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Speculation: Will Fighter Pack 3 Deliver Third Kombatant?
Could Kitana be the third Mortal Kombat icon in Injustice 2?

With the unveiling of Fighter Pack 2, the identities of six downloadable Injustice 2 characters have now been revealed. Nine are expected in total, implied by silhouetted teasers in the first Fighter Pack trailer. Thanks to further in-game silhouette teases, we can safely speculate the identity of at least one upcoming character: The diminutive figure of Atom is unmistakable.

That leaves just two characters unaccounted for and one question for fans to ponder over the coming months: Will there be a third Mortal Kombat character? A case can be made:

The Shadow Knows!: One mystery man and woman remain unaccounted for.

The Injustice sequel has already expanded upon the best selling guest appearance of Scorpion, doubling the kombatants and the DLC character count of the first game!

In FP1, Sub-Zero was a widely expected follow-up to the ninja spectre of the first game. Storm god Raiden was an early forecast for FP2 thanks to expectation, and his well known outline. A broadening reference to further entice Kombat fans to make the crossover to Injustice 2 with the twice the mortals!

While a notable success; Injustice 2 sales data, and anecdotal evidence accumulated by sites like MK Online, suggests the DC fighting game hasn't had appeal to carry over the built-in audience of Mortal Kombat X. This could be a good reason for expanding the presence of the hugely successful fighting game franchise, which has otherwise been deemed unlikely to crossover with Injustice.

Injustice 2 will once again push the record for most DLC add-ons to a NetherRealm Studios game. It bests Mortal Kombat X by one with a grand total of 10 download characters! That includes 3 confirmed guests thus far, with Hellboy also making the comic book crossover in Fighter Pack 2. MKXL finished with four total franchise oddities: Jason Voorhees, Predator, Alien, and Leatherface.

With an extra character up their sleeve, there's no reason to think there won't be a fourth guest character coming. Much discussed heroes like Spawn and Neo may have the movie ties that are so attractive in franchise guests -- but a third Mortal Kombat character could have that area covered, too!

66% of MK Online users polled believe Kitana appears in the trailer for 2018 Warner Bros. pop culture mash-up movie: Ready Player One. Kitana is also MK Online's leading suspect for a Fighter Pack 3 Mortal Kombat character.

Who's That GIrl?: Could Princess Kitana be the mystery woman far right?

With Atom identified far left in the original silhouette teaser, that leaves just one mystery man unaccounted for -- and a mystery woman, pictured far right [above].

Protuberance seen on the mystery woman's head [pictured right] imply the ends of a crescent shape that's fueled widespread speculation she could be a version of Enchantress inspired by the 2016 Suicide Squad feature film.

The same movie provided inspiration for Deadshot and Harley Quinn in the final game. Yet, that version of Enchantress notably combined J-horror reference with South American flavor to create a unique, scantily clad villainess.

The full body silhouette clearly shows puffy pants, at least from waist to knee. A trademark of the Mortal Kombat X design for Kitana, believed to be seen in the Ready Player One trailer.

The slight difference in head wear could account for the design influence of superstar comic book artist Jim Lee, who's had a hand in all Mortal Kombat designs for Injustice, thus far!

As a mainstay of the series since debuting in Mortal Kombat II; Kitana is unarguably one of video game's most famous women. She has all the iconic clout of Sub-Zero and Raiden, adding a feminine touch with fan fighting no other DC character will contend with! The best reason to include a third kombatant of all? 2017 marks the 25th Anniversary of the first Mortal Kombat! A milestone that shouldn't go ignored!

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Black Manta Conquers Land, Sea & Air in Injustice 2
Black Manta comes for Atlantis in Injustice 2 DLC!

By now you've seen him coming in the Fighter Pack 2 trailer. Next month - Black Manta officially launches his attack on Injustice 2! Get a taste of things to come in the trailer below:

When he was first spotted in stage transitions for the Atlantis arena; hopes for Black Manta making the Injustice 2 catch sank to the bottom of the sea. Such is the benefit of downloadable content!

