10/31/2004 12:28 AM (UTC)
Dont waste your time on making another puzzle kombat. Its fun but i dont want to buy a Mk game for a puzzle game, i buy it for the damn blood and gore of the fighting. Also WE NEED A BETTER SYSTEM! I thought since they were using the same system as da it would be fine, but it really isnt i dont think. The game is fun but it gets boring. It need to be faster, like running, i mean who gets into a fight and just walks slowly around. I want it to be quick, bloody, and alot of fun. Also i hate the new slams in deception, how they cant be blocked, it gets really annoying. And the last think i want, and this is what i want to most!!! PLZ bring Sindel back, in deception ruined her, she sucks so bad. She needs to come back more evil then ever, with her own legion. She needs to be able to fly! Also you need to give her the whip already. Plz Boon/Mk team! Remember my words smile
10/31/2004 08:34 AM (UTC)
yeah create a character would be a bad idea.... u gotta think realisticly here

but i like some of these ideas u guys got...

but what people were mentioning before in mkd forum about like a new menu with 12 other characters... IF some how they made like a secret folder not seen on the disc or locked or whatever they could do to keep it secret they could put an additional menu with 12 super unlockables... that would be tight as shit especially if people dont discover it for over the first 2 weeks... it would blow peoples mind.
10/31/2004 11:20 PM (UTC)
Why would create a character be a bad idea??? I think it would be cool being able to make your own fighter.
11/01/2004 10:44 AM (UTC)
1subzero1 Wrote:
Why would create a character be a bad idea??? I think it would be cool being able to make your own fighter.

Because there will always be moves that are better than others. There will always be a 'best' move in the game, followed by a second best and so on.
By 'best', I mean the safest move that does the most damage.
(yeah there are exceptions and such here, but generally, there's usually a stand out move, or moves)

Now, everybody's going to want their character to play the best and be the most powerful, useful, and efficent obviously, so once the game has been out for a couple weeks, the best combination of moves will have been discovered. It would be the configuration that would allow for the most damaging combos and overall safety, thus creating an 'uber' character. A character that would unbalance the game to such a ridiculous degree, that no other character would ever be picked, and the entire game would become worthless because EVERYBODY would be essentially using the same character, with a different name. You'd have to, just to have a fraction of a chance to win.

Every character has flaws and risky moves, moves that aren't all that safe, but do more damage (alright, it doesn't work like this in MK, but in a fighting game it does), just as they have moves that are safe, or more safe than those other moves, but maybe don't do quite as much damage, or don't stun etc etc. If one character was made up of all those best moves, everybody would pick that character because he would simply be the best.

Another way to think of it is like this (if you've played Tekken you'll know what i'm talking about), imagine a character with Jin's laser scraper, Paul's godfist, Lee's acid rain combo, Kazuya's electric wind godfist and so on.
Or, look at it like this, Imagine if in the next Smackdown game you were able to put any move in any move slot in on your created wrestler, and you had a competition coming up where you were competing against your buddies for a prize. You'd fill all your move slots with moves like the stunner, the pedigree, the last ride, and the tombstone piledriver etc etc etc. Your standard punches would be moves like the clothesline from hell, and your standard kicks would be
moves like the sweet chin music, and running enziguri. EVERYBODY would use these most useful attacks without any deviation for fear of creating an inferior character and losing.

That's the best way I can think to explain to people why it's a bad idea.
Even if moves had a points system, it would still get broken down untill everybody had the same character based on the best available moves, unless they were scrubs and/or didn't care all that much about winning. MK as it is, is unbalanced enough without the movesets being taken advantage of and manipulated.
11/01/2004 11:41 AM (UTC)
An agressor like special meter bar to prevent repeated special move abuse( online players)

Each character should only have like 2 -3 special moves( Lets keep Mortal Kombat all about Mortal Kombat , in a since of fighting hand to hand instead of doing special moves of winning a match please)

No death traps

stage fatalites only at the end of the match

Make combos less inportant.Also I think it would be cool if each style of a character's own would only have like 3 hits per combonation. example. Frost 's 3 hit 1 knocks character down to the ground. Her 2nd 3 hit combo knocks the person half across the screen. Her 3 combo would pop the person into the air thus giving the player a change to create a combo that he or she made up. To me it would look cool if a character did like 1 hit from each of his or her fighting style within the same combo. It would like stylish.

