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Injustice: Gods Among Us Collectors Edition Announced
Injustice Collectors Edition Delivers Collectible Figurine, DLC, Comics & more!

Injustice: Gods Among Us hits shelves April 2013, but fans pre-ordering the DC Comics fighter may want to keep their eyes peeled for the coming Collectors Edition!

Announced today in a press release from Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment, the Collector's Edition packs a powerful punch with a plethora of padded extras provided for a recommended retail price of $99.99! Of particular note, a collectible figurine that pits Wonder Woman and Batman against each other in inverted positions of power, depending on your geographic location.

The press release reveals no impression of a Collector's Edition for the Nintendo Wii U, but does include "two issues of a brand new DC Comics series," represented in image [below] by a featureless cover marked in several character logos. Among the symbols, emblems associated with Green Lantern, Robin and Martian Manhunter -- three popular characters many hope to see in the Injustice line-up.

US Collectors Edition Collectible Figurine
US Collector's Edition Collectible Figurine [Click to Enlarge]

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment today unveiled details for the Injustice: Gods Among Us Collector’s Edition. The North American package will be available beginning April 2013 in limited quantities for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment, and will retail for $99.99.

The North American Injustice: Gods Among Us Collector’s Edition will include:
  • Exclusive DC Collectibles statue featuring iconic characters Batman and Wonder Woman, the Fortress of Solitude, and the Last Son of Krypton’s escape ship
    • Highly detailed statue that stands over 13” tall
    • Beautifully rendered with a combination of injected and hand painted decoration
    • Includes The Lasso of Truth, clear casted ice details and translucent smoke trail

  • Special Collector's Edition of a brand new DC Comics series

  • Digital download of DC Universe animated film Justice League: Doom

  • Three exclusive skins based on Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman from DC COMICS – THE NEW 52

European Collectors Edition Pack
European Collector's Edition Pack [Click to Enlarge]

European versions of the Collector's Editions lack the animated Justice League: Doom movie download, and [pictured above] feature a different collectible figurine.

Not incidentally, Justice League: Doom features a story based on the now classic Mark Waid JLA thriller, Tower of Babel. Like the comic, Doom tells a story of internal conflict as Batman's contingency plans for a rogue League are put to the test by the villains who obtain them. Fans have already looked to the story for clues that may resonate with the Injustice plot, where Batman and Superman will be at odds with the heroes becoming "our greatest threat."

Injustice: Gods Among Us is the latest title from the makers of Mortal Kombat, reuniting the team with the DC heroes who last featured in Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe. Discuss the games and more in the dedicated DC Universe Injustice forum. Get more updates from the Watchtower by following @MK_Online and liking us on Facebook.

Co-Creator Remembers 12 MK Memories for Complex
Ed Boon Talks 12 Memories from 20 years of Mortal Kombat for

Today he's the Creative Director for NetherRealm Studios, currently overseeing development of their 2013 DC Comics title Injustice: Gods Among Us. History, and many of us, will better recognize Ed Boon as a co-creator of America's most successful homegrown fighting game series: Mortal Kombat.

With the franchise celebrating its twentieth anniversary, Boon took time to remember some of the major milestones of the last twenty years for

I suppose if you were to say "off the top of your head," I would rewind to the original game where it was just four of us working on it, no expectations behind us. We kind of caught the video game world by surprise with everything we were doing: our presentation, the blood, the violence, the controversy, all that—that whole chapter up there as just an arcade game. Once Acclaim took it into the mainstream with pretty high-profile television commercials and advertising really hard, that brought it up to a new level. Then, the movie brought it into different media. At that point, it just became one big, crazy ride where there are so many big events associated with it that it's hard to pinpoint any one of them. I could literally write a book on my experiences.

Find the full 12 memories and more of Ed Boon's thoughts at

Mortal Kombat Online recently enjoyed a similar retrospective exchange with the other half of the duo credited with Mortal Kombat's creation. Don't miss the first part of our conversation with the prodigal son, John Tobias [read more]. Share your memories from the last twenty years in the MKOmmunity Year of the Dragon nostalgia thread.

Kommunity: Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat vs Tekken
IGN Pit the Current Big Three Against One Another by the Numbers - but Who Wins?

Since their arcade height in the early nineties; camps loyal to Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter have been at furious odds.

The classic rivalry continues to play out on home consoles, at major live events, and in the routine scrutiny of the fans and their representatives in the enthusiast press. Gamesradar recently put Scorpion in their Top 7 Fighting Game Characters behind Street Fighter's Ryu; while the mascot pair faced off in a live-action fantasy fight thanks to IGN START.

It's fair to say Street Fighter IV was at the forefront of the current fighting game renaissance, seizing control of 2009 and 2010 with the sequel that restored the franchise to full power. Thanks to last years Mortal Kombat reboot, the American series bounced back from a change in owners, finding traction with its updated fighting engine and freshly reinstated brutality (absent from Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe prior).

MK continued to find success in 2012, maintaining a dedicated community following that supported its entry into a second consecutive appearance in the Evo Championship Series. A fitting build to the official twentieth anniversary of the series in the second half of the year. Sniff the winds of change, however, and another player is clearly making a move for the top spot -- and they aren't fighting one on one!

On the crest of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, IGN have thrown down a triple threat tale of the tape, measuring each series by the numbers [full story].

It's easy to forget Tekken was just a couple of years behind the seminal 2D fighters, building toward a polygonal dynasty in the an era of dying arcades and PlayStation home dominance. That could be, in part, due to the relative few titles that make up the Tekken franchise, at least when compared to the massive sprawl of Street Fighter revisions and Mortal Kombat expansions.

Tekken Tag 2 brings the tag team formula back home for the first time since the launch of PlayStation 2. In many ways, it's been a return to favor for Tekken, after falling somewhat out of favor in recent years. It clearly has a world of momentum behind it right now, but does that hype equal supremacy over its rivals?

You can probably conclude the preference of Mortal Kombat Online pretty quick, but don't let a home ground advantage rule the visitors out just yet! Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Super Street Fighter IV, Dead or Alive 5, Killer Instinct, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and many more series all have healthy representation within the MKOmmunity.

So, we put it to you: In the battle of the current big three (as determined by IGN), whose knuckle-filled cuisine reigns supreme? Is there another fighter that deserves representation? Deliver your conversational combos on the forums!

