With the literal end of days looming according to 2012 Mayan Doomsday theorists, we thought we'd flashback to a ScrewAttack DEATH BATTLE feature that brought two godly apocalypse survivors into an all-out twilight battle!

Okay. So, technically, Raiden didn't look much like surviving Armageddon. Not if you saw the opening scenes from the latest Mortal Kombat, where a certain Emperor of Outworld was on the verge of ripping Earth's immortal protector a new one (and a few dozen more, to boot)!... Still, when it comes to mythological clashes, you can't let details get in the way of a good thematic story!

Not only are Raiden and Thor two thundergod peas in a pod -- they've also faced down their own certain destruction on multiple occasions! Raiden's had Armageddon and all those other oops-i-let-your-realm-die moments; while Marvel Comics' Thor has experienced the twilight of Ragnarok many times, and come out blonder than ever!

So, who wins this epic encounter?...

Obviously we're gonna have our biases, but as ScrewAttack quite rightly points out, Raiden might actually be at an inherent disadvantage!

Uber powerful God and all -- a certain logic tells us Raiden is a wielder of lightning and electricity, while Thor is better known for controlling it. At best, Raiden's primary attacks are probably gonna have a less than optimum effect; at worst, he may find himself at the mercy of Thor's will itself! Add to that Raiden's penchant for taking mortal form to do battle and you're starting to see where this might be going.

In our estimation, ScrewAttack may also be over estimating the hammer factor. Mjolnir provides a powerful influence over the physical battle, but let's not forget that Raiden's had his own hammer time (in MK4) -- not to mention packing some distanced punch with that massive staff of his [mind out of the gutter!].

Of course, one of the drawbacks for Raiden is the unlikelihood of his disarming Thor. A history of sinister measures and corruption means Raiden probably won't be worthy enough to wield Mjolnir himself, as some other virtuous crossover characters have over the years [ie; Wonder Woman]. He also probably lacks the grunt strength to put any significant distance between Thor and his weapon -- not that it would even do much. Donald Blake hasn't been a factor for quite some time.

You'd have to give Raiden props for fighting technique. Thor's viking warrior charge is a pretty unrefined way of doing battle, made vulnerable by his legendary bouts of arrogance. Speed and martial arts keep the Lord of lightning well and truly in the battle, and you can count on a cool head, because as the song says, we all know he's not afraid. Is that enough to save him from a Frog Thor animality? Watch the video to find out and weigh-in with your take on the forums!

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