Manta's deadly powersuit and arsenal may be inspired by the dangers of the deep, but he's anything but seabound! The latest gameplay trailer shows off the classic Aquaman villain's assault on land, sea and air!

In the hands of skilled players there'll be nowhere to hide as Black Manta filets with hand-to-hand daggers, ensnares with harpoon gun, hits every target with torpedoes, and causes mass destruction with his helmet's davastating manta rays! He can even take to the sky to bring death from above! Another great new addition leaping from the pages of DC Comics to Injustice 2!

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Injustice 2 Fighter Pack 2 Trailer Reveals Raiden & More!
Fighter Pack 2 delivers Black Manta, Raiden and Hellboy!

The trailer for Fighter Pack 2 is here and it packs one god almighty hellacious punch! Watch the reveal of the next three Injustice 2 downloadable characters below:

Black Manta and Mortal Kombat's Raiden won't surprise any one who spotted their distinctive silhouettes in teaser images from the first Fighter Pack trailer and in-game updates. The dramatic arrival of Hellboy as a second guest entering the DC Comics fighting game should cause much more of a stir!

Created by writer/artist Mike Mignola, Hellboy is a demon fighting on the side of good as a member of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD). He fights monsters, demons and general forces of darkness with a workman-like attitude in a wide range of series published by Dark Horse Comics. He's double tough, and with his trademark RIght Hand of Doom should cause a whole lot of pain for the heroes!

It looks like NetherRealm Studios have taken special care to bring the unique look of the character into the world of Injustice 2. Fans should appreciate the relative accuracy of his appearance, particularly the unique dimensions of his face. All that remains is to see how the gun toting, fist fighting brawler makes the transition to the fighting game arena!

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There will, of course, be less mystery to the methods of the thunder god Raiden. MK fans have had good reason to anticipate the god among us, who has an interesting new look for the DC Universe. If Sub-Zero is anything to go by, his lightning based powers should provide an interesting highlight reel!

It looks like Black Manta will be reeling in plenty of big fish, too. The classic Aquaman villain is bringing his hi-tech marine munitions to the battlefield, with missiles and harpoon at the ready! A thorn in Aquaman's side since first appearing in 1967, he's been one of the most anticipated new Injustice characters since appearing in stage transitions!

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Injustice 2 Fighter Pack 2 Reveal Next Week
Who's next? Fighter Pack 2 reveal coming at Gamescom!

News of Fighter Pack 2 is coming next week at Gamescom! The second trio of Injustice 2 DLC characters will be a feature of a special stream during Day 2 of the event, August 23rd!

The release of Starfire early this month concluded the first wave of add-on characters, following June's Red Hood, and July guest kombatant: Sub-Zero.

Ed Boon shared a teaser image for FP2 via Twitter [above], revealing only a dimly lit scene of urban damage, and a sliver of purple clad appendage. Foreground rubble slightly reminiscent of Solomon Grundy obscures the featured figure, whose purple and flesh tone evokes Starfire, or somebody new.

A spear planted in the wreckage could link to various offending characters, including DLC possibilities: Fatality, Circe, Hawkman, or Black Manta. The latter was seemingly confirmed in an Xbox Marketplace update published in July.

The existence of six further characters was teased in the first Fighter Pack 1 reveal trailer, where stand-out silhouettes all but announced Mortal Kombat's Raiden, and Black Manta. Further in-game teaser shadows supported these conclusions, along with diminutive Justice League hero: Atom. Speculation over the remaining figures has been wild and varied, to include: purple wearing Huntress, magic menace Enchantress, hooded zealot Azrael, and returning god of war Ares.

Answers will come during the live stream reveal, which is also set to feature an exhibition bout between electronic music producers Steve Aoki and Don Diablo. The action will commence 11:00am EST via the NetherRealm Twitch stream.