Injustice: Gods Among Us Tokyo Game Show Trailer
The Battle Hits Tokyo in an all-new Injustice: Gods Among Us trailer!

Another live event demonstration, another trailer! NetherRealm Studios are taking the heroes and villains of the DC Universe to the Tokyo Game Show, where Japan will get a first-hand look at the superhuman action of the 2013 console fighter.

Batman lurks the rooftops of Gotham City in a trailer that keeps the ominous plot vague, teasing only the tiniest hint of the rift that will bring him into conflict with Superman and the other heroes turned threat.

The action stays primarily focused on the much talked about gameplay that has many predicting another run at the tournament scene for the Mortal Kombat developer. Characters do battle in an all-new engine, featuring NetherRealm's first use of the back to block convention, more standard character-specific special attacks, and extensive environmental interaction. Wonder Woman, Catwoman and Nightwing are among the many, demonstrating their super-moves and more.

Injustice: Gods Among Us will feature a packed cast of DC Comics heroes and villains, coming to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii U some time in 2013. The game will be on show September 21 - 23 at the Tokyo Game Show, before Injustice makes its way to Australia, where Ed Boon will be guest of honor at the October EB Games Expo [full story].

Update: The Verge are reporting the TGS announcement of an Injustice: Gods Among Us global release for April 2013. When the date arrives it will have been exactly two years since the release of Mortal Kombat.

Do you think Batman is a future threat to Superman and his allies? Could that be the voice of Kevin Conroy eminating from the Dark Knight Detective? Discuss and speculate in the DC Universe Injustice forum. Check out our Top 10 Heroes and Villains we'd like among us and add your own wishlist!

John Tobias Joins Zynga as Creative Director
Mortal Kombat Co-Creator Returns as Creative Director of Zynga San Diego

Mortal Kombat co-creator John Tobias is set to return to gaming in the new role of Creative Director for developer, Zynga San Diego.

The Verge reports the recruitment of Tobias is part of Zynga's on-going expansion into "mid-core" gaming, which also included the acquisition of Lucky Space maker, A Bit Lucky.

Tobias joins Midway alumnist Mark Turmell at Zynga, reteaming the pair who worked on Smash TV and Total Carnage. Zynga GM Bill Jackson informs [via The Verge] that Tobias is "already working on a cool new mid-core game."

John Tobias infamously left Midway Games in 1999, before founding Studio Gigante in 2000. The designer was responsible for the iconic storylines and characters of the original Mortal Kombat and its early sequels. Mortal Kombat Online recently talked to Tobias about the origins of his classic works for the twentieth anniversary of the series [full story].

In Konversation: Mortal Kombat Online vs John Tobias - Part 1
Feature Interview with series co-creator

According to the traditions of the Chinese calendar, 2012 is determined the current Year of the Dragon. If impressions are anything to go by, it was purely serendipity that made this the perfect date for the twentieth anniversary of a series so widely identified by its iconic Dragon Logo.

The origin of the Dragon Logo symbol was just one of the topics covered when Mortal Kombat Online entered in to a conversation with a man whose legacy now far exceeds his time with the Mortal Kombat franchise.

It has become tradition for Mortal Kombat Online interviews to begin with the simple question of, in their own words, who the subject is. In the case of John Tobias, introductions are hardly needed. Together with Ed Boon, Tobias is credited as being the co-creator of Mortal Kombat -- a video game dynasty that dominated arcades until their eventual demise at the turn of the millenium, and continues to rule on home consoles.

As the man responsible for creating the original characters (and premise) that have populated Mortal Kombat in its every iteration, the influence of John Tobias is felt throughout the series -- even in the latest game, which set out to reboot the franchise by rewriting its history.

Join us in returning to the original source as John Tobias discusses Mortal Kombat's origins. In Part 1, we review how the series got its start, the names and faces that nearly led it down a different path, and the impact and legacy the original games have had.

Left-to-Right: John Tobias, Carlos "Raiden" Pesina & Ed Boon.

[Mortal Kombat Online]: For people who might not know: Who are you and why are you the avatar to which we bow?
[John Tobias]: I co-created Mortal Kombat and all of the original characters: Liu Kang, Goro, and Scorpion and Sub-Zero [etc], back in the early nineties.

Mortal Kombat is celebrating twenty massive years. At what point did you get a sense this was a saga that was going to endure? Was it always intended to be a franchise, or is this unfathomable to a John Tobias of 10, 15, or 20 years ago?
When we were working on MK1 our focus was on the game itself. Ideas of sequels or ancillary successes weren't even a part of the thought process. Although, when creating the fiction, I had grand thoughts of a vast universe that I wasn't sure I'd have a chance to explore outside of the original game. So, I guess John Tobias of 20 years ago was clueless as to the ultimate success of the game.

You just never know when something is going to hit or miss.
You can have a good feeling about it and we had that around the office when MK was in development. Our first weekend test attracted a huge crowd around the machine, which was a pretty good indicator for us. I remember whenever I walked into a test location, hearing the loud thump of Dan Forden's uppercut sound as a signature of MK's presence in an arcade.

Take us back to the very beginning. Before there was "Mortal Kombat" - how did you assemble the team?
The first coin-op game I worked on was called Smash TV and it featured tiny, hand animated character sprites. While working on a sort of follow-up to that game, called Total Carnage, I wanted to create a game with much larger characters on-screen. That was the inception of the idea for me and that led to thoughts of a style of game that would allow me to do that. The first one I thought of was a game I played in arcades when I was younger called Karate Champ. I knew that a one-on-one fighter like that would allow us to feature much larger characters.

I approached Ed Boon, who was programming a football game called Super High Impact, and he was totally up for it. Dan Forden worked with Ed on that and came on board to do music and FX. John Vogel came on a portion of the way through between his other projects to help out on the backgrounds.

What were some of the key influences on the development of the project?
My influences came from a lot of different places, but mostly from my love for Hong Kong martial arts films. I watched a ton of the old Shaw Brothers films and was blown away by Tsui Hark's films back in the late eighties. People point to John Carpenter's Big Trouble In Little China, which has a few real obvious influences, but for me, I was just paying homage to that film, which still is one of my favorites.

