting style should have up to 15 hits and lots of different combos to do.

Weapon Combos Need To Be Longer - Like I stated above. I was dissapointed on how weapon combos weren't very long.

Torn Clothing/Cuts & Bruises Stay - If your getting cut up by a Sword, I'd want to see the cut marks on your clothes. Also, cuts and bruises from attacks and weapons need to stay on you. If you got slashed in the chest, I'd want to see alot of bleeding from that spot that won't stop until the round is over (the bleeding doesn't have to be crazy with alot of blood, but blood still needs to constantly drip from that spot). It would be cool to see characters have bloody noses/lips with blood always dripping from those spots in the match. Btw......If you and your opponent are only(or most of the time) using weapons in a match, i'd want to see flesh pieces and skin fly off from your body after getting hit by the weapon after a certain number of times. It would look alot better IMO because weapons do alot more damage.

Gorier/Creative Fatalities - I want to see Fatalities so gruesome and creative that it makes me shiver. Like Grizzle said, i'd want to see alot of blood too because i'd expect the fatalities to be devastating. Alot of the fatalities in MKD seemed like they were rushed, and not much time were spent on them.

Internal Organs/Inner Body Parts In Fatalities - This is something i'd love to see. To make fatalities more creative and gory, they could add the characters internal organs and such in some of the fatalities. If Sektor was to shoot a missile at you that would blow you up for a fatality, I'd want to see intestines, guts, bone pieces, realistic looking flesh chunks, etc. If Li Mei kicks your head and it explodes, I want to see brain pieces everywhere on the floor.

Better Weapons - Some characters weapons were a bit too similar, especially the characters that have swords. Theres dozens of other weapons to choose from, each character needs there own and unique weapon.

Konquest Mode - Needs to be alot bigger and larger with alot more missions.

FMV Endings - I've waited for so long....

Better Graphics - The better they look the better.

The Krypt - Needs to have more coffins, maybe around 1000 or so. I know that seems like way too much, but there is tons of interesting MK stuff we havn't seen yet that they could put into each coffin. I'd want to see a render of each MK character in MK exsitance (including characters from MK:SP/MK:SM). I'd also want to see MK characters from the comics and Mortal Kombat Conquest the show. Other coffins could show characters from MK:SP/MK:SM and have a biography with them telling us what they did and how they died. Another cool thing would be that if each coffin has an MK comic in it (only one page of the comic), that way there would be alot more unlocking to do. Oh, and another thing......the coffins should cost way more money to be unlocked, that way it would make the game more difficult.

Test Your Might/New Mini-Game - Test Your Might was awesome, I hope to see it in MK7. But there should be more new mini-games IMO. Maybe there could be one called "Test Your Strength", and it shows 2 MK characters having an arm wrestle. You'd have to press a button combination really fast in order for your arm to slowly bring down your opponents, or maybe at the top of the screen it would show a different button combination each time. The combinations would get harder and harder; if you screwed up your arm would get brought down greatly.

Secret Characters - Need to be unlocked a much, much harder way. I want there to be different ways to unlock secret characters, not just 1. For an example........perhaps theres a level that has raining. During the level, a huge lightning bold flashes across the sky very fast. Maybe to fight and unlock Rain, you'd have to do a button combination when the lightning flashes. It would be pretty hard, but if done correctly, you'd see lightning flashing 10 more times straight in a row, and you'd either fight Rain right away or after your match with your opponent. Also, the thing is.....you'd have to BEAT Rain in a fight in order to unlock him. If you lose, you have to do it over again. I'd want the secret characters difficulty to be "Hard", that way it wouldn't be easy unlocking them.

CPU Needs To Be More Difficult. - And smarter. I beat MKDA/MKD on very hard very easily.

Credits Are Back - I've dreamed of this returning, I don't know why....maybe because I love MK2 so much. You'd have 3 lives, if you lose them it's game over. This would make arcade more alot more difficult.

Sub-Boss Needs To Be Like Kintaro - I mean seriously, I miss the old sub-bosses being very hard to beat in the old days. I want the sub-boss to be big, strong, and powerful, with attacks doing a great amount of damage. Now the thing is.....I'd want the Boss to be even harder, much much harder.

Adventure Mode - It would be different than Konquest. Each character would have there own unique and distinctive adventure mode. It would all start off on how there lives began and how they there enemies became there enemies. So for Baraka, one of the things he'd have to do and accomplish would be to lead the attack on Liu Kangs people with his taraka horde. For him to finish this mission he'd have to fight Kung Lao (just like arcade mode). After that, he'd constantly be having a rivalry with Kung Lao, which means he'd be fighting him some more times after the first and Kung Lao would be getting stronger and harder each time. Baraka would also have to fight Shao Kahn for Shao Kahn to accept him as one of his warriors. For Scorpion, he'd always be after Sub-Zero, up to the point where he finally beat him in MK4 and realized Quan Chi was the real killer which would make him go aftter Quan Chi. So basically, it's showing each characters lives from the beginning up until now (MK7), and what they did and who they made friends/enemies with.

Smoke - Needs to be by himself, as does Noob Saibot. I don't ever, under any circumstances whatsoever, see another tag-team.

I think of more ideas. Btw, I also want the characters me and alot others mentioned, to return in MK7.
03/11/2005 01:58 AM (UTC)
Dont make the secret unlockables harder...the knoquest mode in deception was long enough!!So please easier if anything not harder..........its just too time consuming..............between spending a week in konquest mode and actually playing online at the same time!!!!!!!!!