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MK Warehouse Celebrates 15 Years
MK Online Resource Affiliate Celebrates 15th Anniversary!

Mortal Kombat Warehouse has turned 15 years old! The momentous milestone occurred July 30th, and I wanted to celebrate by uploading new content from a game also released 15 years ago: Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance!

I've extracted all the unlockable kontent from The Krypt: An innovation introduced in Deadly Alliance that tempted fans with a grid of 676 koffins containing (mostly) mystery rewards. In-game they're split into two categories: Koncept Art and Extras. I went a step further and made more categories after extracting and uploading the kontent to the site (easier said than done). Here they all are:

MKDA Krypt

Let me know on the forum if you have any feedback about the categories or anything else. I'll do a Krypt section for Deception and Armageddon before those games turn 15, hopefully soon. Maybe this year.

I don't always do an anniversary post but I'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to the site in one way or another during this 15 years.

Mortal Kombat Warehouse has been a proud and valued member of Mortal Kombat Online's hosted network since joining February 17, 2004. MK Online staff would like to thank for his many years of work and service to the kommunity. We congratulate him for achieving this outstanding milestone and look forward to many more years! Register to share your well wishes to the torum.

Mod Koms: Fan Edit Breaks Injustice 2 Bones With X-Rays
Injustice breaks bad in Mortal Kombat X-Ray attack fan video!

To be a hero or villain of the DC Universe you've got to be made of pretty tough stuff! All it takes is one super-strong smack from Bizarro, or strategic strike from Batman, and you're going to have a few broken bones. What would that look like? Wonder no more:

YouTube poster Timmy The Turtle used downloadable guest kombatant Sub-Zero to create the illusion by editing cli[ps of Mortal Kombat X-Ray attacks into footage of Injustice 2.

Gaze too closely at the video and you'll see the seams of Sub-Zero's appearance changing, as well as various kombat moves standing in for DC super-powers. Ignore that, and you'll get a convincing impression of what it would look like to see the likes of Black Canary, Brainiac, Bane, Robin, Gorilla Grodd, The Flash, Superman and Cheetah breaking bones!

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Is Kitana in the Ready Player One Teaser Trailer?
Potential Kitana sighting found in Pop Culture Holy Grail trailer!

Mortal Kombat still has a while to go before it finds its way back to the big screen, but a teaser trailer for 2018 movie Ready Player One may have given fans something to get excited about! Watch the trailer below and see if you can spot which cameo got MK Online staff talking.

It's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment in a trailer replete with them. The sequence begins at the 1:30 mark, throwing characters into slow motion action in the middle and foreground. Slightly obscured by smoke and darkness, firing some kind of laser cannon is a character very closely resembling Kitana.

Ordinarily we wouldn't be jumping at Mortal Kombat shaped shadows, but Ready Player One tells the story of a dystopian future where society's only escape from grim reality is an interactive virtual reality system. Inspired by the 2011 novel by Ernest Cline, the film has been called the "holy grail of pop culture", with the main character's main interests rooted in popular properties of the 1980s.

The web of reference comes thick and fast in the trailer, ranging from the DeLorean car from Back to the Future - to the towering robot from The Iron Giant. Examples both of the licensing power brought to the film by Warner Brothers and director Steven Spielberg.

Warner Brothers has owned Mortal Kombat since acquiring Midway Games in 2010. Fans will also have a much easier time spotting other WB licensed characters, such as Harley Quinn and Freddy Kreuger. Click the thumbnails below to enlarge their appearances in the trailer, and/or examine the suspected Kitana sighting.


- I smell her perfume! (66.6%)
- I smell something... (33.3%)

If the character in the trailer is indeed Mortal Kombat's Edenian Princess, she seems to be a fairly faithful recreation of the most recent Mortal Kombat X incarnation [see more]. Itself no mean feat, given the reluctance of filmmakers to render characters exactly as they are in the games. Kitana's last live-action appearance was in the webseries sequel Mortal Kombat: Legacy.