I always saw Mortal Kombat as a big mash-up of those eastern influences with a western sensibility. I've said before that I think MKs success with its mythology and characters comes from a balance between fantasy -- which in this case is represented by eastern influences -- and reality, which is represented by western influences. You can see that in characters like Liu Kang or Shang Tsung, who represented the more mystical sides of the story, and Johnny Cage, Sonya or Jax, who came from places grounded more in reality.

I think the interaction of those character archetypes is a huge part of MK's secret sauce. When it leans too much one way or another it just doesn't feel right.

The marriage of East and West made MK an instant winner.

Jean Claude Van Damme: a man as much of the times as MK itself and infamously attached to play a part. How did that come about and how did it shape things to come?
When the game was still merely an idea in our heads, we thought that it would be necessary to attach a license to the project to justify its existence to our management.
I believe Roger Sharpe (famous pinball aficionado and historian), who handled Midway's licensing deals at the time, was approached by a movie studio with Van Damme's Universal Soldier film as a possible game tie-in.

We envisioned Van Damme's involvement as a character in our game's story, or as playing himself in the game. That deal didn't pan out and we simply moved on. I think it was probably a good thing because who can guess what restrictions we may have been working under. Without a licensed tie-in we were free to do what we wanted.

The title and dragon logo are such a succinct element. How did the "Mortal Kombat" name come about, and was there ever any other title or logo in the running?
We would write ideas for the game's title on a marker board in Ed's office and there were a ton of them and some were god awful. "Dragon Attack" and "Ultimate Kumite" were two that were actually considered. I laugh now about how close we came to using those names.
I remember Mortal Combat coming from a pinball designer named Steve Ritchie. I know that we changed the C to a K for trademark reasons.

The dragon icon actually came from a small dragon statue that our general manager, Ken Fedesna, had on his desk. I believe John Vogel, who constructed our background graphics, digitized and used it in the backgrounds. I used it as reference for the dragon that appears on the coin-op game's side cabinet artwork. That dragon's head became the circular dragon symbol that is still used today.

A funny story I like to tell is that I was up late one night at my drafting table, I was still living with my folks at the time, and my sister came into my room and saw me working on the dragon icon sketch. She asked me why I was drawing a seahorse and I literally tossed the sketch aside and started a new one. Luckily I went back to that sketch and refined it a bit.

Games like Street Fighter II presented a popular understanding of the format, but Mortal Kombat really established itself as something unique. How did you arrive at a tournament with a such a grandiose sense of mythology behind it? Was it a deliberate point of difference?
I think like a lot of designers, and even ones today, I had this misplaced desire to actually tell a story in a game.

Around the time I began work on Mortal Kombat, I was a little frustrated with the coin-op medium and our inability to tell a "real" story with it. It forced me to try to tell a story without actual exposition.

I thought a simple scenario that players could relate to and archetypal characters would take us a long way in achieving that. We used brief attract mode sequences with snippets of character bios and I hoped that the combination of those things would be enough for the players to kind of fill in the blanks.
The game and the characters would have a mysterious vibe because players would create scenarios in their heads about how these characters related to each other based on their archetypes. I think people who dismiss MK's storyline don't comprehend the very core of how story is told. It isn't with the 'blah blah blah' of dialog exchanges. It's with premise and character archetypes. Those are things that even I lost sight of as technology improved. So, within those parameters I had this grandiose story that I wasn't sure would ever see the light of day. Fortunately we were able to explore it in sequels and the like.

For anyone hitting arcades, the vision of Goro had to be second only to the title logo itself, in terms of iconography. How did a 500 hundred year old, four-armed half-dragon come to be the figure that loomed over an otherwise humble, mortal martial arts tournament?
We wanted to have a brutish character as our boss and I remember thinking of the old Ray Harryhausen films like Jason and The Argonauts and their use of stop-motion animation as being the perfect remedy.

I thought it would work well for us because our characters already had limited sets of animation, so a stop-motion puppet would fit right in.

The characters of the first game have remained the most iconic, with rare exception. What do you think made them so beloved and enduring?
Again, I think it was choice in character archetypes and understanding the place that they fit within our little universe. Who they are, what they look like, and how they relate to each other.

Everyone has their favorite character and in their mind that character may be their hero because they like playing with [them], but there was only one true hero in the original games' stories and that was Liu Kang.

I think sticking to our guns with character archetypes in the first few games is what made those characters stick in terms of story. As the game's roster expanded doing that well became more and more difficult.

Do you think it's possible to create new characters that can have the same impact?
That's a tough question. I think the problem you face is that the original characters have been around so long and have become iconic to the franchise. It's a juggling act for the guys at Nertherrealm today as it was for us back then. You can look at other franchises, like the X-Men for example, where there have been tons of new team members, but characters like Cyclops, Storm, Jean Grey, Professor X, Magneto, and Wolverine will always be the core of who they are.

Can you replace them? Sure, but why? The X-Men will always have Wolverine and MK will always have Scorpion and I don't think that's a bad thing.

Mortal Kombat II didn't have any trouble making an impact. For many, it's still regarded the best of the series. How did you approach the prospect of a sequel? Were there pressures or expectations?
There was some pressure, but we knew we were going to have more time to develop it and we knew that there were some things that we could do better to improve the process. So, from that point there was a certain level of confidence that we had as well.

Does the enduring success of Mortal Kombat II surprise you?
The enduring success of the franchise in general is a testament to its place in popular culture and the great talent and hard work of the people who continue to be involved with the series.

MKII really goes deep into the aesthetic and mythology that would become associated specifically with the MK style. What prompted the shift and how deliberate was it?
I think the first game kind of opened the floodgates to a much broader story. I made a conscious effort in the first game's premise to setup a much larger universe that I thought players would be hungry to learn about. For example, we knew Shang Tsung served a higher power, but who was that power and where did they come from?

MKII's story influences came from the same places as the first game. One influence came from the first two Star Wars films, where you knew that there was an emperor ruling the universe, but knew nothing else about him. It created a desire in the viewer to want to know more. I think we had something very similar with Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn and for me that came from that feeling I had as a kid when I learned more about what made the Star Wars universe tick in Empire Strikes Back. I wanted MK fans to have that same feeling.

