Year of the Dragon - 20 Years of Mortal Kombat!
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As most of us in the 2D Retro forum will know, we're coming up on the twentieth anniversary of the game we love! As the date draws near, there's bound to be a veritable soulnado of nostalgia swirling. Let's get things kicked off here!

If you've got memories from those early days, or observations about MK hitting the big two-and-oh, share them! The countdown to August begins!
Goro Still Lives
02/15/2012 03:50 AM (UTC)
I remember loving MKII and waiting for MKII. When MKIII came out I was disappointed but thrilled when UMK3 came out. MK4 pretty much ruined it for me until MK2011.

Ironic that the 20 year mark just happens to fall on the Chinese year of the Dragon. So cool!
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02/16/2012 01:58 AM (UTC)
Super Nintendo 19 years ago, baby.

Biggest memory was experiencing MKT on my fresh new N64! I was scared shitless to sleep with that dragon peering out of the system and believe me when I say I slept out I the living room just to wake early and bash buttons!
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02/16/2012 06:33 AM (UTC)
This is what started it for me.

Having the balls to appear on virtually every single comic I was reading around that year, I stared at that ad more than a few times, wondering who in the hell these eight people were. I resolved to get my ass to an arcade that had it, and find out.

My prior fighting game, indeed, arcade experience had been with the lone Street Fighter II CE cabinet at a video rental store near me. I had a bunch of fun with that game. I played SFII wherever I saw it (which seemed to be everywhere - never quite understanding why there were multiple versions, but not complaining), but it was nothing compared to what awaited me throughout the rest of 1993. I sought out this "Mortal Kombat", wondering how in the heck it could be anywhere near as much fun as SF, and found to my surprise that a sequel had just started showing up in the arcades. And one found its way to my local video rental store.

It is no exaggeration to state that 1993, and most of 1994, was Mortal Kombat II for me. It simply WAS. I cannot count the hours I spent in front of that cabinet, at first off to the side, watching the older kids play, learning from them, and surpassing them within a matter of weeks. I used to get free plays from the manager whenever I wanted.

I sought to learn everything about the game I could, wanting to be the best. Soon I was. I was only eleven, and my Mileena made them all suffer, at my local video store and 2 arcades.

My first fatality, a simple matter of holding HK for a few seconds. Om nom nom. :)

My obsession didn't stop there, of course. The same applied to MK3, which at first confused the hell out of me with its urban atmosphere, but I accepted in time. Smoke's playable now? I have found a favorite bestest character, thank you.

I ran home and back to to fetch ID when I was asked for it for the Mortal Kombat movie. Damn good thing I lived across the street from the theatre. The soundtrack to that movie, and its follow-up: More Kombat, are both responsible for much of my musical taste.

I rejoiced when Scorpion, Jade, Kitana and Mileena were added to UMK3. Stupid yellow net robots were no substitute for the original spear-tossing gangsta. At the arcades, I again entered the kombat kodes, unlocking all three hidden characters at my local arcades (there was something so rewarding about seeing the rapidly flashing backgrounds and loud SFX that accompanied a successful unlock - it made people in the arcade look over). I scared the bejeezus out of someone once by morphing into Smoke's human form before anyone else had heard it was possible to do so, and spread the word about how to unlock him (thank you, early internet accessible for brief periods during my formative years of high school). I won tournaments. I drooled over this coveted "UMK3 Wavenet' with a playable Noob Saibot which I would never, ever see.

I got a PSX and FFVII, and became a virtual hermit, with not only the prior RPG, but the copy of MKT I got for it a week later.

Mk4 came. By that time arcades were starting the slow process of dying. I played a few people here and there, but it was obvious the series had lost steam. No one really cared much; most were busy with the SFIII and Marvel Vs. series (so was I, I admit), and my play with it was mostly limited to consoles with friends. I loved Mythologies for its story but nearly broke my controller playing it.

Not much to really remark on afterwards; MK Annihilation came to theatres, and I made the mistake of taking a girl I was interested in - I will never live that down (at least the soundtrack was good). Got Gold when it came out for Dreamcast and still don't understand what kind of QA it went through. Then dark days, dark days indeed, until MK Deadly Alliance in my college years, and the series' rebirth. It's been a rocky process since then, but for better or worse, I'm here to stay. I probably always will be (My old video store is now a hair salon, unfortunately).