Faster move recovery than Deception

MK: Deception has the shortest arcade mode in MK history. That was a dissapointment. MK7 should have the 3 pillar thing like MK3 had. Novice, Warrior, and master.Also it would be cool if you could please the start button like in mk4 to rotate the pillar if you want a diff match up piller on the same skill level.

A dash or run back please

A throw reverseal system

Someone mentioned above that breakers should be earned great idea.

MK: DA like Konquest ( aka best way to tell an MK story than Deception's Konquest
Sepretate Konquest mode from training mode

Training mode its own option from the main menu and please make it so you can choose the same character over and over to train with even though you finished training for that characters and would like to do it again.

More interesting characters. Instead of reg human characters like Darruis and Dariu, please do some characters that look like a diff world or something or not even human at all.

bring back endrance matches.

I didn't have a big problem with *MK: DA* fighting system since I loved the speed of it at close hand to hand, but I didn't like Deception's slow attack recovery system and characters having many special moves. If you could make MK7 faster, or just do a new fighting system. Having a few fighting system would be the coolest. I

*Bring back Frost Please*

I have more ideas as soon as I think of some

My post will be edited for more ideas :.l
11/01/2004 08:43 PM (UTC)
Concentrate on fighting styles and hand to hand. Limit special moves to only three per character. No more cookie cutter combos, let us make our own. Against what some are saying, if a character was given specific fighting styles in one game don't change them in the next one. It doesn't make sense. It takes years to truely master a martial art style yet in MK you can do it in a few days. (Remember MK:D takes place right after MK:DA yet many returning characters had a completely different fighting style.) Let the new characters bring in new styles.

Unlockables are ok, but they shouldn't be the only reason to buy a game. Have a few real secret Unlockables where we have to work for it, but don't make so many that it seems you have to unlock everything in order to play the damn game.

Graphics need to improve some. Go for more realism and less action figure/comic book looks.

Return to the different types of 'alities.' As much as Animalities, Friendships, etc were corny they did have some appeal. Bring back better versions of these. Fatalities are great but after awhile they all look the same. If someone doesn't like em, they don't have to use them.

Better explaination on what the 'true' ending of the previous game. This is one place MK:D did it right. We know what exactly happened at the end of MK:DA....I'm still waiting to find out what happened at end of MK4....
11/01/2004 10:01 PM (UTC)
I hate to break it to you guys, buy Liu Kang isn't going anywhere. The only reason why they got rid of him in MK:DA was to just improve on their storyline. Getting rid of him would be like getting rid of Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter, and that would suck totally.
About Me

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11/02/2004 06:33 PM (UTC)
A fatality meter. The more big combos and special moves you do, it will go up to 3 levels. Each level has its own fatality at the Finish Him Screen, each one progressively cooler and gorier. As based on this chart
Level 1:Quich Stuff: Neck Snaps, Decapitations, etc. (DA Fatals)
Level 2: Cooler Stuff: Multiple Breakage, Splitting in Half,etc.
Level 3: HOLY CRAP! DID HE JUST DO THAT?!: Dismemberments, Ugly Explosions, etc.

well done excellent idea noobsaibot777 brilliant

that at least 40 characters each with 3 fatls more interaction with the backgrounds (switches secret traps etc)

And a much better soundtrack not that people would agrre but id love a pure heavy metal soundrack would just add to the brutality!!!
11/02/2004 07:00 PM (UTC)
Ditch the Dial-A-Combos! Let the players think for themselves. Midway has their own motion capture studio on site, yet the animation is specifically what hinders players' abilities the most. There's just far too much recovery time for every punch and kick. This is where you don't have control of your character and can not preempt your next attack.