With MKII, we're still a year away from the formation of the ESRB, but the controversy is well underway. As MK finds its unique voice in MKII, it's adding as much humor as it is gore. How vital to the series do you think fatalities and extreme violence were?
We never set out to make an ultra-violent game. That just happened as a part of development and was right for the product we were creating. But, it unquestionably helped drag Mortal Kombat into pop culture's spotlight.

As Mortal Kombat made the transition to home consoles and player demographics skewed younger, I can see where it was necessary and entirely appropriate for the ESRB to create the rating system. But, the use by politicians of games as a scapegoat for the ills of society was as tired then as it was for the comic book industry back in the fifties. I think our industry was fortunate to come out of it relatively unscathed.

I don't think the violence or the fatalities ever became too big a distraction for the actual players who were more enamored by the mechanics of play, which is the core reason why players play a game.

There were a lot of imitators quick to latch on to the fatality gimmick and elements associated with MK. How did the team react to the copycats as they started to emerge?
We were always so busy working on the next iteration of the game that that stuff just kind of passed me by. I do remember thinking that anyone who really believes that the only reason players play MK is for the violence probably has never really played MK.

"... anyone who really believes that the only reason players play MK is for the violence probably has never really played MK."

Gender in video games has become the new hotbed of critical discussion. Kitana and Sonya remain two of the strongest and earliest female leads in gaming. How did they come about and do you see them as a vital legacy for the series?
Sure, they were both important pieces of the game's fiction and archetypal structure of characters. But, our player demographic was primarily a hardcore male audience and so the look and design of our female characters pandered to them back then just as they do today.

I have no problem being apologetic for that. The only solace I can offer is that both of those characters had very strong, atypical female archetypes... and at the very least could kick the hell out of their male counterparts.

In 1995, MK3 represented a radical shift in design and style. Western concepts really overwhelm MK3. What prompted the change in philosophy?
Western concepts overwhelmed in setting only. The thought was that we went to the Outworld in MKII and so now the Outworld is going to come to us. Our reality gets swallowed up by this mystical world and how can we possibly turn it back.

Stryker: Will there ever be a rainbow?
Sure, why not?

The abandonment of icons like Scorpion and Kitana ultimately provoked revisions to the MK3 game. What was the impetus for leaving them out, and did you feel it was the right move to add them back in?
Actually, leaving them out had nothing to do with provoking UMK3.

UMK3 was done to appease arcade operators and make up for the sooner than usual release of MK3's home version by keeping the arcade version fresh.

So concludes the first installment of our conversation with John Tobias. In Part 2, we reflect on later stages of the series, Tobias' infamous departure, the conquest of MK in film, spin-off projects like Special Forces, and the truth about Tremor.

Mortal Kombat Online must thank John Tobias for his time and involvement. Share your nostalgia for the early days in the Year of the Dragon anniversary thread. Stay tuned to additional updates from around the web by following @MK_Online and liking us on Facebook.

Preview: Liu Kang v Shao Kahn Pop Culture Shock Diorama
Pop Culture Shock Collectibles Tease First Mortal Kombat Diorama Statue

Those purveyors of high-quality merchandise are promising big things again! Pop Culture Shock Collectibles are ramping up their Mortal Kombat line-up, adding the first MK diorama statue to their design teasers!

Shao Kahn battles Liu Kang in the first Mortal Kombat scene set to be depicted in their growing diorama series. The classic MK rivalry will be immortalized opposite iconic Street Fighter pairings like Ryu & Sagat, and the just-teased Akuma & Gouken!

The Emperor will also receive the solo treatment, featured recently in another digital design mock for their coming 1:4 scale Shao Kahn statue. He joins Kitana on the coming list, with a collection of UMK3 inspired classic statues on their way, featuring; Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Reptile and Smoke.

You can find Pop Culture Shock Collectibles on Facebook and via their official website. Discuss the growing Pop Culture Shock catalogue in the Media & Merchandise forum. Follow Mortal Kombat Online @MK_Online and on Facebook for additional updates.

Mortal Kurio: Quan Chi - Manga Menace?
Polygon Reporter Michael McWhertor Tweets Quan Chi Manga Mayhem!

We're not entirely sure what it is, or exactly who's responsible, but this manga-infused Quan Chi artwork (found and shared by Michael McWhertor) was too good to ignore!

The Kotaku Editor-turned-Polygon Senior Reporter discovered Quan Chi in the Akihabra location for retro gaming chain, Super Potato. Fitting, then, that the sorcerer appears in his now-retro original attire, delivering a classic leg beatdown with just a hint of maniac glee!

Mortal Kombat has never been quite the same icon in the land of the rising fist, but the series' most recent installment did make headlines when it was spotted in Japan for an alleged arcade 'location test'. It was something of a return for the series, which made gestures toward a cult following with its earlier entries. [full story]

MK's comic book and animation history is well noted, but this is a rare glimpse at something resembling an authentic Mortal Kombat manga. NetherRealm Studios' more recent comic book flirtations -- the 2013 fighting game, Injustice: Gods Among Us -- will reportedly be in Japan September 21-23 for the Tokyo Game Show (in the PS3 Zone).

Found something unique and interesting? Send it to Mortal Kombat Online with the News Lead Submission form. Find more artistic interpretations in the Fan Submission forum. Connect with us @MK_Online and on Facebook for more updates from the community.

Gods Among Us: Ed Boon Bringing Injustice Down Under
NetherRealm Studios Returns to Australia - Ed Boon Headlining Guest at EB Games Expo!

Despite the passing of legislation that will grant Australians long overdue access to adult rated content in their video games -- the proud MK nation is yet to experience the local release of a major NetherRealm Studios project. Fortunately, Ed Boon and the team are positively hellbent on righting that particular injustice -- and they're heading down under to do it!

Boon will be live and in-person in the city of Sydney this October, appearing as the headlining guest of honor at EB Games Expo 2012!

It won't all be glowing women, plunder and sandwiches. Boon will be there in an official capacity to show off Injustice: Gods Among Us -- the DC Comics inspired fighting game coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii U! This marks the first Nintendo-inclusive simultaneous home console release for the game-makers in ten years -- the last being Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance!

The hottest new games, special guest developers, EB Live and EB Arena, Home Grown Gaming and more…

All will be on show at Australia’s biggest video games expo, EB Games Expo, Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park: October 5 -7

With 15,566 tickets already sold, grab yours now to avoid disappointment!