I posted this over in the Drive-by; a part of my collection which I keep on a wall for the heck of it; you can't see it, but my SNES copies of 2, 3, and UMK3 are there too - so are X-box copies of Deception and Armageddon, behind the Saturn UMK3 box).

And how'd I get so good, at such a young age, you ask?

Strategy guides, of course!

(And yes, that is the very first issue of Tips & Tricks up there!)
02/16/2012 02:54 PM (UTC)
I remember when I was just a kid, my big brother and I gazed the newly released Mortal Kombat for SNES in the highest plane of a store shelf (placed in the toy section as games were still almost considered as toys back then), which he eventually bought; after reaching it from up there that day. I knew little-to-nothing about the game back then but that he had anticipated it for months, it had to be something cool. Instantaneously, Mortal Kombat became our favorite game after the tournament began.
Photorealistic graphics – they were revolutionary. My first favorite character was Scorpion. We fought some memorable Scorpion vs. Sub-Zero fights with my brother. The Fatalities were cruel... La luna was delightful.
When Mortal Kombat II launched, the series shifted to a new level. Mortal Kombat II was released significantly earlier in USA than in Europe, and being a big MK fan, my brother solved out the situation and ordered an adapter and MKII overseas by himself. Beginning from the menu with some intriguing sounds and lightnings, the same unique atmosphere really kept up for the whole game. Going as far as fighting Smoke or anyone that difficult – like Kintaro – it was usually special enough for everyone to be silent and just watch. Smoke became my new favorite.
Mortal Kombat 3 was a step or two back from Mortal Kombat II, what comes to the factors that defined MKII. It introduced additional gimmicks to the gameplay mechanics and lots of secrets that we had to cover up. When my brother – being the biggest MK fan in the house then – bought this game, I got my hands on it first when he was still in school. I got to Motaro in the first try, before my brother came out of school, and yeah: it was a little quirky to describe this rat-tailed freakshow. I didn't realize it was Shao Kahn in the uppermost box art in my first try. The acronym "MK" did also mean our national currency, the mark, so I once had to convince a kid that it does not mean the mark here! Choose Your Destiny was a nice addition and the roster was refreshing, but the arcade tower wasn't just as demanding anymore. The lack of Scorpion wasn't as horrible as you'd think, because the cyborgs were fun enough and MK3 had Galaga.

We had always favored the Nintendo game console brand in my home until Nintendo 64 hence MK was forgotten in our family after the trilogy was out. I didn't read much about Mortal Kombat 4 because I hadn't got a system for it and Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance was out of question when we didn't have any last-gen systems for a while (GC, DC, XB, PS2). This was until I bought a used Xbox from a friend of mine for Halo, MK and that.
The first game for my limited edition Xbox was Deception. It was no deception to me though, more like a steal, when I got it on sale. It introduced the MK–MK3 era yet again, new 3D gameplay and Chess Kombat. (Here's hoping for its return.) I played it 100% complete, buying other MK's after that. I joined MK forums. My brother's passion towards MK had disappeared though he did enjoy Shaolin Monks as a nostalgia trip.
My passion held on, and for the first time for a good while I was excited of Mortal Kombat again, when Mortal Kombat 9 was announced. I don't play games much anymore, so it's hard to pull me to play MK nowadays. Mortal Kombat 9 was exceptional, making me to complete the krypt, finish the story mode, finish the ladder with everyone and play some competitive fights online and with friends. Mortal Kombat 9 was the first (and possibly the last) game ever that I have bought as a collector's edition. It was worth it; the art book and the European exclusivity screwed nailed it for me.
The Mortal Kombat fandom had passed to me from my brother. My friends were doubtful about my fandom towards a dying franchise. Things have changed: Mortal Kombat has gained the pinch of street credibility back.
It's good to be a Mortal Kombat fan today.
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02/18/2012 07:49 AM (UTC)
That is awesome. I remember being 15 yrs old in a mall arcade and my mom gave my brother and i a roll of quarters aside from the side scrollling X-Men arcade game i played i was drawn to mortal kombat instantly and played Liu lang first while my brother picked Sub-zero and eventually i played Scorpion and we battled each other alot. I also remember loveing it when i was able to get the SNES version and play it for free when ever i wanted
02/20/2012 10:18 PM (UTC)
Good old times! I remember playing MK1 at an arcade (The only one we had at our restaurant). I would go eat there after school only to play pool and MK with a friend. Quarters and dollars being from our parents, we would eat only fries and play.

