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Retrospective: Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance 10th Anniversary
The 2002 Franchise Reboot Celebrates 10 Years Since Release!

There's no denying the current generation of Mortal Kombat has given fans plenty of reasons to be thankful. Throughout 2012, we've made a lot of noise about the MK 20th Anniversary, and the great things we've seen from series inception, to current day.
Less talked about has been the milestone sandwiched directly between -- an anniversary happening in November that we simply couldn't ignore!

As of mid-November, it has officially been 10 years since the release of Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance -- a game, much like the current one, that refreshed the series for a whole new era.

Characters received impressive new designs, gameplay entered uncharted territory, and the sins of the past were rectified in a major modern evolution for the then flagging fighter. It was perhaps the most significant development since the series' first sequel, but for a time, nobody even knew if it would happen!

The release of Mortal Kombat 4 had left the series in uncertain territory. Criticized for an awkward entry into the polygonal era; MK's first attempt was ultimately dominated by more proficient "3D" fighters (like Tekken), which were defining the zeitgeist of an age ditching the classics, whilst fast signing the death warrant of the arcades that spawned them.

A Dreamcast exclusive in '99 (MK: Gold) did little to reverse lukewarm reviews for the previous years MK4 console ports, arriving two years after the original arcade release. The update marked the first of many times the series would attempt to tap into the goodwill of MKII nostalgia, but reinserting characters like Baraka and Kitana, alongside MK3's popular cyber-ninjas, failed to create a significant buzz beyond fandom.

If you know your Mortal Kombat Online history, you know the site began life around this time, as Named for the sequel nobody was certain was coming, the site rallied fans around hopes built during the lengthy two-year cycle of MK4.

The turn of the millenium would bring only occasional blips for "MK5" watchers: rumors to coincide with tangent projects like Threshold Entertainment's television prequel, Mortal Kombat: Conquest, and the bungled 2000 PlayStation exclusive, Mortal Kombat: Special Forces.

In 2001, the real rumblings started, and the future looked bright...

Jax battles Scorpion in a 2001 screenshot -- obselete by the time Deadly Alliance hit in 2002.

Despite the best efforts of dedicated members of the Midway Games staff, the arcades were dead. 2002 was projected to be a transition point as they refocused development on the ever expanding exclusive home console market. "Mortal Kombat Five" would take pride of place in the line-up, designed to "revolutionize [...] the fighting game genre that [MK] helped create." If fans weren't already champing at the bit for a sequel after five years, big claims like that were certainly going to whip up that frenzy!

In an April, 2001 live chat co-moderated by and; Ed Boon talked up changes coming to the series -- "Well you can throw everything you know about MK out the window, cause we are using a completely different fighting engine." Preliminary screenshots released shortly after [pictured above] failed to demonstrate just how different things were about to get.

Where Mortal Kombat 4 had staked its primary visuals on polygonal versions of MK3 spandex, Deadly Alliance was reinventing the wheel, the vehicle, and the driver, as well!

Far from spin, the reinvention of Mortal Kombat was to be a thorough expression, brilliantly referencial, but entirely fresh. No man would ever again mock the shared fashions of rival ninjas in Deadly Alliance -- an achievement in itself and a bold statement about the set course!

A sense of overdue individuality in character design was the first and lasting impression of 2002! First-look characters like Scorpion and Quan Chi were clearly consistent with what they'd always been, but the new hardware -- and the design philosophy it supported -- was finally fulfilling promises made by sequalized improvements in the original era.

With the rainbow palette swap ninjas trashed, it only made sense that uniform fighting technique would also be relegated to the technological restrictions of the past.

The drubbing MK4 took at the hands of Tekken was clearly learnt from, resulting in the introduction of individual fighting styles for most characters, and a surprisingly earthbound style of play.

Coming to grips with the new grounded, multi-style method was helped along by a similarly cribbed, Tekken-style practise mode. Better still, the first ever Konquest mode toured the twenty-plus roster, flushing out basic attacks, combos and expanded storylines in a prolonged tutorial twixt story mode. It was an important step toward credibility, but as IGN noted in their 2002 review, it came with good and bad:

The fighting system on the whole is incredibly enjoyable and makes for the most fluid and playable Mortal Kombat yet. It's most assuredly an offensive game with a sound defense playing second fiddle to a good sword slash. Unfortunately, there are still a couple of problems that have haunted the previous titles in the series and end up mucking with things here: Specifically, the cheap-hit tactics and static A.I. of your CPU opponent and the imbalance of impaling your opponent.
- Jeremy Dunham (IGN Review, November 2002)

While the intricacies of the new engine were still subject to criticism -- Electronic Gaming Monthly gave Deadly Alliance 65% in their January 2003 issue, stating, "Strip away the surprisingly excellent graphics and gimmicky bonus material and you've got a 3D fighter that's derivative at best." -- many reviewers felt simplicity was a virtue for the series that has always kept a rare sympathy for the neophyte. Some were willing to go so far as to compliment the accessibility of the game -- something we dare not dwell on in 2012!