The organisers of this year’s EB GAMES EXPO 2012 are thrilled to make their biggest announcements yet, unveiling a massive list of "must see" features at this year’s Expo.

First and foremost, fans will have the opportunity to share the insights of an incredible array of international developer talent as part of EB Live, including headliner Ed Boon, Omar Kendall from SuperBot Entertainment, and Josh Holmes. Also featuring are Sega and Gearbox Community Managers, Assassins Creed III Associate Producer, Julien Laferriere and Assassins Creed III Mission Director, Philippe Bergeron.

Ed Boon is Creative Director at NetherRealm Studios, creators of the definitive fighting game franchise Mortal Kombat. During his short visit, Boon will be introducing and demonstrating Injustice: Gods Among Us, an all-new DC Comics focused fighting game in development, as well as meeting Australian fans. Injustice: Gods Among Us is scheduled for release in 2013 for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 (PS3™) computer entertainment system and the Wii U™ system from Nintendo.

Omar Kendall, Game Director of SuperBot Entertainment’s star studded brawler, PlayStation® All-Stars Battle Royale™, brings over 10 years experience in the video game industry. A lifelong fighting game lover, he got his start at Paradox Development, working on Backyard Wrestling and X-Men: Mutant Academy. He then spent several years at Neversoft Entertainment as a designer on Gun and the Tony Hawk games. As Principal Designer at THQ, Omar oversaw the best-selling, critically acclaimed UFC Undisputed series. At SuperBot, Omar brings his considerable creative talents to all facets of development, encompassing everything from combat and level design to presentation, story, and game modes.

It doesn’t get any bigger than this! Halo 4 Creative Director, Josh Holmes, from 343 Industries in the US leads a very special presentation from Xbox. Hear direct from the team at Xbox about Halo4 and gain an insight into the exciting new chapter of this epic series. It’s your chance to get hands-on with Halo 4 before it launches on November 6! There will also be a look into the latest games and Xbox LIVE features.

Confirmed for the EB Live line up are some massive games from the biggest names in the business, including:
  • PlayStation: The Last of Us™,PlayStation® All-Stars Battle Royale, and revolutionary new peripheral, Wonderbook™
  • XBOX 360: Halo 4 and XBox LIVE
  • Ubisoft: Assassins Creed III and more to be announced...
  • Warner: Injustice: Gods Among Us
  • Square Enix: Tomb Raider & Hitman Absolution
  • EA and THQ presentations still to come
Yet another highlight for the event is the EB Arena, which will host the mammoth grand opening on Friday and Saturday morning featuring an all new Showtime FMX motocross and exclusive stunt show – this year with twice the thrills and an epic stunt finale you have to see to believe!

Don’t miss the spectacular finale to the Friday and Saturday Twilight sessions featuring a thrilling fireworks show fusing live pyrotechnics and all the best gaming action from the EB EXPO 2012. Also don’t miss if you are an Assassin’s Creed fan, don’t miss a special treat we have for you on Friday in the EXPO Plaza.

In another coup for the EB Games Expo, Madman Theatre inside the Homegrown Gaming Pavilion will feature the international debut screening of the ground breaking Mass Effect: Paragon Lost motion picture, months before the slated release in late December/January. Born of an epic collaboration between the legendary Bioware and visionary Production I.G (Ghost in the Shell, Kill Bill: Vol.1), Mass Effect: Paragon Lost is the prequel to the highly acclaimed Mass Effect 3 and follows the early career of Alliance Marine, James Vega (Freddie Prinze Jnr).

The inaugural Navy Big Game event will join the lineup at this year’s Expo – an invitational pitting Aussie gamers against the Navy Team Of Stars featuring Dave "Walshy" Walsh and Michael 'StrongSide' Cavanaugh. A team of four players comprised of competition winners will have the opportunity to play against the Navy Team of Stars, with great prizes on offer. Local Aussie gamers can take part in the Navy Big Game event at the EB Games Expo by entering online at or through Xbox LIVE – Entries open 17 September, 2012 and close 30 September, 2012

Make sure you visit the Homegrown Gaming Precinct at the EB Games Expo, where emerging developers will showcase their latest and greatest games.

Come and meet the inspirational men and women behind the games get a first hand look at the skills that brought them to life.
Featuring developers such as:
Limerocket Silver Nova Software Convict Entertainment
Wicked Witch Element 105 Divisive Media
The Giant Machine Nnooo Epiphany Games
Pubgames Voxel Agents Playside
Animal Logic Big Ant

The excitement doesn’t stop there! Make sure you check out the PlayStation stand for your chance to get hands on with one of 2013’s most anticipated blockbusters, the epic PS3™ exclusive, God of War: Ascension™.

This year’s EB GAMES EXPO will be held across three days and set over 25,000 square metres of gaming heaven for consumers, showcasing the most anticipated games and the latest consoles, accessories, devices and all things gaming FIRST! With between 22,000 and 30,000 fans set to walk through the gates at Sydney Showground, it WILL be the biggest gaming experience Australia has EVER seen.

Get your tickets now from any EB Games store or online at or via Ticketek – General admission and selected Gamertickets, still available, Ultimate Gamer, Express, Family and selected Gamer passes SOLD OUT.

It remains unclear if Warner Brothers will see to the release of Mortal Kombat in the region when the adult R18+ Restricted Classification is implemented at the beginning of next year. An outline of classification criteria (released yesterday) has garnered criticism from industry experts for its failure to cater to the relevant audience [full story].

The 2011 reboot was the first title in the twenty year history of the series that was banned in the country. The publicity sparked can be seen as a contributing factor to the long awaited implementation of the adult rating.

Injustice: Gods Among Us has a tentative release date of 2013. Discuss more on the DC Universe Injustice forum. The Riddler has hacked the site and hidden riddles around Mortal Kombat Online! Arkham City Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC is still up for grabs thanks to Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment - will you play The Riddler's Game?

Australian R18 Classification Outline Criticized by Experts
Release of Classification Outline Draws Criticism from Experts

The long road to an Australian adult video game rating may be nearing its end, but the conditions of classification have come under fire from experts who claim the R18+ restriction continues to misidentify adults as children.

The Australian Classification Board has released official guidelines for the new ratings, which identify interactivity as a primary concern for classification decision making.