I was about 8 when i asked my parents for a Sega Genesis to be able to play the game at home. I think Nintendo didn't have the blood at that time. I had a couple friends that were playing the franchise so we could easily borrow the games from anyone who bought MK1-2 or 3. I remember the fights, the real ones i mean since i must admit this is the type of game that makes your best friend your worst enemy for the time being when you're so young.

The most fun i've had was with MK2 and MKDA, sad though that not many friends i kept contact with still play. The last one in which i faced friends was MKA and they were new to MK. Most are about shooters and action/adventure but i wish for another 10 and even 20 years of MK. Without any character that i love ever disappearing.

Here's to 20 great years of fighting games.
02/21/2012 03:05 AM (UTC)
The game is great no doubt. But I just can't get enough. I bet there are millions and millions of people like myself would love to see ALL Mortal Kombats released. WHO'S WITH ME !?!?
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02/24/2012 05:36 PM (UTC)
I remember being no more than 3 years old when I first started playing Mortal Kombat. My parents would always go to the local bowling alley and drop me off in the arcade with my sisters. The three of us were enamored by Mortal Kombat 2. We played it all the time and even tried to make a fan film which did not turn out that well. I remember drawing art for ever character in the game. If I could ever find those drawings I'd post them in fan art asap.
03/05/2012 01:35 PM (UTC)
Who doesn't like a trip down memory lane? Told this story here before, but hell, again shouldn't hurt.

So it all started for me when I was 7 in '93. Went on a school field trip to Granada Studios in England. At the end of it we were allowed time in the arcade, and a buddy and I were drawn to the MK 1 machine.
Think I picked Cage, no doubt we were horrible, and after that my memory is hazy. I'm guessing there was a lot of buzz about the game, even in England, and those early game mags and shows like Gamemasters probably hyped it up to the max, but at some point I was enthralled. So much so I bought the game for my Amiga (hoping and praying the cashier wouldn't see the "15" sticker, given I was less than half that age. Luckily for me, she didn't) and played countless hours (on a joystick!), often using Raiden or Sub Zero. I have a vague memory of doing Kano's heart rip, and I specifically remember reaching Goro, seeing his huge frame and 4 arms, pausing the game and fleeing the room to get my senses. Hey, I was 7...

To this day I still have fond memories of the giant red box and simplistic, yet badass dragon symbol:,43162/ Don't think I ever beat it on the Amiga, but I recall becoming infatuated with the cryptic Reptile. At summer camp I saw the older kids fighting against him on the Master System version the camp had (god, showing my age now, Amiga, Master System...) and with his drop down hints on my version and combined powers of Scorpion and Sub Zero - but green! - I fell in love with him.

So much so, that the night before I knew I was getting MKII, again for my Amiga, I dreamt I was fighting my sensei (I was doing Judo at the time) in front of the class, and I morphed into Reptile.
I may or may not have eaten his head.

The Amiga version of MK2 was pretty crap (so was Reptile, incidentally) so I didn't play it as much as MK1, spending more time playing it on my buddy's Genesis (Mega Drive II in the UK wink ) and cheating our way to an exploding Shao Kahn via a gameshark and my cheat book.

Saw the movie at his house too, as his Mom was cool enough to rent it for us, and for some reason, I have this vague recollection of Kano having an extra line of dismay when Shang Tsung rips on him in front of Goro for having "no dignity, no manners," etc. But then again, that could be a complete creation of my imagination. Or perhaps I was dreaming again.

Moved to Canada in 1997, and to ease the culture shock, my parents bought me a PSX. Grabbed MK3 (with it's huge Sega Saturn jewel case. Remember those?) and played the hell out of it, again rocking Sub Zero.