It's a much less complex fighting system than the one in VF4 or Tekken, but that's part of its appeal - there's no need to learn specific throw-reversals or obsess over timing glitches to succeed. If you're put off by the frightening depth of other scrappers, this new system's the perfect level playing field to develop your skills, with enough combos to reward practice.
- Joel Snape (Games Radar Review, January 2003)

Mortal Kombat is a 3D fighter that doesn't fall into the same trap that some other games have fallen into when making the 2D-to-3D transition. It also doesn't play much--or at all, for that matter--like other 3D fighters on the market. What you're left with is an unusual fighting game that does a great job of balancing the classic Mortal Kombat style with enough new additions to draw in people who aren't completely familiar with the rest of the series. Anyone looking for a wilder ride than the one offered by Tekken 4's or Virtua Fighter 4's comparatively straightforward martial arts battles should definitely check out Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance.
- Jeff Gerstmann (Gamespot Review, November 2002)

Input timing could sometimes become frustrating (made moreso in Deception), but the fluidity of basic movement and move animation is another detail that makes Deadly Alliance a fondly remembered stand-out. Current wisdom is to take fighting games back to something closer to the 2D era, but the strength of the sense of character in motion may be the price of that reverted thinking.

Character is ultimately the inescapable brilliance of Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. Reception for new characters was mixed, but at least deserves credit for boldly going where MK concept hadn't before, delivering us perhaps the last great new addition - Kenshi.

The success of the Deadly Alliance cast and plot was a testament to life after John Tobias. The series co-creator and driving creative force had left to forge a new path for himself in 2000, creating an Xbox-exclusive rival in Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus as Studio Gigante. 2002 belonged to John Tobias and the rest of the team, who showed a deft touch in taking the series back to its Eastern-inspired roots, whilst expanding on the mythology that had been created right up to Mortal Kombat 4.

Quan Chi & Shang Tsung - The Deadly Alliance were something old and something new.

Like MK4 -- and it's related spin-off, Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero -- Deadly Alliance stepped into the modern age with a more elaborate, tightly woven narrative. Pieceing together character endings would weave a cohesive map with branching points of difference, while the concrete elements detailing The Dragon King would lay the groundwork for Deception (2004) in ways that make Mortal Kombat II's Outworld transition seem like cave scratchings.

It's a shame Tobias didn't get a chance to pilot the ship in waters that supported this much investment in storytelling. In a recent interview, he told us he certainly had ideas for where the story was going, and expressed the kind of plot-minded thinking that makes us long for another time in games. Even so, if things had to move on without Tobias, we have to be glad they went where they did.

The greatest crime of Deadly Alliance's story and the bold moves it made -- such as the killing off its lead protagonist and antagonist, Liu Kang and Shao Kahn -- is that it didn't have the conviction to follow through. Instead of forging a strong new era filled with strong new lead heroes (and villains), the series squirmed its way back toward the eventual rewrite of history told in 2011.

It's easy to get sentimental about Deadly Alliance -- especially coming up to the holidays. It was a high point for the series, defined by decisions that seem completely alien to the current mode of thinking in major corporate-funded video games. The slate seems clean for Mortal Kombat right now, with the next linear step leading us right in this direction, but it seems completely unfathomable that we'll ever see days like MKDA again. Even if only because, ten years later, we shouldn't!

It's been a nostalgic type of year for Mortal Kombat! Be you an OG mortal of twenty years, or a millenial longing for the recently retro, we want to hear from you! Post your early experiences to the Year of the Dragon 20th Anniversary thread, then join us under the microscope of the Deadly Alliance 10th Anniversary!

Jeri Ryan Not Returning for MK Legacy Series 2
Sonya Actress Not Returning for Mortal Kombat Legacy Series 2

As Mortal Kombat: Legacy enters its second series, official casting details remain scarce and enshrouded in rumor. Regrettably, we've learned of another actors exit as Jeri Ryan confirms she will not be returning to reprise her role as Sonya Blade!

The starring actress cites commitments to ABC drama Body of Proof as the reason for her departure. Filming for Legacy's second series began November 28 [full story], with Ian Anthony Dale making his return as Scorpion.