Interactivity is an important consideration that the Board must take into account when classifying computer games. This is because there are differences in what some sections of the community condone in relation to passive viewing or the effects passive viewing may have on the viewer (as may occur in a film) compared to actively controlling outcomes by making choices to take or not take action.

Due to the interactive nature of computer games and the active repetitive involvement of the participant, as a general rule computer games may have a higher impact than similarly themed depictions of the classifiable elements in film, and therefore greater potential for harm or detriment, particularly to minors.

Interactivity may increase the impact of some content: for example, impact may be higher where interactivity enables action such as inflicting realistically depicted injuries or death or post-mortem damage, attacking civilians or engaging in sexual activity. Greater degrees of interactivity (such as first-person gameplay compared to third-person gameplay) may also increase the impact of some content.

Interactivity includes the use of incentives and rewards, technical features and competitive intensity.

Except in material restricted to adults, nudity and sexual activity must not be related to incentives or rewards.

The perceived "impact" of violence, criminal acts and sexual gratuity has been a standard measure for the Australian Classification Board, but the contributing significance of interactivity has come under question from experts who claim it is the stuff of "scientific urban legend."

Associate Professor of psychology and communication at the University of Texas, Dr. Christopher Ferguson, told News Ltd, "The idea that the 'interactivity' of video games made them any more harmful than television or other media is pretty much dead." Ron Curry, CEO of the Interactive Gaming and Entertainment Association, succinctly cut to the quick of the matter, adding, "R18+ classification is not for kids."

A statement from IGEA in response to the release of Classification Outlines voiced cautious optemism, with a healthy dose of criticism. They highlight the issue of contradiction raised by a 2010 study released by the office of then-Attorney General, Robert McClelland, which specifically refuted the significance of interactivity.


Impact test

The impact of material classified R 18+ should not exceed high.

Note: Material classified R 18+ is legally restricted to adults. Some material classified R 18+ may be offensive to sections of the adult community.

Classifiable elements

There are virtually no restrictions on the treatment of themes.

Violence is permitted. High impact violence that is, in context, frequently gratuitous, exploitative and offensive to a reasonable adult will not be permitted.

Actual sexual violence is not permitted.

Implied sexual violence that is visually depicted, interactive, not justified by context or related to incentives or rewards is not permitted.

Depictions of actual sexual activity are not permitted.

Depictions of simulated sexual activity may be permitted.

Depictions of simulated sexual activity that are explicit and realistic are not permitted.

There are virtually no restrictions on language.

Drug use is permitted.
Drug use related to incentives and rewards is not permitted.
Interactive illicit or proscribed drug use that is detailed and realistic is not permitted.

Nudity is permitted.

Note: Some of the terms used in this category are defined in the List of Terms at the end of these Guidelines.

The outline for R18+ Restricted classifications can be presumed to address the concerns of a majority of adult content previously Refused Classification. Dr. Ferguson speculates, "I suspect the comments are geared toward mollifying the moral crusading constituency whom I guess would otherwise be opposed to the new classification system." This will not prevent all future banning, however.

Video games may still be banned if they contain, "[Depictions of] violence with a very high degree of impact which are excessively frequent, prolonged, detailed or repetitive." The threshold for these measures should be relatively high, but they remain subject to interpretation.

Mortal Kombat was infamously Refused Classification in February 2011 for containing "violence that exceeds strong in impact" which was deemed "... heightened by the use of graphics which are realistically rendered and very detailed." The Australian Classification Board is a Federal statuory regulation body, rendering banned games illegal for sale or possession in the country.

Mortal Kombat's trademark violence saw the title banned for the first time, in 2011.

Ed Boon, Creative Director at NetherRealm Studios, will be in Australia October 5 - 7 to appear as the headline guest at EB Games Expo 2012. Injustice: Gods Among Us is being billed as the make-up game for Australians who missed out on Mortal Kombat.

Mortal Kombat Online has been following the Australian Classification issue since the original ban of Mortal Kombat, providing unrivaled leading coverage on the historic decision. The rating is expected to finally take effect January 1, 2013.

It is as yet unclear if Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition may be eligible for release once the rating is in place. Vita editions were submitted and Refused Classification in March, but Komplete Edition is believed to have been withheld. We encourage Australian users to share their enthusiasm (and criticism) on the forum.

Breaking: MLG New York City Fighter Arena Canceled
Major League Gaming Cancel Fall Invitational Event

Reports from players are confirming Major League Gaming's seasonal invitational tournament - Fall Fighting Game Arena - has officially been canceled.

and CDjr are among the top ranking Mortal Kombat players to receive an e-mail from the organization canceling their appearance. Osu16bit reports the e-mail contained no specific explanation [via Twitter]. Originally scheduled for September 15, the event was to take place in New York City.

Update: When Mortal Kombat Online contacted MLG for a statement, they informed: "After reviewing the demanding Fall schedule for the players, staff and the community, we elected to cancel the fighting game arena. We will continue to keep everyone up to date regarding future activities."

New York native, REO, was winner of August's Summer Championship, setting up an exciting contest for the follow-up Fighter Arena event. The Fall Championship is as yet unchanged, still listed for a November 2nd start date.

The latest Mortal Kombat joined the MLG line-up in February [full story], igniting interest with its addition to the Pro-Circuit Winter Championship. The move earned instant support from high profile players like Evo Champion, Perfect Legend, who supported the injection of funds and publicity, once reserved for rival series. The Pro Circuit format has helped add professional structure to a growing MK scene, providing memorable moments in compliment to the Evo Championship.

Mortal Kombat Online will endeavor to follow the story as it develops. If you have new information, please forward it using the Lead Submission form. Discuss all things MLG on the Gameplay & Matchmaking forum.

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles Interview Teases Upcoming Projects
Life-Size Scorpion Bust and more 1:4 UMK3 Klassics Teased in Interview!

Enthusiast and reviewer BornFree has posted an interview with Jerry Macaluso -- founder and sculptor from Pop Culture Shock Collectibles.

Macaluso describes Mortal Kombat as the devil to fellow fighting game franchise Street Fighter's angel. Both series are represented in the Pop Culture Shock Collectibles line-up, brought to life as high quality statues, busts and dioramas.

The video interview includes a glimpse around the Pop Culture Shock studio, where works in progress offer teases of items to come. A life-size Scorpion bust represents the 'devil' analogy well, sure to compliment their recently released 1:1 Sub-Zero. Reptile and Scorpion also appear as much tinier heads, awaiting Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 inspired klassic bodies to sit upon.

