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Mortal Kombat X Mobile - Kenshi Elder God Challenge
The blind sword saint becomes an Elder God in MKX Mobile!

He was the sword saint blinded by his own arrogance, but the path to redemption meant Kenshi learned to see better than before! Now he's reaching a higher plane of existence in Mortal Kombat X Mobile -- and he's yours to unlock if you beat the latest challenge!

Unlocking Elder God Kenshi means communing with five tiers of challenges! Each tier consists of 12 battles, with the exception of the final 15-fight challenge! Tier 1 is a round of all Bronze Kards, Tier 2 a mix of Bronze & Silver, and Tier 3 an escalation to Silver Kards only. Only Martial Artist classed characters can enter Tier 4, before Tier 5 demands Sub-Zero lead the fight against the blind Elder God!

You can ascend to godhood by downloading Mortal Kombat X Mobile free-to-play from Apple Store, Google Play & Amazon Games! Do so and you could unlock more MKX Mobile exclusive content like Tanya, Baraka, Jade and Freddy Kreuger!

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Bizarro Am Leaving Injustice 2 Such Soon
Superman's #1 Fan is coming soon to Injustice 2!

Not a hoax! Not an imaginary story! Bizarro is making his way to the battle field of Injustice 2! Still can't believe it? Just ignore the hideous character render not included below!

Bizarro is the classic Superman doppelganger whose mixed up "Bizarro" logic has become part of the vernacular, meaning anything a little backwards, or out of the ordinary.

First introduced in a 1958 issue of Superboy; Bizarro has gone on to be a perennial favourite of Superman comics, television, and cartoons, causing trouble and mischief as "Superman's #1 fan"!

His origins have varied, but the most iconic Bizarro hails from Bizarro World -- a cube shaped counter-Earth where all inhabitants are disfigured mirror images living a strange, opposite existence. Some of Bizarro's "worst enemies" (friends) include newer creations The Yellow Lantern and Batzarro! In Injustice: Gods Among Us tie-in comics, Bizarro is depicted in another popular form, as a failed cloning experiment perpetrated by another of Superman's foes: Lex Luthor!

Fans will have already noticed Bizarro using his unique "flame breath" and "freeze vision" on Starfire in a recent DLC preview trailer. The attacks reflect Bizarro's iconically mixed up powers, and raise questions over whether or not Bizarro will appear as a Premier Skin, or fully fledged downloadable character.

Edit (July 29th): The remote likelihood that this was more than a Premier Skin has very much been shot down by Ed Boon, who politely told a fan to "reconsider" the option, via Twitter.

Premier Skins are a great way to factor-in some of DC Comics' secondary characters who share commonalities with the main roster. It's great to see some version of Bizarro's freeze vision and flame breath represented, as well. We'd love to see NetherRealm use the freedom of Premier Skins to go the extra mile, using Bizarro logic to completely invert the player's controls. Forward is back, up is down. It wouldn't do much for the playing experience, but it's a fun idea.

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Arcade Era Mortal Kombat Developers Share Reunion
Original Mortal Kombat developers reunite for dinner happy snap!

From the humble beginnings of a small handful of artists and programmers -- Mortal Kombat has grown into a multimedia goliath built by hundreds! This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the game that started it all - and nostalgic fans might be pleased to know the developers of the iconic original games still get together from time to time!

"Our regular Mortal Kombat 1-2-3 team reunion dinner.
Next time we gotta get Dan Forden & John Vogel to join us.

Series co-creator Ed Boon shared a photograph of the regular reunion a fortnight ago, dining with several faces familiar to long time fans [left to right]: Tony Goskie (MKII & MK3 Graphics), Dave Michicich (MK3 Graphics), Steve Beran (MK3 Graphics & Fallen Elder God) and John Tobias (Co-Creator)!

Boon noted the absence of series stalwarts Dan "Toasty" Forden (Music) and John Vogel (Graphics), whose contributions date back to the very first ">Mortal Kombat!

Speaking about the assembly of the original team in an interview with MK Online, John Tobias explained: "I approached Ed Boon, who was programming a football game called Super High Impact, and he was totally up for it. Dan Forden worked with Ed on that and came on board to do music and FX. John Vogel came on a portion of the way through between his other projects to help out on the backgrounds."

The legacy of their iconic work continues to have a last impact on the series a quarter of a century later! Most recently,Storm Collectibles revealed a range of new action figures based on the original games! They even offered a Comic Con Exclusive based on Noob Saibot - character named for the two series co-creators!