Ryan was among the first and most public members of the Legacy cast, teasing her involvement in a tweet as early as January, 2011. It was the first of many posts by the prolific micro-blogger (@JeriLRyan), who shared pictures from the set, and was spotlit as a primary source for Mortal Kombat Online throughout initial coverage. Hers was the responsibility of going on first, starring in Episodes 1 and 2, opposite Michael Jai White and Darren Shahlavi.

Ryan may not be the only casualty from the first series. Matt Mullins (Johnny Cage) seems to have bid his farewell in a recent message to the cast. Both actors made waves with their appearance in Rebirth -- the bootleg short that earned Kevin Tancharoen his role as Director, before they were recast for the series. Tahmoh Penikett, who appeared briefly in Legacy as a protocol appreciating Stryker, will also not return.

Jeri Ryan on the set of MK Legacy with Director Kevin Tancharoen

With endings come new beginnings. Dan Southworth is the first new cast member confirmed for Series 2 [full story], with more likely to follow as new characters join the show.

Liu Kang and Kung Lao will likely have major roles as the series tackles the Mortal Kombat tournament proper. Kenshi and Ermac were also among the characters announced in July. Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage were announced for the second series, but it remains to be seen if they will be subsequently written out, or recast.

The rumors and news are just beginning! Keep up-to-date with Mortal Kombat: Legacy on the Media & Merchandise forums. Special thanks to Sweetre15 for forwarding the tweet. If you've got info, submit a newslead!

Preview: Northeast Championship XIII This Weekend!
Top Players Head to Philadelphia for NECXIII - December 1-2!

It's gonna be a December to remember when Mortal Kombat invades the Holiday Inn Stadium for North-East Championship XIII! Chilly Philly plays host to "The Family Reunion" this weekend, December 1-2, with single and doubles tournaments and more!

The Reunion will see some of the biggest names in the MK scene descend on The City of Brotherly Love, with TONY-T among the international competitors, making a special appearance all the way from the land down under! He's just one of the names at the centre of the Toasty Boost revelation -- new tech set to change the game with X-Ray meter refill and mass EX destruction!

Kitana master and Galloping Ghost Arcade frontman recently showed the potency of the Toasty Boost -- taking out two-time Evo Championship winner Perfect Legend in the Final of the November Console Combat tournament, last week [via Test Your Might].

The MKOlonel's secret sources tell us 16bit and the GGA crew will be representing hard at NECXIII, with Wafflez to make the trek alongside Soonk and more. Tom Brady, Crazy Dominican [Sr], EGP Tyrant, EGP Krayzie, KH Showtime, Big D, noobe, Death and many more are all but confirmed to fill a packed bracket.

GGA Dizzy and 2012 bullet, Pig of the Hut [
], are noteworthy exclusions, but with so many big names chasing the cheesesteak, we'll hardly notice!

Solo and 2v2 tournaments require a $10 entry fee to brackets; prizes and bonus pots are expected for Mortal Kombat events. The tag teams kick things off early, with the singles main event scheduled for a 3PM (Saturday; Dec. 1) tournament start. For more information (plus UMK3) check out Big E Gaming. Follow and discuss all the action on the forums!

NetherRealm Studios Presents Deathstroke Screenshots
The Terminator Proves he has Stroke in New High Quality Injustice Screenshots!

Deathstroke is the latest playable character confirmed for Injustice: Gods Among Us - the DC Comics fighter that pits hero and villain against one another in hand-to-hand (or weapon) combat!

In case you missed yesterday's debut trailer, or just have a bewildered cultural aversion to moving pictures -- here's some hi-def screenshots of The Terminator in action! These are some hefty pics, so slow connections need not apply.

Deathstroke is Slade Wilson -- the engineered product of a government program to create perfect super-soldiers. By harnessing the potential of 90% of his brain, Deathstroke possesses a range of super-human skills, deadliest among them his tactical clarity and ability to execute attacks in live combat!

The conflicted villain first appeared in New Teen Titans #2 (1980), where he would be an arch-nemesis for the team that included Nightwing and Cyborg. In later years, Deathstroke would become a regular nemesis to the entire DC Universe, establishing intense feuds with Batman, Catwoman and Green Arrow. So potent are his enhanced reflexes, healing abilities and fighting skills, that Deathstroke has not only proven to be Batman's equal, but also bested the entire Justice League!

Courtesy of DC Comics' 2011 line-wide reboot, Deathstroke is once again starring in his own monthly series. He's also a major attraction for fans of The CW's new live-action series, Arrow. Injustice marks the mercenary's video game return from NetherRealm Studios' previous work in Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe.