Allow switching of styles both ways if a similar system is used.

I'd like to quote HDTran... "To understand a game's flaws is to create a better sequel."

That being said... Everything in this thread! hehe, j/k but there are too many good ideas here!wink

Let your testers give you honest feedback! Don't take it personally!furious
11/02/2004 09:46 PM (UTC)
Here are the list of things I want in MK7

1) Shao Khan in 3D as boss
2) Sareena to be one of the characters..
3) returning characters will be Rain Sektor, and possibly Sheeva
4) more of a 3D invironment, and maybe getting rid of the 3 fighting style system into something we havent thought of before..

Please everyone tell me if this is a good idea, or if I am possibly going back to the past with rain and shao khan (back in the past with MK3)
11/02/2004 10:34 PM (UTC)
- Faster Game Play
- More Combos
- Bloodier and Creative Fatalitys That Fit Each Character's Personality.
- Storyline Based On Raiden's Change Of Heart.
- Inclusion of Johnny Cage, Kung Lao, Liu Kang, and Sonya.
- Better Graphics
- Use Of The Mini Game Renders That I have seen from Kontent such as,
"Wheel Of Death"," Ledge Hanging", "Torture", and the "4 Player Kombat".
- The Krypt
- Add more side missions for Konquest Mode such as, completing missions for The Lin Kuei, The White Lotus, The Black Dragon, The Red Dragon, The Special Forces, and mabey the Brotherhood of the Shadow.
- Video Endings like in Mortal Kombat 4.
- Readable Comics in Kontent.
- Videos on how the development team decided and thought of the ideas of creating characters such as Raiden, Liu Kang, Johnny Cage, Ermac, Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Goro.
- And giving recognition to this website.
11/04/2004 12:42 AM (UTC)
Create a character

wheel of death(in kontent)

Super Unlockables!!!!!!!


Friendships ( We need some HUMOR in MK7)
11/04/2004 02:34 AM (UTC)
UltimoDragon Wrote:
Create a character

wheel of death(in kontent)

Super Unlockables!!!!!!!


Friendships ( We need some HUMOR in MK7)

Actually, Liu Kang is already dead.
11/04/2004 02:59 AM (UTC)

Things I want in MK7!!!!

TANYA AS BOSS. Definately definately MK needs a female boss it would be cool if Tanya was ruler of realms. Please make this happen. She could be all super powerful since she grabbed the pendant off the DK. Just look at Dark Willow in 'Buffy' and you can see what an amazing thing a female evil big bad can be!!!

I'm not sure about this one but ANIMALITIES I might like to see these come back.

Better GRAPHICS!!!

NO KONQUEST OR UNLOCKABLES. Super unlockables yes but not unlockables. I like to get down with the fighting not pussy footing in Konquest..

Thats all thanks!!!
11/04/2004 08:51 PM (UTC)

Actually, Liu Kang was brought back to life by Rayden in his ending. So, like it or not, he will always be in MK. He's one of my favorite MK characters ever, so If you don't want to hear him, go back and play MK:DA, or don't unlock him in Deception. Simple.
11/07/2004 07:12 AM (UTC)
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-Isaac Watts
11/07/2004 04:06 PM (UTC)
Here's some ideas that came toe mind.


Well.... this one is something that I'd at least hope that would be considered for MK7, but how about a female character like a Sindel, Sonya or Kitana being the lead character next time. Since they are the strongest female characters in the series (Sonya to a lesser degree), I think that having one of them being the 'hero' of the game would be an interesting transition in the series away from the 'bloke' dominated run of the heroes to date. tongue


Now, this one would be nice to see. I'd like to see 'variable fatalities'. What I mean is that Kai let's say could begin to kill his opponent and midway through briefly pause. During this pause the player could choose one of 2 different variations of completely finishing their opponent.

Example: Kai could start one of his fatalities using A Long Spear to unleash a bludgening combo on Stryker let's say and then pauses. Then the options that the player could decide would be:

1. Kai begins to radpidy stabbing Stryker up and down his torso with the Long Spear, similar to Mileena's Sai Stab fatality from MK2. FATALITY.