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SDCC: Storm Collectibles Preview Prototype Figures
Kitana, Liu Kang, Baraka & LK Cyborgs previewed at SDCC Toy Booth

Hong Kong toy maker Storm Collectibles blew the doors of San Diego Comic Con this year with a booth display that showcased a complete range of new Mortal Kombat action figures!

The VS Series -- tentatively expected to be available Q3 2017 -- focuses on klassic icons of the arcade era. The four figure line-up namely draws from Mortal Kombat II, with emphasis on palette swaps. Fortunately -- a wide variety of prototype sculpts shows they have designs for far broader tastes and more discerning MK fans, too!

The additional action figures (pending licensor approval) preview: Mortal Kombat X Scorpion, Kitana, Baraka, either Sektor or Cyrax, and Liu Kang! Standing behind Kang is also a towering dragon -- familiar to any one who punched down, forward, back, back, high kick into MKII!

Unfortunately, all of these characters and incarnations have already been realized as action figures in the last five years. Size and features should set them apart though, and keep them consistent with the rest of the Storm VS Series line-up. No release detailers are available yet, but you can look at each sculpt closer by enlarging thumbnails [above].

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SDCC: Storm Collectibles Showcase Klassic Action Figures
Storm Collectibles Showcase Klassic Kombat VS Series

If you found your way to the Storm Collectibles booth at this year's San Diego Comic Con -- you were in for a feast of delights of the action figure variety! For Mortal Kombat fans: the display of a new range of klassic inspired VS Series action figures was a tantalizing tease in time for the series' 25th Anniversary!

Let's Fight: Storm Collectibles Mortal Kombat VS Series Display at SDCC [via ToyArk]

The 7 inch series draws its inspiration from Mortal Kombat II, boasting a featured line-up of: Shao Kahn, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Reptile and a convention exclusive Noob Saibot!

The figures boast over thirty points of articulation, with a wide range of interchangeable accessory parts designed to bring the characters to life with full game accuracy! A wide range of hands allow for classic fight and fatality poses, while Scorpion has his spectral skullhead, Reptile can expose his true Zaterran head, and various masks are on offer. There's also plenty of sculpted fire, ice and acid to throw!

The vivid details of each figure can be scoped by enlarging thumbnail photos from the con [above]. Fans eager for more variety in their collectible diet can also look forward to a more diverse cast also previewed at the SDCC booth! The first wave of VS Series figures is expected to go on sale later this year Q3.

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SDCC: Comic Con Exclusive Noob Saibot Action Figure
Limited SDCC Comic Con Exclusive makes us black with envy!

Hong Kong toy maker Storm Collectibles lived up to their name at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, whipping up a whirlwind frenzy of interest in a new range of fighting game action figures!

The jewel in the crown was an SDCC Exclusive Noob Saibot -- available in limited number to con attendees. If you missed out, you can already find units selling on eBay for upwards of $110. If that's more of your soul than you can pledge, just check out the klassic wraith in pictures below.

Storm Collectibles have gone all-in on the klassic arcade era aesthetic. Not only is Noob an all black repaint of other figures in their upcoming Mortal Kombat VS line -- he also comes with rope dart spear, skull head and "toasty" flame breath. That's right! It's pure palette swap heaven, recreating the hidden character exactly as he was in Mortal Kombat II!

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Supreme Mortal Kombat Tag Team Tournament 3!
32 fighters, 16 teams - who is the Supreme Tag Team Champion?

For a quarter of a century Mortal Kombat has been a titan of the fighting game genre! The iconic cast of memorable characters has helped the series thrive as a gaming leader -- and pop culture phenomenon!

In 2017, fandom has helped us crown Sub-Zero as the Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion! Bloodfeuds and rivalries drive the best individual kombatants as they fight for supremacy, but since the very first game, there has always been strength in numbers, too!

Twenty-five years ago, it was called an Endurance Match: a challenge to stand alone against a team of two opponents. In 2011, fully fledged 2-on-2 fighting arrived as Tag Team Kombat! For the series' twentieth anniversary, we celebrated the greatest teams of all-time by crowning the first Supreme Tag Team Champions! Five years later, we return to celebrate the 25th Anniversary with a contest of some of the greatest teams to feature in Mortal Kombat X! Read on for more detail:

As in 2012 and 2014, MK Online has selected a field of sixteen deadly alliances - this time inspired by the most recent installment in the franchise: Mortal Kombat X! The bracket of teams has been completely randomized, unlocking new battles daily as the Round 1 is revealed!