You can get your Deathstroke fix and discuss all things Gods Among Us in the DC Universe Injustice forum! Make contact with us @MK_Online and on Facebook for more intel on your next hit.

Dan Southworth to Join Filming on New Legacy Episodes
Past Power Rangers Star Prepares for Filming of Live-Action Second Series!

With filming of the second series of Mortal Kombat: Legacy officially underway [full story], the news and rumors are coming thick and fast. Dan Southworth joins the cast and crew on set tomorrow (November 30), confirming his pending involvement in a tweet response.

Sentai superfans will recognise Southworth from the Power Rangers: Time Force series, where he appeared as square-jawed renegade, Quantum Ranger. He follows in the footsteps of the first series' Johnny Cage star, Matt Mullins, who was known for his role in Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight -- another action series based on Japanese tokusatsu serials.

Mullins has wished the cast of the second series well in a Facebook post that appears to have implied his departure from the role. Cage was among the characters confirmed by Kevin Tancharoen in the sequel series' announcement, back in July.

Southworth has some interesting connections to video games, among them, recently providing the English voice for Devil May Cry's Vergil in Marvel versus Capcom 3. The actor has remained tight-lipped about his role in Legacy.

According to the director, Mortal Kombat: Legacy will tackle the tournament itself during its second series. Discuss and speculate all the Legacy action on the Media & Merchandise forums! Get updates on all things MK by following @MK_Online and liking us on Facebook.

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles Announce Klassics Pre-Orders
Reptile & Scorpion Lead UMK3 Inspired Klassic Statues from Pop Culture Shock!

They are purveyors of some of the finest high-end Mortal Kombat collectibles we've ever seen -- and just like Raiden in the latest game, they're projecting back in time! Pop Culture Shock Collectibles have officially announced pre-ordering for their new Mortal Kombat Klassic line, kicking it off with inspirations from Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3!

Reptile and Scorpion lead the charge, with Sub-Zero and Smoke confirmed to join the series soon. All of the UMK3 palette swaps are 18" 1:4 scale creations, hand-crafted from high quality polystone.

Reptile will be highly collectible, limited to just 99 pieces available exclusively through Pop Culture Shock themselves. At $330US, the statue delivers added punch with an interchangeable unmasked head that reveals the true visage beneath Reptile's mask!

Retailing at $310; Scorpion arrives in two different versions. The standard statue will be limited to 350 pieces, available for pre-order November 29 from Sideshow Collectibles and through Diamond Comics Distributors. Sideshow will offer an exclusive version limited to 200 pieces, with interchangeable skull head and arm stance [pictured] to reflect the different palette swaps of the game.

Additional ordering details will be available as they emerge. Reptile pre-orders are expected to ship First Quarter of 2013, with Scorpion to follow during Quarter 2.

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles have a rapidly growing catalogue of unique Mortal Kombat items, including coming statues based on Kitana and Shao Kahn. Discuss these items and more on the Media & Merchandise forums. Like
Pop Culture Shock on Facebook and find more product and ordering info on

Mortal Kombat Legacy Second Series Begins Filming
Mortal Kombat Web Series Begins Filming Second Series!

It's all systems go as the cast and crew responsible for Mortal Kombat: Legacy begin filming the second series!

Bloody Disgusting broke the November 28 start date earlier in the month, confirmed in a tweet by Ian Anthony Dale. The actor was there to reprise his role as Hanzo Hasashi - yellow-clad Shirai Ryu warrior better known the world over as Scorpion!

The second series of Legacy was announced back in July in a video post by director Kevin Tancharoen. He confirmed the second web instalment will tackle the Shaolin Tournament itself, boasting an extended cast of characters to include: Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Ermac and Kenshi!

A regular on Twitter (@KTANCH); the director has shared sporradic tidbits about the series and feature film, most recently posting images from location scouting for the show [below]. In July, he revealed the series will not affect the feature film.

Details surrounding the Tancharoen helmed film version remain guarded, but in a recent interview with Web Series Network, Warner Bros. executive Lance Sloan ballparked a budget around $40-50 million. A June posted script excerpt revealed Kabal's inclusion, along with usual suspects, Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Jax, who all appeared in Legacy.

Discuss all the news and rumors from Legacy and the feature film in the Media & Merchandise forum! Relive the first series with our archived Legacy Kompedium, the most extensive coverage of the time. Get additional live updates by following @MK_Online and liking us on Facebook.

Mortal Kombat Vita Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers
PlayStation Plus Subscription Services offers Mortal Kombat, Batman Free!

Sony have announced a new wave of free download titles slated to be offered throughout December to PlayStation Plus subscribers! The holiday period will be filled with seasons beatings -- Mortal Kombat taking pride of place amongst the five new additions for Sony's two platforms!