Started to get the strategy guides around that time, specifically two for MK Trilogy, and when I found you could play as Goro, I was stoked. So much so that, because MKT couldn't be found at any game store, I actually rented a Saturn and it's MKT from Blockbuster for the weekend.
Finally got to play as Goro, and like when I finally got to play as Reptile back in MK2, I was gutted. The spin move/lariat was nice thoughgrin
Also got MKTJB and the 1st episode of MKDOTR on VHS (remember that?), as well as the 1st movie. Saw the second - twice - in the theaters, my 11 year old brain not comprehending the crapness.
Also played MK4 in a movie theater arcade that same year, again went with Subby, and I recall the joystick 'sticking' to the point I couldn't move him after a win or two of the arcade ladder, and thinking the machine was rigged.

LOVED MKMSZ (being more interested in the storyline than gameplay at that age, and my adoration for Subby) and rented it many times. Still love the atmosphere, vibe and music to this day. IMO the best in each of those categories in the series.

1998 rolled around, and that summer I got MK4 for PSX, and played the hell out of it! But by then MK was on the wane. However, my 12/13 year old prepubescence was nicely accelerated by the soft-core MK Conquest.
Then came the upgrade MKG and it's 9.9.99 Dreamcast drop, but I wasn't buying that system (then).
Read up on MKSF, but everything pointed to garbage, so avoided that.

It was then I took an MK hiatus. I didn't even know MKDA came out, until one day in spring 2004 I was in a game shop, and I happened to see it in the USED section. Brought back all my nostalgic memories, so I grabbed it.
Being a previous MK story buff, I thought it was awesome. Story, cast, presentation, design and music were all top notch. That rekindled my interest, and I actually came online to see if a 3rd movie was in the works. (Through the Unofficial MK movie page, I found this site...)

It wasn't, but MKD was, and it looked sick. I still remember the preview vids, with the characters being sent crashing through the Red Dragon Temple's glass, and the Beetle Lair, etc. And that awesome Kabal shooting his purple fireball in the prison pic.
Game was pretty decent, and I spent a solid 3 months online, though the Bo Rai Cho spammers were annoying, as were the 'pullers'

Got MKSM, which was great fun, and strangely, around the summer of 2005 my MK obession drew me to buy a used DC and the less-buggy copy of MKG. A year later the rushed MKA came out, and was pretty terrible imo. Around that time I started concentrating on school more, and again I lost interest in MK.
Thought (and still think) MKDC was a bad idea, and even though MK9 looks awesome and got me back here, I'm not forking out for a PS3 over here, so unfortunately I haven't played it.

Still, at least the series looks like it has some legs. Especially with Rebirth/Legacy erasing the sour memories of the Threshold era of MK film. Looking forward to the 3rd movie, as I have been for the last 9 years!
03/08/2012 02:13 AM (UTC)
My dad says I've played the first Mortal Kombat game, but I don't remember anything. Earliest I can remember was me being around 3 or 4 years old: My mom and dad were taking me on a visit to my grandparents' (mom's side) house, and I remember my three uncles were playing Mortal Kombat: Trilogy. They said I couldn't beat them, but I proved them wrong and beat them at MK:T using Scorpion. I barely remember anything after that.

But I do remember playing Mortal Kombat 4 and Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero. I don't remember much about MK4, but in MKM: Sub-Zero, I remember getting as far as to the temple, I think. The temple which houses the amulet, I don't think I've ever made it to any of the gods the guarded it. (Blame the lack of having a memory card)

Then Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance came out (now with my younger brother existing), and it was amazing. The facial battle-damage and the Fatalities, and the Krypt. I liked seeing the new fighters, especially Drahmin, I thought he was pretty cool, and I still do. I remember having my three uncles visit my family's house to play Mortal Kombat from time to time. When Mortal Kombat: Deception released, I remember my three uncles came to our house see the intro of MK:D. It was pretty cool, played some normal Kombat and Chess and Puzzle Kombat. The Konquest mode intrigued me greatly, it was different than MK:DA's Konquest, and I liked this new Konquest very much. Even though I barely knew what was going on. But after playing it again some years later, with my more developed mind, I was able to comprehend Konquest's story better, but it still confused me at times. Many great times were had with Mortal Kombat: Deception. (I never played online, so maybe that helped.)