2. Kai stabbs Stryker in one leg, then the other. Stryker falls to his knees and pleads for his life, then Kai twirls his Long Spear and then gows down in a low stance and spears Stryker in his chest twisting the spear a little to add insult to injury. The Kai removes the spear from Stryker's chest and twirls his Long Spear into a stance and then into a final pose. FATALITY.

This could apply to both or one of his fatalities. Possibly characters could have one regular fatality and one 'variable fatality' or two variable fatals.


ALL throws need to be countered.


Don't change a thing with the counter system. I like how they turned out in MKD. However, I'd lide to see counters look like flowing techniques like some of the throws from MKD, but they still shouldn't take any damage. And everyone's counter should be unique the that character as well.


Better Hari Kari's! I love the concept, but for the most part, they were just....Eh!. I liked Shujinko's, Kenshi's, Baraka's, and a few others, but the rest didn't grab be too much.


Fatalities that can be done from behind an opponent.

Example: Sub Zero could have one fatatlity that can only be performed from behind an opponent. Let's say that fatality involves Sub Zero grabbing both of Havik's arms from behind and twists them upward dislocating them. Then Sub Zero, while still holding onto Havik's arms freezes them and rips them off. Havik then is screaming in pain when Sub Zero looks at both of them and then smashes Havik's arms on the ground forming 2 large sharp frozen shards and then stabs Havik through the back with them and Havik falls to the ground. FATALITY.


3rd tier stages would be cool. I loved what you guys did with the intersctive stages, some having 2 tiers/levels. Maybe one or two stages could have 3 tiers/levels to add to the enormity of that particular stage. Maybe one stage takes place in castle ruins and have 3 different levels to it.

Example for Castle Ruin Stage: Castle Bridge that falls into Castle Courtyards that falls into The Castle Dungeons with a death trap obviously residing in The Castle Dungeons.

I'm Ghost!

Ghost Dragon
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11/07/2004 05:25 PM (UTC)
MrSchpfmut~what he said mainly and the link to the hd thread!!

besides the game play (which i want #1 over everything else!!!!!)
1~make combo breaks last the whole game, limiting us to 3 is dumb!! force people to actually come up w/ skilled combos that cant be broken.. make them harder to do!!! if u do stay w/ this combo breaker system atleast give us 3 per round instead of per match + make it its own button if u insist to make it easy to be done.. furious

2~this 1 kinda goes w/ the game play, but make every character even. im sick of character for character.. when i pick my favorite character i dont want to worry about who im going to face~` killer instinct did this perfectly so it is possible!!

3~this 1 is obvious lol give me my favortite fighters!!
4~kung lao
9~shao kahn
11~every 1 else that was in mk2!!

4~online play!! the main reason y mk6 is the 2nd best mk..