The PlayStation Vita version of Mortal Kombat is the portable main event - appearing alongside Batman: Arkham City for the PlayStation 3! TheSixthAxis report a December rotation that will bring Mortal Kombat into the mix on December 19th - just before Christmas!

Released earlier this year; the portable version of Mortal Kombat boasts all of the Komplete Edition features [including Sony guest character: Kratos], with an additional array of Vita exclusives.

A brand new 150 deep Challenge Tower, exclusive costumes, touchscreen features, and the much talked about Augmented Reality arena make the portable version a worthwhile alternative to the 2011 console original. It's also here that you'll find a rare appearance by discarded cult-favourite: Tremor! Never a frown with golden brown!

Injustice: Deathstroke Joins Gods Among Us Roster!
Deathstroke The Terminator Officially Joins the Cast of Injustice!

The wait is over! Deathstroke is officially coming to Injustice: Gods Among Us and he's bringing an indescriminate world of hurt to the rest of the cast of heroes and villains!

It looks like Deathstroke will have an appropriately massive arsenal of weapons to call upon as he slices, dices and terminates his way through the DC fighter. He'll be doing all this in duds most reminiscent of the current DC Comics "New 52" design -- a style that as yet hasn't been the standard for the NetherRealm Studios designed characters.

Gamespot have the first trailer [embedded above], showcasing The Terminator's sword wielding, gun toting return to fighting games. Deathstroke is a familiar character for NRS, having featured in 2008's Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe crossover.

The assassin will have a chance to rekindle old feuds with a wide variety of perfect opponents, not the least of which is Green Arrow. The emerald archer may be getting all the press with the rivalry spilling over into TV's Arrow, but fans of the classics will also have fresh fighting fun to be had with the likes of and Nightwing! Deathstroke (aka; Slade Wilson) began comic book life as an arch-nemesis to the Teen Titans.

Injustice: Gods Among Us arrives on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo WiiU in April 2013. Discuss all the developments on the DC Universe Injustice forum.

Community Uncovers Complete Toasty Boost Input List
New Strategy Begins as Community Uncovers Toasty Boost Meter Refill!

Just when you thought you'd achieved total mastery over your favourite characters techniques, the current Mortal Kombat has given up one of its best guarded secrets!

You wouldn't expect much in the way of undiscovered territory in a game released April 2011, but NetherRealm Studios promised deeply nestled secrets in the tradition of the classics, and it turns out they've delivered exactly that! The Toasty Boost is fully exposed!

demonstrates usage of the Sub-Zero Toasty Bonus.

Combining elements of skill and random chance; the Toasty Boost allows players to extend their potential for bridging special attacks by refilling the bonus meter.

Opportunity for a Toasty Boost arises when Dan Forden appears in the corner of the screen, proclaiming the now legendary "Toasty" catchphrase, in the manner first seen in Mortal Kombat II. Like MKII; [Forden]'s appearances are triggered at a randomized frequency by specific moves - most popularly, but not limited to, an uppercut.

Reports suggest either player can receive the boost during a competitive match, offering a small defensive measure for victims of the offending trigger attack(s). The availability of the Toasty Special to specific characters mid-combo (via the Toasty trigger) should make stealing the Boost a valued strategy.

[FP = Forward Punch (1)]
[BP = Back Punch (2)]
[FK = Forward Kick (3)]
[BK = Back Kick (4)]
Baraka - Up, Up, Down, FK
Cyber Sub-Zero - Down, Down, Down, FP
Cyrax - Up, Up, Down, FP
Ermac - Up, Up, Down, BP
Freddy Krueger - Down ,Back, Down, FK
Jade - Down, Back, Down, FK
Jax - Down, Down, Down, BK
Johnny Cage - Down, Down, Up, FP
Kabal - Down, Down, Up, BP
Kano - Forward, Forward, Back, FK
Kenshi - Forward, Back, Down, FK
Kitana - Forward, Forward, Back. BK
Kratos - Back, Back, Down, BP
Kung Lao - Forward, Forward, Back, FP
Liu Kang - Forward, Forward, Back, BP
Mileena - Back, Back, Forward, FK
Nightwolf - Back, Back, Forward, BK
Noob Saibot - Back. Back, Forward, FP
Quan Chi - Back, Back, Forward, BP
Raiden - Down, Back, Down, FK
Rain - Back, Back, Down, FK
Reptile - Down, Back, Forward, FK
Scorpion - Down, Back, Forward, FP
Sektor - Down, Back, Down, FP
Shang Tsung - Down, Down, Forward, FK
Sheeva - Down, Down, Forward, BK
Sindel - Down, Down, Down, FP
Skarlet - Back, Down, Down, FK
Smoke - Down, Down, Forward, BP
Sonya - Back, Back, Down, FK
Stryker - Back. Back, Down, BK
Sub-Zero - Back, Back, Down, FP

puts Sektor's Toasty Bonus to devastating use with a 70% combo.