When Mortal Kombat: Armageddon was released, I didn't think much of how it sucked, I just appreciated that it was another MK game for me to enjoy. I still liked it. The Konquest mode was different once more, but I still like how Midway went with it. Except for that giant skull at the end, that was kind of annoying. I enjoyed the Motor Kombat. I remember trying to play as most of the fighters in normal Kombat, I thought it was pretty cool to be able to play as every fighter again. Though more great times with MK:A were had, I got bored of it (no random character tower) and went back to MK:DA and MK:D.

With the release of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, my dad bought it when it released. Though it kind of bummed me to see the effects of the T rating, I don't mind it now. The Kombat was great, and I liked the additions of Klose Kombat, Fall Kombat, and Test Your Might. It was also when I started getting a little into the advanced strategies of Kombat. I did return to the previous-gen games of Mortal Kombat. But I returned to MK vs. DCU to get my Mortal Kombat fix when NRS announced MK 2011. I realized that MK vs. DCU was pretty good, and I continued to play it, even after downloading the MK 2011 demo.

I went to MK 2011's midnight release with my dad, it was exciting. I remember not sleeping that night. Everything about it was good, except for having to unlock the higher levels of Test Your Might, Sight and Strike through the Challenge Tower, that was one thing I disliked. Fast forward several months, MK 2011 is what brought me the knowledge of tournament-level fighting. It was also when I strove to better my Kombat knowledge, becoming a better player in the art of Kombat. Mortal Kombat 2011 brought me what was needed, to make it last as long as MK:DA, and MK:D did, and that was the knowledge of tournament-level fighting. It's what keeps me playing MK 2011, even after it has almost been a year since it was released. All my PS3 games are nothing when compared to how long MK 2011 has kept me playing. It's also why I'm buying MK 2011 for my Playstation Vita.

I've been a Mortal Kombat fan since I was 3 or 4 years old. It has been quite a journey.
03/09/2012 03:06 AM (UTC)
I first played Mortal Kombat II when I about 12 years old, after my stepfather rented it for us (neither of my biological parents wouldv'e ever let us play it). My sister, friends, stepfather, and I played that game for hours! It was one of the first fighting games I remember that actually had decent female characters- none of your damsels-in-distress.

Before we could return the game, the video store from which we rented the game went out of business, so we just kept it. I still have it to this day!

My stepfather bought me UMK for my birthday. That game was a blast. I remember once playing my stepfather and kicking his ass in about 6 seconds.

Sadly, my stepfather died in a car accident when I was 15, so I guess Mortal Kombat is kind of my connection to him.
03/12/2012 10:32 PM (UTC)
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03/13/2012 05:05 PM (UTC)
I first played MK when my uncle gave me MK2 for my birthday. In Argentina there was this show called Top Kids -they had a magazine too- and they had kids go to the show to play the game, so I fell in love with it, even though I was 5 at the time. So I asked my uncle to look for the game and he did! The funny part is that he didn't know the game was so violent and gory, and when he saw some gameplay he was like "is this really what you wanted?" and he apologized to my mom, it was very funny.

Needless to say, my love for MK never decreased. MK4 was my first PS One game, MKA my first PS2 game, and MK9 my first PS3 game.
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03/14/2012 06:08 PM (UTC)
The classsics were good but I like the new stuff
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03/14/2012 06:43 PM (UTC)
...You are aware you stole my avatar, right?
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03/15/2012 03:00 AM (UTC)
I couldn't find a good avatar of Ermac so I wanted to use yours. I am a big fan of Ermac.wink
03/15/2012 03:12 PM (UTC)
ive alwayes loved the mk games my favorite for 2D is UMK III and 3D is armageddon of course and the new won will be my favorite
the first one i played was 4 but i went back for the KLASSICS

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03/15/2012 09:59 PM (UTC)
Started with MK1, stuck around since aside from a fair bit of disinterest between UMK3 and MK:DA. Frankly, I think MK is at least as great now, if not better, than it ever was. 20 years coming full circle and I'm proud to have seen the series truly find itself.
03/24/2012 12:04 AM (UTC)
i started with mortal kombat in 1992 at the arcades when i was 3. i was very good for my age. had to stand on few milk crates to play the machine since i was small. i saw sub - zero fatality when watching the older kids play the machine. my 1st fatality was scorpions toasty. the 2nd was the pit fatality.

