The fourth, and likely the final before the game's release, Fatality Friday trailer has been released over on Much like the previous installments, this features three of the game's character performing one of their finishing moves. Up this week are Liu Kang, Batman and Baraka!

Liu's is a throwback to his Mortal Kombat 3 Arcade Drop fatality, where he drops an arcade machine on the opponent. The machine dropped in this game is MK1. Batman's heroic brutality consists of the caped crusader using his batarang as a beacon for bats, which swarm the victim. Baraka, not surprisingly, uses his blades to slash and impale the opponent in the midsection, and flips them over his head and smashes them back into the ground.

When and if Midway makes this trailer available, we will have it available for download here. Until then, check it out over on Gametrailers.

Thanks to forum member for the heads-up on this lead!

EDIT - 17 November 2008 3:40 PM CST by DArqueBishop - Midway has released the video to all sites. To stream the video or download a high-definition version, just click on the links below.