5~please start stealing fatal ideas from MK2!! and not from mk1 and 3.. i want kung laos hat slice, scopions toasty, kitanas blow up, reptiles head eat w/ the mmmmmmmmmm.. u get my point!!!
6~create a character!! but dont let this character become cheap, be smart about it please!!
11/08/2004 12:38 AM (UTC)
this beats all of your suggestions... A FREE CHOCOLATE BAR HIDDEN IN THE CARTRIDGE THAT LOOK LIKE SCORP'S SPEAR! mmmmmhhhh, chocolate.....
11/08/2004 04:30 PM (UTC)
+I really enjoy the concept of death traps. In my opinion they make the experience more fun and give the game more character. I feel the greatest oversight to this features was not allowing a player reposition their character prior to the beginning of a round to navigate safely away from a deathtrap.
+ Expanding on the interactive environments, I enjoyed the ability to pickup items like heads and chuck them at an opponent a la MK4. Maybe diferent areans can created to exploit this. Maybe bring back the dunes from MK3 and have the ability to thow sand in the opponents face.
+ The recover time on most attacks is just to slow in this game. It really punishes the aggressor of the match, and the last thing I want is a turtle match in my fighting game. Pressure strings should have quicker recovery.
+ Every attack should have a purpose. When you see players use one stance and similar moves over and over while racking up the wins, this should be a sure sign you haven't created a well-rounded character.
+ Proectiles should be vamped to take into account the 3D dimension. For example: Shang Tsungs fires balls from MKDA.
+ I really enjoy the reversal button that MKDA had as a special for some characters. They should bring that back for all characters, as a way to counter pressuring opponent.
+ I think wake up moves are necessary, or at least a ground game system to counter any wakeup mind games.
+ I may not represent the popular opinion, but I do believe throws are good for the game, but there should be a way to reverse them or tech out of them so they don�t do all that much damage.
Another approach could be that throws do very little damage, but break an opponents guard for a combo opportunity.
+ The combo breaker is a great feature but it should be better implemented. Which leads to my next point....
+ I can�t say I am a huge dial a combo fan. Besides it being kind of boring, I always end up asking myself this same question... "If you have the choice between 5 different combo strings, why bother to do any other than the string that will do the most damage?".
I think MK could learn a little from Killer Instinct�s combo system in this respect. Maybe there can be a variety of shorter 2-3 hit combo strings that can be tied together with special move. I feel this type of system feels more engaging to the player rather than punching long strings of memorized buttons.
Maybe special moves done within the context of a combo string could result in a slightly different character animation to vary the visual attack of the character.
Specials within a combo string would also provide an opening for an opponent to execute a combo breaker. (Think Paper, Rock, Scissors).
Imagine the following combo with Scorpion in this hypothetical combos system.
Scorpion executes a three punch combo, the TELEPORT KICK on its own would result in your standard teleport kick, but within a combo string it could make Scorpion execute a kick that sends the opponent to the other side of the screen where Scorpion connects with a teleport kick (really anything could happen, just some new attack animation that could only be seen if executed within a combo string), followed by three kicks that send the opponent flying away, only to connect with a SPEAR that results into and automated uppercut (again any new animation).
Through out this, the opponent would have two breaker opportunities depending on if they were able predicted the linking special move.
In addition to linking special moves, there could be Change Style linkers. This would allow you to execute some special attack animation that would result in changing styles. Depending on the input sequence, it would automatically jump to a specific style.
+ I feel the jump in game is really non-existent in these new MK games; primarily because they don�t lead into any real combo opportunities. Jump kicks should start juggles while jump punches should start chains. This would also make the need for characters to have special anti air moves necessary.
+ I am a huge SF2 fan, and I do enjoy having a special gauge to vary my attacks. Maybe a variation of this could be used to juice up certain special attacks. I�m thinking something along the lines of a blood lust gauge. This meter should build up to benefit of the agressor of the match.

Picture a juiced up TELEPORT KICK that would result in 3 consecutive TELEKICK, each one successfully connecting. Add that into a combo and you got a real impressive attack�

I saw another post with the concept of a three level gauge. The higher the guage the more brutal the fataility. This could be tied in with the juiced up move idea. I could see myself in a secenrio near the end of a match where I would ask "Do I drain some of my gauge to perform a juiced SPECIAL move, or should I save it for a humiliating level 3 fataility.

Combo breakers could be earned depending on the length of the blood lust gauge.
+ Exclusive fatalities that happen only within a combo may be an interesting twist.
+ To enhance online play, incentives can be added. Prior to each match a random koin amount or rare item can be presented to players to fight for. This will snap players from the mindset that, this match is for fun, to this match is for keeps. Coins earned could be used to purchase exclusive online items that can be used to customize your character, a la Virtual Fighter 4. Players could purchase items like sunglass, badges, exclusive costumes, belts exc that could be added to an original character models. These nick nacks will give players a sense of identity online which I feel would apease the create-a-fighter crowd. Bring back the wager option from MKDA to put up coins or items. After a wager match, options like double or nothing would be cool. The ability to trade items online would also create a great sense of community. Maybe the MK server could select a random player every hour where a bounty is placed on there head (like a wanted poster). Players could have fun hunting down wanted players for prizes. The rewards should be in synch with that players rank. 100 Ruby koins for Joe Blow ranked 22345, Rare champions belt for John Doe ranked 10. Players can collect a bounty only if a level 3 fatailty is performed on said player. Hara Kiris would then play an important part in such a scenerio.
Think of the possibilities.