The list is the work of various members of the community who have been working diligently over the past few months to uncover the necessary inputs, unique to each character. The community's complete list [above] has been reported by Test Your Might, where much of the trial and error has been undertaken.

is widely cited among the most prolific investigators, sharing his extensive discoveries via microblogging service, Twitter (@check_4900). Test Your Might credit TONY-T as an identifiable source for original evidence of the Boost [March 23, 2012], with a wide array of other contributors.

Add the technique to your repertoire and share your Toasty Boost experiences on the forums! You can discuss strategies, tournaments and more with the MKOmmunity in the Gameplay & Matchmaking forum! Tell us you're bringing your A-game by connecting with us on Twitter (@MK_Online) and Facebook!

Kommunity: Super Zeros Invade Unsuspecting City Gangnam Style
It was forseen that Korean dance fads would one day grow too powerful and too numerous.

With the global proliferation of an embarassing new dance craze, it could only be a matter of time before the synchronized menace of a flash mob invaded their local city. The dance craze is Gangnam Style, the mob is The Super Zeros.

A string of Mortal Kombat themed happenings has attracted the majority of the troupe's traffic, which means chances are MK fans have at least been made aware of their antics, if not the "Super Zero" name itself.

The clash of K-Pop and Kombatants [above] has already garnered well over 900,000 views on YouTube, contributing to more than 3,000,000 total for the group. It's a humble slice of the chart busting 800 million earned by Korea's global sensation starter: Psy -- but that number is trending upward with every dance dance assault!

The philosophy of The Super Zeros is a simple one, combining at least two of the elements of our Thanksgiving Kountdown [and a bit of that thing we said we wouldn't do, not that we aren't thankful for the Kitanas and Jades of the world]. Even so, these guys take fandom and cosplay to a whole other level, so it's probably best to defer to the "Zeros" themselves for a description of their mandate:

Life is too short to grow up. Go from zeros to heroes- a rowdy bunch of ordinary people with extraordinary imaginations-bringing them to life with an extra touch of rudeness

If the opening scene from Armageddon didn't have enough horse hopping or crazylegs for your taste, The Super Zeros have made their home on YouTube and Facebook for your viewing convenience. Expanding exponentially from their original five members, The Super Zeros promise more content coming, which will almost certainly destroy us all.

Thanks to MKOmmunity member for suggesting the video. You can follow Mortal Kombat Online by adding us on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or by waiting in the bushes outside the local dance studio. Got news? Submit a lead (or your best labbing) for gratuitous validation.

Kountdown: 10 Things Mortal Kombat has to be Thankful For!
A Special Thanksgiving Top 10 Gives us more to be Thankful For!

The inescapable echo of turkey gobbling can mean only one of two things: either someone's cracked out Mortal Kombat II for a little retro revenge, or there are thanks to be given in the MK homeland!

We understand not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving this time of year, but in the spirit of MK's origins and the general act of well wishing, we hope you'll oblige. Afterall, Mortal Kombat fans have had a lot to be thankful for in the last couple of years!

#10 Mortal Kosplay
We kinda missed the boat on Halloween, so why not start simple?
The influx of interest in Mortal Kombat has been a boon [see what I did there?] to fans of dressing up as their favourite kick-butt characters. This kostume kombat phenomenon goes well beyond the thrills of Halloween and officially endorsed costumes, extending to some of the world's biggest pop culture events and contests. There have been official models endorsed, too, as I'm sure you've managed to notice.

As an enlightened bastion of modern thinking, Mortal Kombat Online would never think to stoop to merely objectifying the female cosplayers among us, but that doesn't mean we aren't as thankful for the Kitana and Jades of the world, as much as Scorpion and Sub-Zero. Not to mention some of the less usual suspects! Check out the MKOmmunity's own keruuu (and friend) rocking a seriously bad ass Kung Lao and Nightwolf combo! [pictured right]

Yes, yes. Mileena, too. Perverts...

#9 The Fans
You can't have a wave of living tributes in costume without fans to squidge and wiggle inside them! The ragtag crew in the Mortal Kombat Online MKOmmunity represent only the tip of the iceberg, the coolest and most handsome fans who've flocked to Mortal Kombat in the last few years.

