After a short exclusive stint at sites like Game Trailers and IGN, earlier today Midway released the second finishing move trailer from Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. This video portrays three more fatalities (as opposed to heroic brutalities). In the first fatality, Sonya Blade leaps onto Deathstroke's shoulders to do a handstand, grabs his head, twists violently to break his neck, and leaps off as he falls dead. In the second fatality, Catwoman uses her whip to snare Sonya around the neck, pulls Sonya towards her and to the ground, and then proceeds to pull at Sonya's neck, choking her until her neck snaps. In the third fatality, Sub-Zero (in a move like one of his Mortal Kombat 3 fatalities) lifts Deathstroke over his head, freezes him solid, and then throws him to the floor, smashing him into tiny (non-gory) pieces.