Anyways I�m done ranting. I�m eager to hear your feedback on these ideas.

11/08/2004 05:29 PM (UTC)
Boomstick Wrote:
this beats all of your suggestions... A FREE CHOCOLATE BAR HIDDEN IN THE CARTRIDGE THAT LOOK LIKE SCORP'S SPEAR! mmmmmhhhh, chocolate.....

That's freaking awsome!
11/08/2004 06:22 PM (UTC)
1o Keep the Fighting Styles but improve the Gameplay system. If not possible, revamp the entire gameplay system, but keep it fresh to the Mk style.

2o Bring back other nostalgic characters that didn’t make it in MKD (Sektor and even Stryker) and also bring back the main originals (Sonya, Johnny Cage and Kung Lao among others).

3o New extra fun modes. The sketches of torture games of the Krypt were amazing!
"Wheel Of Death"," Ledge Hanging", "Torture", and the "4 Player Kombat".

4o The Krypt.

5o Konquest a like MKD but with a better use of narrating the storyline like in MKDA’s konquest.

6o More and better Bio Card videos.

7o Animated endings.

8o A FEMALE BOSS OR SUB-BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9o A FEMALE HERO this time around. (Like someone else said, it would be a fresh change. Sonya is to be considered, she is the strongest earth female warrior. So far, she is the only chosen woman from earth that has represented earth in battle)
11/08/2004 09:40 PM (UTC)
Let's try to be reasonable about all this, some things that have been suggested are pretty minor..

We should concentrate on the things that should be fixed, before things that should be added. Boon, you remember when we were told that in MK:DA the fighter's clothes would rip and tear throughout the match? That was freakin' awesome, and we didn't even get it, in either new game.

The fact that blood drips and pours is great, but you guys should really work on your blood engine, it looks way too cartoony, almost like gell, rather than Blood, stains would also be cool, it's kind of lame to see this big drop of blood run down someone's clothes as if they are made of wax. And some of the things look too 2D (Mavado's ropes come to mind).

Death traps are a great idea, it would be unrealistic and stupid to force someone to wait until the end of the match to do one. But I also found it stupid that if you threw someone in a grinder during the first match, they are right back at you in the second round.

Another thing about the MK series, unless the storyline is involving a real tournament, there is no need for rounds. If there is a war going on (Like in MK3) nobody is going to be counting rounds. It's just a bunch of chaotic fighting.

I miss running, do you realize how annoying it is to freeze someone from across the screen, and have to hop over to them before they thaw out with Sub-Zero? Don't bother with a run button, just do like almost every other fighting game, tap foreward twice to start running (Bloody Roar is the perfect example of this)

Also in Bloody Roar is a dodge button, if you tap block at the perfect time, your character will dodge their opponent, and have an opportunity to counter their attack. This would make for very stylish fights.

I'm fairly okay with the whole "Dial-a-combo" system, but you have to admit, it makes fights so much more boring than they were in the older MK games.

I've always loved the storylines, and this is all my fanboy-side talking, SPOILERS IN THE NEXT SENTENCE EVERYONE! But it would be so awesome if Noob Saibot started to go back to his Sub-Zero roots. If not that, then at least give him his moves back like the "No-Block" projectile he had in Trilogy. His moves in MK:D were so completely unapealing.

This is a lot of work to do, but it would be so worth it. Add more costumes. Instead of just two, go for four, default, and three unlockable ones. Each with a different Biography too, give the storyline a chance to be far more in depth.