The 1:4 scale Klassic Scorpion was previewed at this years San Diego Comic-Con International [images via]. The retro inspired statue will be mirrored by Sub-Zero, with Reptile clearly in the works, as well. Retro items inspired by Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat II are also expected in future releases.

Mortal Kombat Online will have more updates about Pop Culture Shock Collectibles in future. Discuss the entire catalogue and entre MKOntests in the Media & Merchandise forum. Get live updates by following @MK_Online and liking us on Facebook.

Scorpion in Gamesradar Top 7 Fighting Game Characters
Gamesradar Rank Scorpion 7th in Top 7 Fighting Game Characters

Love or hate the guy, Scorpion is a lost soul bent on revenge and total market penetration! The iconic ninja from hell keeps his PR machine rolling, featured at #7 on Gamesradar's Top 7 Fighting Game Characters list.

Topped by Street Fighter's dominant world warrior: Ryu -- the eclectic list also includes popular names from Tekken, King of Fighters and Darkstalkers. Somewhat surprisingly, Scorpion trails Nakoruru on the list, the number six ranked warrior princess from Samurai Showdown.

Playing perfectly into the twentieth anniversary of Mortal Kombat, Gamesradar cite the original arcade moment of Scorpion's fatality as one of their reasons for adding him to the list.

Tell most any gamer to “Get over here!” and they’ll immediately understand which yellow-clad ninja you’re referring to. With his classic spear pull and the unforgettable fire-breathing “Toasty!” fatality, Scorpion is the true face of the Mortal Kombat franchise. What’s left of his face, anyway. Watching this vengeance-crazed phantom remove his mask to reveal a skull was an exemplary “OH $#*%!” moment in ‘90s arcades.

Also earning honorable mentions from the "tough competition in the MK franchise": Sub-Zero and Raiden. Both were popular choices when Mortal Kombat Online staged a fan-wide poll to determine the all-time Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion.

Those not satisfied with Street Fighter's ruling status can always get a little payback through IGN START's Ultimate Fan Fights. Live-action fantasy battles are determined by watching the outcome of choice, with the most popular ending crowned winner. Scorpion and Ryu are fighting it out in the second episode.

The full list can be found on Did they get it right? Post your own favourite fighting characters on the forums! Double your fun by following the fate of the winners of the Supreme Mortal Kombat Tag Team tournament.

Preview: Pop Culture Shock Collectibles 1:4 Shao Kahn Statue
Emperor Shao Kahn will get the 1:4 scale treatment from Pop Culture Shock Collectibles!

Yesterday we featured the first image of Pop Culture Shock Collectibles' highly anticipated Princess Kitana statue [full story]. Today, we go further back into the production process to feature the first design master of her adopted step father -- Shao Kahn!

Featured by popular demand, the CG render offers a vivid impression of what's to come from Pop Culture Shock's high quality 1:4 scale Shao Kahn statue. The image was first posted as part of the same Facebook campaign that led to the Kitana reveal.

The Emperor of Outworld makes other collectibles look downright "pathetic," brought to life with the hulking menace that has made him one of gaming's most feared and remembered final bosses for twenty years! Design from the latest game will be brought to life as accurately as is customary for Pop Culture Shock items, with all the armored accoutrement you would expect of a conquering warlord.

Kahn's trademark war hammer teases what might have been had a life-size replica not been cancelled [full story], but the first-ever full body sculpt more than makes up for it!

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles have been a trusted name in limited edition, high-end gaming and media collectibles for years.More product information is available on their official website, and by liking Pop Culture Shock Collectibles on Facebook. Discuss the catalogue on the Media & Merchandise forum, where one lucky fan just won a limited edition Sub-Zero bust!

Kommunity: JCVD Gets Caged in Bloodsport Mash-Up
Van Damme becomes Johnny Cage as MK meets Bloodsport in fan video!

As the story goes, it's no small coincidence that Johnny Cage shares initials with one of the nineties' most prolific practitioners of high kicks and splits.

The inspiration provided by Jean-Claude Van Damme is there to be found in a plethora of examples. If there was any doubt, YouTube fanatic TheVanDammeFan2009 has turned the now-classic 1988 tournament film Bloodsport and given it the MK treatment [below]!

Classic sounds and effects from Mortal Kombat and its sequels give Van Damme's performance as real man-turned-movie myth (Frank Dux) a whole new perspective! As is well known, the JCVD connection doesn't end here.

The Belgian star is famously reported to have very nearly found his way into the digitzed sprites of the original Mortal Kombat line-up. The potential relationship came about as a result of licensing interest from the makers of 1992 sci-fi classic, Universal Soldier. As series co-creator John Tobias told us in a soon-to-be-featured Mortal Kombat Online interview, they had other ideas.

... we envisioned Van Damme's involvement as a character in our game's story or as playing himself in the game. That deal didn't pan out and we simply moved on.

Tobias also recalls "Ultimate Kumite" was among the unused titles seriously considered before the series took its famous name.

Bloodsport is the film widely responsible for popularizing "kumite" in Western culture, using it as the name of an underground freestyle fighting tournament Van Damme's character competes in. Fights from the kumite provide the footage used in TheVanDammeFan2009's video.

Special thanks to @noobde for tweeting the video! Find and share more fantastic fan kreations in the Fan Submission forum, and more movie madness in Media & Merchandise.

2012 Midwest Game Developers Kickball Tournament Fundraiser
NetherRealm Studios Put Boots to Balls to Raise for Chicago Literacy!

In the lead to 2008's divisive MK/DC crossover, Ed Boon assuredly informed fans -- with the help of a conveniently titled film poster -- 'there will be blood." We can only hope that same edict of ruthless aggression carries through this weekend, when NetherRealm Studios invade the field of the 2012 Midwest Game Developer Kickball Tournament.

Well may you say such a wanton bloodlust is cruel and unusual for an otherwise friendly game of kickball, but that would be your first mistake! Dear traveller, I write to inform this be no mere friendly encounter of baseball twixt soccer! Just having fun is not an option! There are children to consider, and charity dollars to be raised!

NetherRealm are locked in active mortal contest with their Midwest contemporaries, collecting for the Reading With Pictures Annual Fund.