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IGN Crown MK Greatest Fighting Game Character
Scorpion, Sub-Zero & Raiden claim supremacy over fighting icons!

Beginning in May; MK Online summoned fandom from across the Earthrealm to determine a 2017 Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion!

The annual tournament tradition took on special significance this year in anticipation for the 25th Anniversary of Mortal Kombat! With history back in focus: Sub-Zero endured three months of eliminations to be crowned Supreme Champion! As it turns out, this wasn't the only competition the ice warrior was facing...

Around the same time as the Supreme Champion fan voting tournament: IGN assembled a cast of hundreds of characters for a Fighting Game Face-Off of their own!

The IGN field pitted Mortal Kombat icons against the best fighters from Street Fighter, Tekken, Virtua Fighter, Dead Or Alive, King of Fighters, Killer Instinct, and so many more! The likes of Liu Kang, Kitana, Sonya Blade and Jax represented MK. After a month of voting, IGN declared their Most Popular Fighting Game Characters:

Scorpion emerged from the multi-tranchise brawl the most popular of them all! It was a two-pronged advantage for Mortal Kombat in a Top 10 that peaked with counterpart icons from MK, and classic rival franchise Street Fighter!

Kombat's iconic ninja mascot relegated Ryu of Street Fighter to a surprising #2 spot! 2017 Supreme Champion Sub-Zero finished third in the overall tally, forcing red clad karateka Ken Masters out of the podium finish!

Raiden scored MK its third kombatant in the Top 10, scraping in at #9. The flying thunder god was unable to overcome his arcade psycho-powered rival: M. Bison. The Street Fighter II final boss finished just ahead at #8.

You can still contribute to the on-going tally of results by voting in automatically generating battles on the Fighting Game Face-Off page. IGN's full June count of the Top 10 is below.

#1 Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)
#3 Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat)
#5 Akuma (Street Fighter)
#7 Kazuya Mishima (Tekken)
#9 Raiden (Mortal Kombat)
#2 Ryu (Street Fighter)
#4 Ken Masters (Street Fighter)
#6 Chun-Li (Street Fighter)
#8 M. Bison (Street Fighter)
#10 Jin Kazama (Tekken)

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Injustice 2 Tops 2017 Q2 Video Game Gross
Time Warner celebrate contextualized victory in gaming space.

According to parent company Time Warner: Injustice 2 is the highest grossing video game of the 2017 second quarter! The report takes into account business from April to June, with Injustice 2 only released mid-May.

Time Warner proclaimed their gaming success as part of a mid-year report of financial earnings, touting their DC Comics properties as power players in multiple media arenas. Injustice character Wonder Woman also conquered the box office, grossing an approximate $800 million worldwide, at the time of report.

It's a customary celebration of success for a NetherRealm Studios fighting game, but a noted drop-off from the highs of Mortal Kombat X in 2015, carefully contextualized by gross.

According to numbers reported by VGChartz; Injustice 2 sold an approximate 687,301 units in its first four weeks of release. That's just over half (51.2%) of what Mortal Kombat X achieved in the same amount of time.

Rival fighting game Tekken 7 was released to home consoles two weeks after Injustice 2 (June 2nd), and although it trailed Q2 sales, it was outpacing the DC fighter with 606,624 units as of June 10th. That's just 80k fewer units in half the time.

Injustice 2 continues to generate revenue for Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment through a relaunched mobile game, and continued sales of downloadable content. Fighter Pack 1 will conclude later this month with the release of Starfire, with more DLC characters on the horizon [full story].

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Injustice 2 Tournament Shaders Support eSports
Clad your heroes & villains in gold or silver to support eSports!

