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Man At Arms: Reforged Builds Kitanas Fans

Have you ever wondered where kombatants get their wonderful toys? series Man At Arms: Reforged has investigated the real work that goes into making Kitana's killer kombat fans.

PREVIEWS Exclusive Mortal Kombat X S2 Variant Figures

The innovation of Character Variations has given players three dimensions to consider when honing and battling warriors in Mortal Kombat X! It only makes sense then that the gameplay gimmick is perfectly suited to 3D world of limited edition variant collectibles! Big Bad Toy Store reports PREVIEWS will offer visually altered variants from Mezco Toys in December!

Guide: Komplete Mortal Kombat X Brutality List

In Mortal Kombat X, finishing moves were brought into the final round with a brilliant reinventing of the Brutality! No longer just a furious flurry of fast flung fists - the moves are the ultimate coup de grace, transitioning directly from fight to fatality with devastating efficiency.

Brutalities challenge players to meet a variety of stipulations, ranging from the trivial - to the teeth grindingly specific. Some brutalities are arena based, character based, and some are completely hidden from players. Know how to finish your matches in style with a guide to all known brutalities.

Mortal Kombat X: Kombat Klass - Kitana

In Mortal Kombat X she's the mournful revenant with multiple weapon styles. Kitana has many klassic fans, but with her tribute style to fallen ally Jade, there's a whole new bag of tricks to master. The best way to do that is with the latest Kombat Klass:

Mortal Kombat X Faction Invasion - Orderrealm

Order in the kourt of kombat! Last week's Invasion Boss launched a full scale war against online players in Mortal Kombat X and it was a surprise!

This time Kitana unleashed her assassin's wiles in the name of Seido the Orderrealm! The Edenian Princess represented a tall order challenge - one you couldn't overcome on your own! It was a team effort as the boss tier threat pushed players to do what damage they could before succumbing to defeat. In the end, the Brotherhood of Shadows emerged victorious!

Each week players can choose to join the Special Forces, Brotherhood of Shadow, White Lotus Society, Black Dragon or Lin Kuei. Representing a clan earns points toward special unlockable items and achievements, with every action in the game contributing to your clan's total assault! Use clan recruitment posts on the forum to share valuable boss strategies to help spur your faction to victory!

The Black Dragon were victors in Kano's Chaosrealm Invasion. Choose your destiny and fight for them - or against them! Had a change of heart? For a small points penalty, you can switch clans at any time. Rising through the ranks of each clan will offer in-game benefits! Learn more about Clans & Invasions in the Mortal Kombat X: Next Trailer!

Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion Tournament 2015!

From the Palace Gates of Shang Tsung's Island, to the battle ravaged streets of Earthrealm 25 years later: The only constant shared by two generations is the need to fight! The tournament called Mortal Kombat has made legends of champions, and warriors of mortals. With a new generation of challengers emerging - it all begins again!

April 14th saw the long awaited release of Mortal Kombat X! Ending a four year cycle, the new game has changed the way we view the series and its fighters, challenging us to ask: Who's Next?

It is a question we've asked annually for years - each time finding a different answer! In 2014, the unknown of a looming sequel fuelled a whole new perspective. After months of debate and many thousands of votes, we crowned fan-favourite Ermac the ultimate victor! With Mortal Kombat X here, everything has changed! True champions must defend their title, and we must ask the eternal question with evolving truth: Who is the Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion?

The ultimate fan voting tournament has become an annual celebrated tradition on Mortal Kombat Online - summoning the entire fanbase to agree on a single champion from sixty-four fighters! In 2015: the battle will be tougher than ever! Mortal Kombat X will inform the entire bracket, introducing first-time competitors and omitting old favorites! Read on to learn more about what it all means and how you can join in! Visit the Fan Koliseum to share your votes and discuss battles more in depth!

Introducing: Mortal Kombat X Loading Screen Renders

The characters of Mortal Kombat have always been major attractions for the fighting series. In the build-up to the latest game, we were intrigued as fighters new and old were introduced in fully rendered detail. With Mortal Kombat X officially out now - you can now see the komplete kast as they appear in the game's loading screens!

MKX DLC: Kombat Pack Samurai Skins Now Available

Fans who've purchased The Kombat Pack officially have access to their first perk! The early download of Samurai Pack skins has been available for the past day to anyone who has confirmed their Kombat Pack access!

Unused Mortal Kombat X Kitana Design Concepts

Continuing the trend of artists releasing Mortal Kombat X concept art; NetherRealm Studios Senior Character Artist Solomon Gaitan has lifted the veil on unused concepts and digital modelling. His work was seen in a previous Kitana gallery; some of his unused designs now able to be seen in greater detail:

10% Off Mortal Kombat X Series 2 Mezco Action Figures

Mezco Toys are celebrating the officiial launch of Mortal Kombat X by offering 10% off their highly detailed Series 2 Mortal Kombat X action figures!

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