i got scolded several times because of how violent the game was and here's me playing against 14-15 year olds while i'm standing on 2-3 milk crates. i started to imtate what i saw in the game like sub - zero's head rip and scorpions spear.

a year later i turned 4 and did not get to play mk2 until i was 5 or 6 when i got a super nes. i played that like crazy. i loved playing as reptile and baraka. i always chose the deadpool and the living forest. the music in that game was on par with mk4's.

i was around 7 or 8 when i played mk3,umk3,mk4. i didn't really care for mk3 and umk3 but mk4 became my favorite in the series. i remember looking at quan - chi on the machine and saying damn that's badass. everything about mk4 was great the characters, the fatalitys, the stages,music, ovearll theme. eventually i got mk4 on the n64 way later because i wanted to remember those fond memories.

my uncle got mk trilogy in 2000 on his playstation. i'd go to his house just to play it. i never did get to play special forces but heard it was lousy. did rent mk mythogies and found that it was ok. did not beat it though.

in 2005,2006 my parents had to come in the store with me to get mkda,mkd because i wasn't old enouggh to buy it. got them pretty cheap at best buy. loved mkda. thought it had the best story in any mk game. mkd i really liked the stages and the extra modes but hated the konquest mode it pissed me off.

mka came i was like extatic to play as any mk character i wanted. plus to create my own fighter i was like great. some of it could of been alot better but for me it was a 3d mk trilogy. i got the premium one with kahn and sindel on the cover.

still have not played mkvsdc or mortal kombat the reboot since i don't own a current gen console so i can't really say much about those games. but i do check videos of gameplay on youtube.

mk movies weren't bad for being games to films. glad mk still strong. here's hope for another 10 years.tongue
03/27/2012 02:47 AM (UTC)
i have played all the mortal kombat games from the original to the newest mk as well as spin-off. but though all of the game i played whether i like a game more or less then the others. i still had fun playing it. i dont know if it was the just the killing by ripping head off or just dismembering them piece by piece. or maybe it was the choice of more characters and different character then any other game. regardless the reasons i glad though it all the ups and down they are still going strong specially with the new game. i have to admit that i was scared to see how wb would handle mk over midway. but i have to say it not to bad. so heres going mortal kombat stays strong and goes on forever. let the dragon fly
03/30/2012 06:30 PM (UTC)
AWSOME dudetonguefurious
04/10/2012 06:49 AM (UTC)
As I was growing up, I was bullied and beaten up many many times for being different. The only release and escape that I could turn to from this reality was the videogaming world. In the videogaming universe I gravitated towards martial arts based gaming becuase it made me feel that one day I could do and be like the characters that I seen in the game. of course one of these games was Mortal Kombat!!!

I played street fighter 2 first in arcades and was introduced to Mortal Kombat 2 the sequal of the first. As a gay male and a crossdresser, I gravitated only to the female characters cause I knew that the specialty behind them was something that I not only related to but was something that I eager aspired to become.

During the time of Mortal Kombat 2, I was already in a "Chun.Li" phase where I desperately was going to the gym learning Wu Shu, and going to school ripping my T-Shirts apart to mimic a Chinese Qi Pao while altering the short sleeves to accomidate Chun.Li's look from the Street Fighter series.

This all changed when MK 2 hit the scene for home systems in 1993 when I was introduced to Kitana. Once this new female character was presented to me in this game; till this very day Kitana has been my favorite female amongnst all females in many other fighting games and in all of MK itself. It would be the character Kitana that would set the final standard in which would become the catalyst to which I'd pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket to become a gymnast, Wu Shu artist, and a motion capture artist as well.

When I think of the best years of MK I think of the reoccuring theme music that appeared from parts 1 through Trilogy. MK 4 and after never since revisted the classic credit or opening music from 1, 2, or 3 series. If it was not MK music I was humming or singing it was Killer Instinct nethertheless, MK would always continue to hold a special place in my heart not only as a martial artist but as a true Otaku and supporter. I stayed with MK even through there dark moments when Midway thought that MK 4 would put them under since it did not do well. MK Deadly alliance was resurect them and save the MK franchise.