The continued success of the series is a testament to the diehard loyalty of its fans, old and new. Mortal Kombat has always had a sympathetic ear toward the fanbase, incorporating some of our ideas and rumors into the very games themselves! MK and MKO more than anyone knows what it means to be thankful for the fans (most of the time)!

#8 Music & Soundtrack
Fans of the Mortal Kombat games have long been spoiled by the tailor-made soundtracks of Dan "Toasty" Forden. The atmospheric musicman returned in 2011 to work his magic (and "toasty" cameo) in the latest game [read more], but he wasn't the only artist inspired by the warriors!

Mortal Kombat has a long and interesting history with music outside the games. From The Immortals' classic (infamous) concept album and single, to the borrowed music of the movies, music has made fans of many. Songs Inspired by the Warriors took MK back to the pop-alternative masses, uniting characters like Reptile with artists like Skrillex in an audio-concept fusion.

#7 Return to Live-Action
Granted, this step hasn't come without controversy, resulting in a wide variety of perspectives, not all of them good. Even so, however you slice it, the demand for a return to movies has been there since the 1997 sequel flopped, and we're thankful Mortal Kombat is getting another run.

Mortal Kombat: Legacy gave director Kevin Tancharoen an opportunity to present his vision for the Mortal Kombat characters. The freely available YouTube release generated some of the highest numbers ever seen by a first-run programme on the web service. The success has spurred a July announced second series [full story], as well as the promise of a long rumored feature film.

What happens next is still subject to results, but we're certainly glad the wheels are in motion. Production dates that go nowhere can finally be shelved, even if there are still a few questionable stories surrounding the future movie. Speculation seems par for the course in this age of pop culture adaptations, where video games don't always have the best reputation.

#6 High Quality Collectibles
There has never been a better time to be a fan in need of some serious Mortal Kombat curio!

No gaming den or office can be complete without an accurate representation of your favourite characters. For the first time ever, MK has been inundated with licensed products catering to the hardcore enthusiast! We're especially thankful for the work of high-end collectible producers like Pop Culture Shock Collectibles, who've brought Mortal Kombat to the high-end specialist market for the first time with some truly unique items. Life-size busts [pictured right] are a prime example of the impressive wares.

Companies like Jazwares and Syco Collectibles are also doing their darndest to ensure no fan is left behind! With some of the most extensive catalogues, fans young and old can wrap their fighting gear around action figures based on Kabal, or statuettes based on a wide variety of characters as obscure as Motaro!

#5 History & Nostalgia
It goes without saying that we're thankful for the 20th anniversary of Mortal Kombat!

To still be going strong twenty years later is no mean feat, and it brings with it many perks that other series can't claim! The new game may have rewritten history with time travelling hijinks, but no canonical shift can take away the massive wealth of references and fiction Mortal Kombat has amassed -- and continues to utilize in a wide variety of ways.

Nostalgia is half the fun for a longterm fan and the classics have been coming out of the woodwork in 2012! Getting a fresh perspective on Kombat past from guys like John Tobias has been a thrill of the anniversary [read more] - and with releases like Arcade Kollection, the klassics have received new life through carbon and digital services, alike. It all just goes to show there really is kombat for old men!

#4 The Tournament Scene
Mortal Kombat enjoyed its second year at the Evo Championships in Las Vegas, concluding a wild ride across the United States and Canada that was the Evo Series. In a field traditionally dominated by the Japanese fighters, it was a coup worth celebrating when the game was announced in 2011. In 2012, we're thankful for the firm establishment of a Mortal Kombat tournament scene!

The grass roots efforts of players and organizers across the globe has been truly remarkable, building up a fiercely loyal and highly competitive collective over just a few years. Skeptics have been converted, champions crowned. The MK tournament scene has its heroes and villains and continues to be a compelling case for eSports, with sponsors like Major League Gaming contributing greatly to the mainstream reach.

#3 The Current Generation
Key to the Mortal Kombat resurgence and success in the tournament scene has been the game itself! We're thankful for a Mortal Kombat that has held up to scrutiny and taken on its contemporaries in the gameplay stakes like never before!

The success of the current Mortal Kombat engine goes beyond the 2D inspired hardcore gameplay, extending to modes that have supported attempts at a grander style of storytelling. The gloss of graphics becomes less acknowledged as technology reaches ever further, but there's something to be said for the entire presentation of the latest game, top to bottom. We're thankful the game could support spawning everything else we've mentioned on the list, so far!

#2 NetherRealm Studios
With the existing relationship formed during Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, it seems almost unfathomable that anyone but Warner Brothers could've snapped up America's most successful fighting game series. That said, the simple fact is, the 2009 bankrupcy of Midway Entertainment -- if only for the briefest of moments -- cast a shadow of doubt over the future of the franchise.