And I'm a big fan of Sareena, put her in the next one, it would be great, and it would also allow Noob, Sub-Zero, and her storyline to really grow. Especially if Shinnok was in the game for some reason.

Wow, that was a lot...I really hope Boon and co. Read this, For the most part, I feel that I was being pretty reasonable about the things (Especially the first bit)
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-Isaac Watts
11/09/2004 01:06 AM (UTC)
queve Wrote:

5o Konquest a like MKD but with a better use of narrating the storyline like in MKDA’s konquest.

YEah. That would be a cool idea.

queve Wrote:

7o Animated endings.

As much as everyone would love that idea, we all know it ain't gonna happen. sad

queve Wrote:

8o A FEMALE BOSS OR SUB-BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A humanoid female character queve! tonguegrin You know what I mean! winktongue

queve Wrote:

9o A FEMALE HERO this time around. (Like someone else said, it would be a fresh change. Sonya is to be considered, she is the strongest earth female warrior. So far, she is the only chosen woman from earth that has represented earth in battle)

Thanks doode. But Sonya feels weak compared to Sindel and Kitana. If she's to become the main character, she needs to have a well developed story that's a huge step up from her neverending and tired story with Kano. Seriously, that needs to end. But, Sonya's whole appeal is her rivalry with Kano, so it may be easier if either Sindel or Kitana is the lead.

I'm Ghost!

Ghost Dragon
The MK team seems to be stuck in the game play for little children mode.

The game is made for adults, not babies.

Adults require more thought to be put in to game play in order to enjoy the game more.


Because we have a much easier time telling the difference between a good fighting game and a bad one.

And noticing these flaws makes game play irritating.

Well at least most of us can.

We need the developers to put some real thought and basic common sense in to the fighting engine for this game.

I mean the mistakes in this engine are just too many to name. I don't feel like writing another essay naming all the flaws.

If the developers are reading these threads that talk about the game play and still come out with the game play in MKD there is something wrong.

They must me stubborn, or they just don't know how to play the more complex games, so they can't make one.

I'm thinking it's a mix of the 2.

In that case, either they need to hire some people that really know this stuff and open their minds to more ideas, or just have a new development team for the fight engine part of the game.

Because this is just ridiculous.

When developing the fight engine, look at other games see how they have done tings and watch lot's of real fighting and movie fights.

Try to take a lot of those ideas and implement them in to the game.

But don't just add stuff blindly. Think about how all the stuff can be used in individual situations. Frame advantage, Block stun, ...................think about all this stuff in detail.

And test it over and over to make sure everything works well.

Ask the testers for serious non sugar coated opinions. Ask for the truth, so they don't have to worry about pissing someone off and loosing their job.

Now things I'd like to see kept or added.

2 fatalities

I like to see classic costumes like from MK1 and 2. Keep doing this.

Stage fatalities = The death traps are good, but you don't need so many.

Multi tired arenas are awesome, do more with this. Have more than 1 direction to fall to lower levels= like in DOA3 and DOAU, you have many different lower levels to fall to.

The stage weapons need to be deeper also in their use. I'd also like to be able to throw them like in MK4.


Custom combos that include special moves. Think MK4 or the street fighter games. Have some special moves that continue combos like in KI2, not just combo enders.

Blend the 2 hand styles in to 1 hybrid style. and keep the weapon style.

The weapons can still come out of thin air, this works well with keeping the game play fast.

I want to see off wall attacks, multiple throws from different angles and situations. Also add little details like Throws changing animation when near a wall like in DOA3 and VF4E.

Have the special moves be more useful in 3D space = make them bigger, make them track, give the player control over them...........Just make them more useful.

Give the characters a lot of moves and try to keep in mind how the martial art is supposed to be used in real life.

Add things like reversals, parries, evasion moves like in MKDA. But don't give them to every fighter. No Copy and paste please.

Add a ground game = stand up attacks, stomp attacks. I prefer the Tekken style so any low attack will work.

Make the command for special moves faster so they don't come out by accident as much.

Make use of the diagonals on the D. pad.

That's enough for now.
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