With an animated retelling of plot coming in Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge, and rumors of a modern remake; nostalgia for the original arcade Mortal Kombat is becoming surprisingly prescient. In the latest installment of the Angry Video Game Nerd webseries, AVGN is taking fans back to the past to play the MK home ports that... Well, you get the idea. Watch it here:

It seems like everyone is reexamining the original Mortal Kombat home ports. Digital Foundry put together the definitive study in their DF Retro episode, examining technical differences in just about every version. AVGN keeps the focus on the major Nintendo and Sega releases for a fairly gimmick-free review from a fan's perspective.

AVGN tackles the standard measure of graphics, music, and controls that defined the Mortal Kombat home experience during the great console war of 1993. All the usual suspects are there, including the oddity of Nintendo's censored "sweat" and the Sega Blood Code, as well as the frustrations of various adapted control schemes, such as the Gameboy and Game Gear. The episode also recalls the previous Mortal Monday look back.

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You can also revisit Cinemassacre's reviews of The Journey Begins and MK Annihilation, or just nerd out about the original game in the comments below. If you wish to immerse yourself in the retro MK trilogy the 2D Kombat Klassics forum is for you!