It's easy to take the work of NetherRealm Studios for granted, but we have to give thanks for the continued custodianship of the men and women who've been there since the beginning. As Brooklyn is to Kotter; the names may change at NRS over the years, and we may indeed tease them a lot, but there's something to be said for welcoming consistency and loyalty in these buy/sell, corporate-run times.

WB, or any other prospective buyer, could have easily ripped the guts out of the MK dragon, if only to stretch the skin over the cheapest slave-monkeys going. In an industry where studio and brand decline is now part of day-to-day business, NetherRealm Studios have grown, touting improved facilities and an expansion into other major properties [ie; Injustice: Gods Among Us].

#1 The Future...
The purchase by Warner Brothers and the establishment of NetherRealm Studios seems to have all but ensured the continued future of Mortal Kombat. Where once there was an element of uncertainty, we have to be thankful for the abundance of possibilities that await us!

Talk of game sequels in the immediate future may have cooled as the reality of next gen console hardware sets in [read more], but that only goes to show the direction of the series is as grounded as its ever been. There's also the vast array of other mediums that will likely carry the MK torch in the coming months and years. Mortal Kombat may be twenty years old, but it's never been so hot, in so many arenas!

What are you thankful for? Share your thoughts of themed fandom on the forums! We're always thankful for your input! We're also thankful for social media, where you can follow us @MK_Online and Facebook and read our silly jokes about Shao Kahn pillaging the Edenians land. A subject I'm sure isn't at all relevant.

MLG Fall Championship Preview

All good things come to an end? We'll put a question mark at the end of that saying since as of this moment it is unknown whether Mortal Kombat will be featured at future Major League Gaming tournaments. One thing is certain though, Mortal Kombat will be featured at MLG Fall Championship as the 2012 MLG Championship season comes to conclusion. Taking place this weekend, November 2-4 at Dallas Convention Center (650 S. Griffin Street) with the line-up of players looking stronger than ever, and a total prize money of $16,700 set to be divided between the final 8 men left standing, let's take a look at the contenders.

Leading the field will be the double Evolution world champion, Carl "Perfect Legend" White, who finished 9th, 3rd and 5th at Winter, Spring and Summer Championships respectively. One of the toughest obstacles on his way to a first 2012 season Mortal Kombat MLG Championship title is expected to be DMG CD Jr., who can be considered the most consistent among the top players at MLG events: winner of the Winter Championship and the follow-up MLG Spring Fighter Arena, 4th place at Spring Championship and runner-up at Summer Championship. Kung Lao has been his character of choice lately, the same character Perfect Legend is best known for, and CD Jr. openly challenged the double world champion for a mirror match in a recent interview done by Netherrealm Coverage (click here to read what Perfect Legend had to say about it).

Also in Dallas, competing for the grand prize will be KN|VSM|OBS|EMP REO, winner of Summer Championship, KN DetroitBalln winner of Spring Championship and TFA|RZR Pig of the Hut. The Kenshi master won the MLG Summer Fighter Arena as well as placed Top 5 at both, Spring and Summer Championships. Local Texas heroes, lead by KH Cat and KH Showtime, will be ready to take on anyone. The latter was complimented by MLG with a "breakout player" award for his Top 5 performance at Summer Championship. The ever solid Chicago GGA crew, lead by the Edenian Princess loyalist- Osu16bit, and his fellow roommate and Seasons Beatings: Ascension champion- Dizzy, is also competing. It doesn't stop there as the best West Coast players, including the Terry brothers (IGL DJT & IGL MIT) as well as EGP Tyrant are coming. From the opposite side of the U.S., CD Jr.'s brothers VSM Maxter and KN Crazy Dominican will be challenging for the title just as hard.

Finally, to spice things up and make this the most anticipated MLG championship of the season there will be two new challengers on the U.S. grounds. One, the winner of the community organized online qualifier and a Noob Saibot player, Madzin will be making his way all the way from Germany. The other, DR Gross coming from The Dominican Republic, will be looking to make an impact taking confidence from his performance at Video X Games, a post-Evo2k12 tournament where he defeated the Evo world champion in the grand finals in front of his home crowd.

Mortal Kombat tournament start is scheduled for Friday, November 2 at 9 PM local (CDT) time with the winners bracket round one. The championship match is scheduled for a 11 PM Saturday start and on Sunday a team exhibition is to take place. For full MLG Dallas schedule as well as broadcast information click here. Join the hype and commentate the action from Dallas on the forums!

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