Along with the addition of a Bizarro Premier Skin; Injustice 2 has updated to include Tournament Shaders available in gold and silver! Check them out in trailer form below:

Proceeds from the shaders will go to funding prize pools for competitive eSports leagues featuring Injustice. July saw Ryan "Dragon" Walker take home $35,280 for winning the 2017 Evo World Championship. NetherRealm Studios and Warner Brothers frequently sponsor other tournaments, including eSports partner Electronic Sports League (ESL).

Click to EnlargeThe chromatic costumes are reminiscent of Blue Steel Sub-Zero, released as downloadable content for Mortal Kombat X in 2015.

Injustice 2 shaders are able to recolor all characters. Click the thumbnail [right] to enlarge render artwork of Supergirl, Superman, Batman, Catwoman & Cyborg in the gold tournament shader.

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Evo 2017: Inaugural Injustice 2 Title Goes to Dragon
2017 Injustice 2 Evo World Championship Results

Injustice 2 was officially released less than three months prior, but that wouldn't stop the best players in the world converging on Las Vegas on July 16th. Their goal: Fighting supremacy, a share of the $58,800.00 prize pool, and the inaugural Injustice 2 Evo World Championship!

Dragon (Ryan Walker) had a seemless run to the final where he faced the returning flight of Canada's favourite HoneyBee: Tim Commandeur. It would be a rematch from the Winner's Bracket to decide the 2017 Championship -- conditions that gave HoneyBee a chance to redeem his previous loss in the Winner's Bracket final.

HoneyBee got everyone talking with his impressive return to the top of the competitive ranks, and his controlled use of The Flash. The fairy tale end wasn't to be, however. He greatly improved on the straight sets loss that sent him to the Loser's Bracket, but Dragon's Aquaman was too good in a 3-2 finish.

Notable by his absence was SonicFox (Dominique Mclean), whose stalwart status in the final of NetherRealm Studios fighting tournaments was upset by a one-two punch! HoneyBee sent the reigning Mortal Kombat XL Champion to the Loser's Bracket, where Semiij (Andrew Fontanez) scored an amazing elimination with his Catwoman! The result forced SonicFox to share 5th with Canada's Hayatei (Alexandre Dubé-Bilodeau).

2017 Evo Championship Grand Final:
Noble Dragon (Aquaman) d. cR HoneyBee (Aquaman, Flash) 3-2

Winners & Losers Bracket Finals:
cR HoneyBee (Flash) d. FOX Theo (Superman) 3-2
Noble Dragon (Aquaman) d. cR HoneyBee (Flash) 3-0

Winners Bracket Semi Finals:
cR HoneyBee (Flash) d. FOX SonicFox (Red Hood, Black Adam) 3-2
Noble Dragon (Poison Ivy, Aquaman) d. PG Hayatei (Robin) 3-2

Top 8 Losers Brackets:
FOX Theo (Superman) d. PG Hayatei (Batman, Robin) 3-0
Noble Semij (Catwoman) d. FOX SonicFox (Red Hood)
FOX Theo (Superman) d. T7G DR Gross (Green Lantern, Black Adam) 3-1
Noble Semiij (Catwoman) 3-0 d. NASR Tekken Master (Atrocitus, Brainiac, Black Adam) 3-0

2017 Evo Championship Final Top Sixteen:
1. Noble Dragon (Aquaman, Poison Ivy) 2. cR HoneyBee (Flash, Aquaman) 3. FOX Theo (Superman) 4. Noble Semiij (Catwoman) 5. PG Hayatei (Robin, Batman) 5. FOX SonicFox (Red Hood, Black Adam) 7. T7G DR Gross (Green Lantern, Black Adam) 7. NASR Tekken Master (Black Adam, Atrocitus, Brainiac) 9. Noble iLuusions 9. FOX Scar 9. Nubcakes 9. Slayer 13. StDx|2eZ 13. cR Biohazard 13. BxA Star Charger 13. A F0xy Grampa

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