No broken gliches........and i want a Tag-team mode(where you can choose 2 different characters of your choice and pick one or two stances for each as oppose to their normally given three when chosen alone.,Endurance mode,Kombat mode,and possibly a create your own character mode.......nothing like shujinko where you don't really have a choice......OOOOOhhh yeah and bring back Ermac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!grin
03/11/2005 07:48 AM (UTC)
What about good old fashioned Mortal Kombat In 3D? No Stances (They awesome ideas but i liked the all out fighting better) even though that may make it seem 'non-strategic' to some people.
Theres gotta be some people here with that sense, I know i also have suggestions in my head too like the rest of you people. With that said, didnt anyone here love MK2 back in the day? Compare it the way you unlock stuff, with the krypt, dont get me wrong on this but genuis idea but alot of pointless stuff ( in the krypt), In MK 2 There was smoke, there was Khameleon, etc. etc. who were they? who are those people behind those trees? That game started a revoulution and i think if they need ideas for something in ways to please the fans, what wrong with reviving an old idea from an iconic game? And PLEASE dont sit there and type out everything that you think is wrong with my post like what i said about old fashioned 3D Kombat. Just stick to the main idea.

Awesome ideas Boys, if Ed Boon does use your suggestions he'll prolly just incorporate them all to Scorpion anyways.

Plus i just thought of something when reading this thread, If a group of people want these characters and the other people want these characters....but there isnt enough space left to use them all, take advantage of the Internet and the memory cards. Leave a few spots open that can only be filled by downloading the character from a sophisticated list of 'regets' from the current roster, so group A can have Rain, Ninja Reptile, Shao Kahn, Kung Lao, Etc and group B can have their Kintaros and Motaros, and Sheevas, and if you feel you want what the other guy is using then go online and download it onto the memory card or something , Know what I Mean Jelly Bean?
03/12/2005 01:00 AM (UTC)
I'd like to see:

-More original new characters (dont bite off old ones)
-Better fatalities (Sick of people just getting their heads cut off)
-Brutalities (I used to love Killer Instict because of the Ultra Combos)
-Allow the arcade to play in ALL the stages available (I get sick of fighting in the same arenas all the time)
-More tag characters (I loved the Noob-Smoke idea)
-Breakers should be earned and do damage
-3 fatalities ( 1 involving the characters weapon)
-Liu Kang to stay DEAD!!!!!!
-Shujinko to be hanged in public!!!
-More strange races of characters
-Shang Tsung being able to morph into characters (that kicked ass!!)
-The elder gods more involved (who the hell are they anyway?)
-Hotaru with better moves (he looks so cool but is a big disappointment)
-Reiko (Take is clock-kick from Lei Mei and give it back)
-A better behind the scenes video as a bonus (at least an hour long)
-Screw video profiles
-Better super unlockables (I have an XBOX and I was pissed that Game Cube got Shao Khan and Goro)
-More than two super unlockables

03/21/2005 12:13 PM (UTC)
Bring back ninja reptile and robot cyrax
More and much better and more inventive fatalities
Keep reinventing old stages into 3D
Keep suicides or add more fatalities per character
Better blood graphics in high blood mode
More Fatalities, better fatalities
More fluid and quicker response fighting
Keep Konquest
If super unlockables give them fatalities for once
And oh yeah that reminds me More Fatalities
And dont forget More but better Fatalities

One of the best fatalities of MKD was when Sub-Zero froze the bottom half of you kicks the top part of you body off and walks to you as you scream and then stomps on you. It had many camera angles and changes and it was long and drawn out. It sucks to beat someone twice then enter the fatality code right and then get a few seconds of enjoyment. I think when you see a fatality you should be able to control it when its done like in Madden. You can rewind, do close ups and the best part slow motion. It would be cool to see someone get sliced down the middle by Kung Lao's hat but the camer does some circle slow motion close ups in detail then you see the character stand there has blood seeps through the cut and drops in half with multiple camera angles showing everything. Or the person tries to take a step and falls apart. This is all my opinion of course though.
03/22/2005 12:22 AM (UTC)
These People are Insatiable, More this more that, better this better that.
I think their should be a change in the Round 1, Round 2 system as well. Maybe when you get someone to half power, a
Incorporate some kindof Elimation method where, If I fatality someone they can't be used the very next fight. Keep the Realism of MK, Keep the Hand to Hand Combat the foundation of the Game.
03/22/2005 12:56 AM (UTC)
just a create a character mode n graphics like doau2/doa3 lol and gameplay
03/22/2005 02:57 AM (UTC)

I want all the ninjas. They may have started off as pallette swaps, But they hae made MK famous.

I want to be able to customize characters like in Tekken 5. Not only would it add more depth to the game, But it would give us more things to use our koins on after the Krypt is empty.

More combos, Definitely. Each style only had one combo that could be a suitable backbone during your fight. I want each style to be more dependable without requiring a backup.

2+ grapples for each character, instead of one. One grapple gets very old, Very quick. Maybe we could have two front grapples, To change things up once in a while. And a back grapple for those lucky/skilled enough to pull it off.

No less than 3 special moves for each character. I know that you shouldn't rely on specials. But when characters like Hotaru went against characters like Scorpion, I felt at a disadvantage. Aside from that, I feel as though specials really add a depth of strategy that games like Tekken don't posess.

Playable Shokan(s)... Please consider Sheeva, Mr. Boon?? ::puckers up, kisses ass::

Scorpion to be the new hero... Though i'm rather biased on this subject.

Don't Wants:

Bo' Rai Cho. His story made him to be like a mentor, Yet he felt like and played like a joke!

Tanya. How many powerful times is she going to betray Kitana nd Sindel before they put her to the guillotine???

Liu Kang. He was really cool in the movie. In the game however... He just annoys me. Though he was really cool in MK:D. I'm somewhat indifferent about him now and days. But i know that if he came back, He'd be the "Hero" again, And i cannot allow that.

...That's all that i can think of. Awesome work Mr. Boon & Co.!!!
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