As always, match outcomes will be determined by the result of regular updates to the MK Online User Poll located top left of the page! Criteria for voting is up to you, but we recommend taking into account recent appearances, the qualities that make a great team, and voting for rather than against. As always, this is fandom's chance to go on the record -- so we also want to see your thoughts and arguments on the forum!

  • Round 1: Scorpion & Takeda (52.9%) d. Mileena & Baraka (47.0%)
  • Round 1: Kitana & Liu Kang (85.0%) d. Cassie Cage & Jacqui Briggs (15.0%)
  • Round 1: Sonya Blade & Johnny Cage (59.3%) d. Ferra/Torr (40.6%)
  • Round 1: Reiko & Skarlet (61.2%) d. Mavado & Hsu Hao (38.7%)
  • Round 1: Sub-Zero & Frost (65.6%) d. versus Drahmin & Moloch (34.3%)
  • Round 1: Queen Sheeva & Kintaro (53.1%) d. Kotal Kahn & D'Vorah (46.8%)
  • Round 1: Raiden & Fujin (71.4%) d. Jarek & Tasia (28.5%)
  • Round 1: Shinnok & Quan Chi (56.0%) d. Havik & Shujinko (44.0%)

  • Round 2: Scorpion & Takeda (51.1%) d. Kitana & Liu Kang (48.8%)
  • Round 2: Sonya Blade & Johnny Cage (61.2%) d. Reiko & Skarlet (38.7%)
  • Round 2: Sub-Zero & Frost (58.0%) d. Queen Sheeva & Kintaro (41.9%)
  • Round 2: Raiden & Fujin (62.0%) d. Shinnok & Quan Chi (37.9%)

  • Semi Final: Sonya Blade & Johnny Cage (64.2%) d. Scorpion & Takeda (35.7%)
  • Semi Final: Raiden & Fujin (53.8%) d. Sub-Zero & Frost (46.1%)

  • Championship: Raiden & Fujin (53.8%) d. Sonya Blade & Johnny Cage (46.1%)

To be eligible to vote, make sure you've registered to Mortal Kombat Online and visit regularly to stay up-to-date with the latest poll battle. You can discuss all the tournament match-ups and voting in the Fan Koliseum. If you'd love to see Tag Team Kombat return to the series, help spread the word and tell your friends to post their thoughts! Follow us @MK_Online and like us on Facebook to help spread the word to the entire fanbase! There can only be two Supreme Tag Team Champions - who's next?

SDCC: Trailer Introduces Starfire to Injustice 2
Alien Titan Starfire joins the fight in Injustice 2 DLC trailer.

Injustice 2 is the superhero fighting game among us - and its part of a big DC Comics line-up at this year's San Diego Comic Con! The latest trailer shows off Injustice newcomer Starfire! Check it out:

Starfire is an alien princess from the planet Tamaran whose natural physiology grants her phenomenal super-strength, speed, flight, and the ability to absorb energy. Scientific experimantation granted her the ability to channel energy she absorbs into deadly starbolts! She's a former Teen Titan, and in the world of Injustice, was banished to the Phantom Zone by the tyrannical Superman, who they attacked at the Fortress of Solitude.

Fighter Pack 1 concludes with the arrival of Starfire in August. She rounds out a triple threat of DLC characters that included Red Hood and Mortal Kombat guest fighter Sub-Zero!

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There are still at least six characters to come to Injustice 2 downloadable content! Several noteworthy heroes & villains have been teased in silhouette previews, with Xbox Marketplace recently seen advertising Black Manta!

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Injustice 2: Xbox Marketplace Teases Black Manta
Xbox Marketplace teases classic Aquaman villain for DLC

Black Manta could be the next super-villain on the download horizon for Injustice 2! Fans have reported spotting the name of Aquaman's classic comic book nemesis in an Xbox Marketplace teaser. Past teases have built expectation, but this could be the first confirmation for Fighter Pack 2!

Injustice Stinger: Xbox Marketplace Teases Black Manta in Screenshot via @PunisherGNR45

Fans who purchased Fighter Pack 1 know the alien Teen Titan Starfire is the next cab off the DLC rank. She's expected to round out the first trio in August, following the release of Red Hood in June, and most recent addition Sub-Zero, available since July 11th.

Black Manta has been widely anticipated since trailers teased the unique armored outline of the villain in silhouette. The first glimpse stood out in the Fighter Pack 1 trailer, with another silhouette appearing briefly on the Injustice 2 character select menu.

Black Manta will join a roster already brimming with a Society of Super-Villains, such as: Gorilla Grodd, Cheetah, Captain Cold, Scarecrow and more!

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