MK was a game that was more tournament than what people were willing to appreciate. Becuase it did not play like the shitty capcom games, MK eventually had to reinvent itself to play like a capcom game in MK9 to be noted as a tourney worthy game by EVO etc. I still play the classic MK games more that the newest one because I refused to get lamed out by BS. In this thought I look forward to seeing a proper sequal to to Armageddon; us "orginal" fans and keepers of the MK mythology are still awaiting for the conclusion of that game.

In the future I hope to see a special dedication to the women of MK they never get any light at all like the ladies of capcom. The Capcom ladies get lots of exposure and fan art by the creators, dolls, figures etc. I wanna see that for MK. I'd wonder what Kitana would look like in her place garments, or what would ibe like to see Sindel in some gothic dresses, would it be simular to the dark queen from ABC 7's "Once upon a Time" TV show. Or Tanya and her father when he was the embassador for outworld. Milleena on a vacation with baraka or perhaps Mileena going the the "outworld" dentist. Sheeva body building, Sereena in bed dreaming about Subzero, Jade meditating in a zen pose, female chamelion kissing reptile, Vampire princess Nitara sharing political deligations with Kitana, Frost trying to dye her hair blue. This and many many more ideas should be put into art form just for the ladies since they never get any real play.

Well this is my recollections of my love for MK, below I posted a link to my youtube video. This video shows the world what MK has done for me and what I could accomplish 20 years later since being a fan from the very begining. I hope you guys like the video all supporters of Mortal Kombat Universe and Martial Arts.

Sincrerely: Fu-Sung Elizabeth Cookye (Reimi Jahanna)
04/20/2012 02:52 PM (UTC)
Wow, where to start is the question???

I remember when the very first game came out, I played at the local mall's arcade and witnessed: Sonya's Kiss Of Death (and got to do it as my 1st fatality), seen Sub Zero's Spinal Chord Rip and thought OMG I can't believe a video game is allowing this, then Raiden's Head Shocker which at that time IMO was the sickest with all the brain matter laying around, and finally seen Liu Kang's and thought nothing of it until they fell into the Pit 1. The Pit 1 originally had that woman's head smiling in it lol and it freaked me out to where I wouldn't play the game for a while, in fact it gave me nightmares literally.

Years pass, and I forgot all about it until MK2 was announced. I witnessed the first glimpse of my old best friend playing as Kung Lao and got his butt whooped easily by Kitana. I seen her Kiss Of Death preformed on him, then seen the only Fatality he could do which was the vertical slice, and WOW I thought that was EPIC!!! LOL, then out comes Baraka and I didn't know what to consider him.

Within a year of MK2's release, there were SO MANY RUMORS like: Tanya, Skarlet, Hornbuckle/Torch, Ermac, Living Lightning, Kano/Sonya/Goro Transformation, a 3rd Fatality for every character, animalities, and even nudalities - 1 in which Kitana simply castrates the opponent, 1 Sub Zero would freeze the groin and shatter it, Baraka had 1 not sure what it was supposed to be, and the funniest rumor Mileena would squeeze acid out her bossomz.

Me and tons of friends would try everything to make any of those work, we had fake secret lists that aparently didn't work, but for years never gave up. In fact it was until after the MK3 release when the whole turn Liu Kang into a Pizza Glitch was found with using Shang Tsung, Extended Fatality time, Morph into Sub Zero and keep Deep Freezing, hurry and morph into Mileena and Eat Em Fatality turned their skin into some funky glitchy colors, Liu Kang's resembling that of a pepperoni pizza. Lol, we thought we found something supposed to be hidden, which I'm sure just turned out to be a glitch. In fact, I've done the whole Mileena with a red costume glitch but it didn't say Skarlet like always rumored, lol. Also, there was a color glitch with Kitana which turned her goldish.

When MK3 came and the whole combo concept took over, I have to say that Killer Instinct might have had a little help keeping this game alive, because a lot of people thought it was a big step-down from the brutal MK2, even though MK2 had some humor concepts to it, MK3 was total humor in some eyes. The animalities were always a little fun to try to pull off but were really odd choices for some of the characters, even some fatalities were way off in left field. UMK3 brought in all the missing favorites, which Kitana of course was mine, yet there wasn't much of a fix just a continued rushed-game.