Reading With Pictures is a non-profit organization dedicated to the fight for truth, justice and childhood literacy. Their unique mission is to promote literacy and learning with the wonderful world of scholastic comic books! By tailoring their graphic textbooks to educational needs, they add colourful new dimensions to the informative written word. Anyone who dived for the school library copy of Tintin or Asterix & Obelisk knows the alluring power of "comics-as-curriculum."

The twice Harvey Award nominated Reading With Pictures anthology goes down easy, featuring the work of some of comics' finest names, including; Fred Van Lente (Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel Zombies), Jill Thompson (The Sandman), Ryan Dunlavey (Action Philosophers) and more!

For every $500 raised, Reading With Pictures will donate a classroom set of twenty-five copies of The Graphic Textbook to a Chicago-area school. That's NRS homeland, so you know they'll be deadly serious when boot meets ball in the name of education!

It all kicks off September 8th at Oz Park (2021 N. Burlington Avenue, Chicago), 1PM to 5PM! NetherRealm Studios look set to face Phosphor Games and "Indie Team" in the third division draw.

To support NetherRealm Studios and Reading With Pictures you can still give generously with some last minute donations on NetherRealm Studios' Fundraising Page.

First-Look: Pop Culture Shock Collectibles Kitana Statue
Princess Kitana delivers deadly fan service in upcoming Pop Culture Shock statue!

With a major Facebook milestone reached, Pop Culture Shock Collectibles have released the first physical preview of their upcoming Kitana statue!

Kitana stands boldly atop the ruined hand of Queen Sindel -- scenery seemingly referencing a fallen Edenian monument found in the Desert stage of the latest game. Kitana too appears in her most recent design, pictured unmasked, but not necessarily restricted to one look in the final product.

The Edenian Princess possesses her trademark fighting fans, completing the threat of a striking fighting pose. Kitana joins a growing Pop Culture Shock Mortal Kombat catalogue, following on the heels of their 1:4 scale Scorpion, and recent life-size Sub-Zero bust. A UMK3 retro Scorpion was previewed at San Diego Comic-Con, in July.

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles have been a trusted name in limited edition, high-end gaming and media collectibles for years. Their catalogue currently includes: Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Darkstalkers and more. Additional product information is available at their official website, and by liking Pop Culture Shock Collectibles on Facebook.

The statue makers are friends of Mortal Kombat Online, recently teaming with us to give away a limited edition Sub-Zero bust for the twentieth anniversary of MK! Discuss all things Pop Culture Shock on the Media & Merchandise forum, where you'll find future kontest and more!

No Immediate Plans for Mortal Kombat Sequel or DC Crossover
Boon says MKvsDC sequel unlikely as franchises develop seperately

NetherRealm Studios will always be known as the developer responsible for Mortal Kombat, but if you thought their shift to a fighting game based on the characters of DC Comics was groundwork for a future crossover -- you'd be wrong!

CVG are reporting comments from NetherRealm Creative Director Ed Boon, who says development of Injustice: Gods Among Us as a separate series will likely prevent any future meeting between the two franchises.

Never say never, of course, but we loved how our last Mortal Kombat game was strictly Mortal Kombat. And when you think about it, the last Mortal Kombat game we did, it really had the essence of the series more so than any other game in years.

With Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, there's two pretty different audiences; one which wants to see violence and blood, and there's another that wants to see grand superhero moments. We were kind of balancing on a fence trying to accommodate both audiences with Mortal Kombat vs. DC.

Liu Kang battles Flash in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe.

Boon oversaw development of the groups' first tryst with DC superheroes in the 2008 crossover - Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe. The title was the last published by Midway Entertainment.

MKvsDC is perhaps best remembered for perceived compromises imposed upon the violence associated with Mortal Kombat. While many of MK's trademarks were intact in reconigsed forms, even [Ed] Boon notes the contrast.

Funnily enough, we were playing Mortal Kombat vs. DC and we were surprised at how tame it was compared to Injustice."

Update: Boon has also talked to CVG about the future of the core Mortal Kombat series [full story], noting there are no plans for an immediate follow-up to the 2011 reboot, either.

Describing the popular practise of incremental updates to major titles in the fighting game genre, Boon discussed the importance and difficulties of providing a unique new experience in sequels. The MK co-creator has pointed to a new generation of hardware as the most likely destination for the next Mortal Kombat. Read the full story at

I'm a big fan of fighting games, but some of them I've seen are just a re-skin of the same game with much prettier graphics and new characters.

Effectively it just delivers the same experience, and over the course of time these games sell less and less and less and less. I think you need to offer something that hasn't been done before. Like with Injustice, no one has done what we're doing with the game's backgrounds, and I think that's a big part of why it will appeal to fans.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is expected to arrive for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U at an undetermined date in 2013. Thanks to for providing links. If you think you've found news, send it our way with the submission form. Discuss all things Injustice and MKvsDC in the DC Universe Injustice forum.

GameTrailers Pop-Fiction Explores the History of Ermac
GameTrailers probe the myth of Ermac in MK1 & talk to Ed Boon!

The popular myth of "Error Macro" has gone under the microscope in the latest episode of Pop-Fiction. The GameTrailers team have thoroughly tested the theory, before talking to series co-creator Ed Boon about the true story behind Ermac and the original Mortal Kombat.

As many fans know, Ermac never actually existed in the original Mortal Kombat, the product of an audit screen listing, fan imagination and some opportunistic hoaxing.

The enduring popularity of the myth would eventually inspire a red palette swap in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, leading to the official creation of a character pre-destined to be a fan-favourite! In an MKO interview yet to be featured, series co-creator John Tobias noted, "I really like the revisiting of our old palette swapped characters like Ermac and Noob Saibot. It's great to see them get proper treatment."

When Mortal Kombat Online invited the entire fanbase to participate in an unprecedented vote for an all-time Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion -- Ermac proved popular enough to be runner-up to series icon Sub-Zero! No mean feat for a character who began as nothing more than a rumor!

Special thanks to MKOmmunity member for alerting us to this story. Watch the full video at Read more about the myths and legends of Mortal Kombat in our April feature: Mortal Kombat is for Fools, Fakes & Phony Ninjas. Be sure to join the MKOmmunity as we celebrate twenty years of Mortal Kombat!

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