Most people want to forget MK4 happened, but I on the otherhand loved the Fatalities, Stages, the characters in the game really made it a good one, well Jarek was a bit generic but loved Tanya, Fujin, and Kai's addition. I thought it was by far the ONLY 3D Fighter that I ever actually enjoyed besides the Tekken series, litterally it was sweet you could throw the floor objects/dropped weapons or dodge projectiles in a quick sensible/visual way. I even bought the whole Sega Dreamcast just for the MK Gold Edition and still have/love it, again GO KITANA!!! When the MK Mythologies: Sub Zero came out, I actually really enjoyed it, yet it was VERY DIFFICULT, and took me a while to beat it. I didn't even bother with the Special Forces game, cuz it sucked based on many people's views.

When MKDA came out that's when the gameplay began to go downhill IMO. It sucked and to only have 1 Fatality, 1 LOL, THEY KNEW BETTER THAN THAT!!! Well all was fixed in MKD, in fact it turned out to be one of the BEST due to it's Konquest Mode which was by far better than the ENTIRE MK Shaolin Monks game which even the Konquest Mode had many secrets like the floating treasure chest that u have to glitch to get/get out of.

When MKA came out, I was so happy to play it until I relized that the regular Fatalities were ALL SCRAPPED??? Create-a-Fatality was the by far THE WORST MISTAKE IN MK HISTORY!!! I made sure regardless that I had the Wii version so I could play as Khameleon cuz I absolutely love her!!!

Wow, MKvsDCU, who'd have ever thought we'd see that coming, lol!!! It actually turned out to be a great game: gameplay, graphics, speed, well maybe not so much the character selection but it turned out to be great, with/without the gore. Just wish they'd had released Harley Quinn and Quan Chi, and would definitely purchase them if they came out 2day. I have to say though that this would've been better if they'd added some characters like: Kung Lao, Reptile, Poison Ivy, Sindel, Penguin, Lobo, Doomsday, Hawkman, Aquaman, and Zatanna.

The day that we seen the 1st glimpse of MK9 (a.k.a MK 2011), I nearly $h!t myself. Finally seeing the vertical slice return + more amazing fatalities and all the amazing additions were just EPIC!!! Then, out of nowhere my FAVORITE MOVIE ICON OF ALL TIME, Freddy Krueger was leaked out to be the final DLC character. I thought that the first 3 DLC were totally amazing but he blew the roof off and that was like a childhood dream come true, literally. With this being the PERFECT MK game, I'm scared to move on to another, I don't know if anything could ever match that great of a game, literally.

Deep down I want to thank the NRS so much for continuing this amazing legacy and I pray they add on to MK9 regardless if they say their not.


1. Tanya
2. Fujin
3. Tremor
4. Jason Vorhees

1. Sonya Blade - Flamming Lips
2. Kitana - MK2 Kiss of Death
3. Sektor - Trash Compactor
4. Kung Lao - MK3/Gold Hat Mayhem
5. Jade - Head Lance
6. Ermac - Telekinesis Psychosis
7. Reptile - MK4 Face Chew
8. Sindel - Skin Screamer
9. Freddy Krueger - Up The Wall Classic
10. Shang Tsung - Motaro Morph
About Me

04/21/2012 08:16 AM (UTC)
20 years, where has the time gone?

I remember playing the first MK as an eight year old and the 10 years after that are filled with MK memories, up until MK4 I played the games actively, then PC gaming and school / work came inbetween but i kept following the games,... the stories the fatalities, the controversies, the take over by warner bros. midway -> netherrealm.

I can honestly say, MK has been in my life on the side line, as an interest, for reasons mentioned above. From the bad movies to the COnquest series, the comics, the cartoons...and the Reboot and amazingly done shorts by MK Legacy, god I hope that movie comes soon and redoes the franchise movie wise.

The Reboot of MK last year... watched the storyline 2/3 times on Youtube. I'd like to see MK last another 20 years,...I know I'll be following it.

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