Smoke d. ScorpionNetherRealm Studios are back in the 'rasslin business! The developer released the free fighting app WWE Immortals earlier this month - just in time for the annual Royal Rumble! We think it's such a swell game, we're celebrating with our own take on the WWE classic - and we need you to make it work!

We'll be asking "Who's Next?" when 30 Kombatants are drawn randomly at regular intervals to enter the first ever Mortal Kombat: Royal Rumble!

It will all go down tomorrow (Sunday) - with the Fan Koliseum deciding characters' fates by voting for eliminations on the forum, and boosting their chances via Twitter! Better still, every participating fan will go into the draw to win themselves a limited edition Mortal Kombat kollectible pin! Here's what you need to know:

    Mortal Kombat - Royal Rumble Rules:
  • 30 Kombatants will be drawn randomly to enter at regular intervals.
  • The MK Royal Rumble will begin when #1 & #2 are announced.
  • Each entrant will be announced via @MK_Online & the forum.
  • Kombatants begin with 12 elimination points.
  • For every 5 Retweets & 10 Favorites a Twitter entrance receives - the corresponding character will gain +1 elimination points. [Tallied during each subsequent entrance.]
  • Fans will vote to eliminate active characters by posting to the forum.
  • An elimination occurs when the voting tally exceeds a characters points total.
  • Fans can vote for an elimination once per entrance: Points will remain subtracted, but a new entrance will grant users the right to vote again for any character they decide.
  • Eliminations will give points to randomly assigned eliminators.
  • There must always be at least 1 kombatant active.
  • Kombatants remaining after the 30th entrant will be systematically eliminated based on their points and the total Retweet & Favorites received.
  • In the tradition of the Royal Rumble - expect surprises! The 30 entrants will be drawn randomly from a total field of 85 characters!
  • Prize winners will be notified within 48 hours.

There were surprise entrants, wacky warriors, and early exits. It was a Royal Rumble in every sense of the word! A random draw from 85 potential kombatants resulted in an interesting slice of the Mortal Kombat canon. A chance moment separated the final three as Sonya Blade and Quan Chi were double eliminated, granting Shinnok total victory! Will he be so fortunate when Mortal Kombat X comes around? That is the leading question heading into April!

Mortal Kombat Royal Rumble Results:
1. Johnny Cage (#7) eliminated Delia (#3)
2. Sareena (#5) eliminated Ashrah (#1)
3. Kia (#11) eliminated Sareena (#5)
4. Shao Kahn (#9) eliminated Mileena (#10)
5. Mavado (#15) eliminated Smoke (#6)
6. Tanya (#16) eliminated Mavado (#15)
7. Goro (#18) eliminated Wu Lae (#13)
8. Daegon (#19) eliminated Dairou (#21)
9. Meat (#17) eliminated Jade (#12)
10. Khameleon (#4) eliminated Mokap (#23)
11. Quan Chi (#26) eliminated Kung Lao (#20)
12. Scorpion (#8) eliminaed Johnny Cage (#7)
13. Scorpion (#8) eliminated Kai (#2)
14. Goro (#18) eliminated Shao Kahn (#9)
15. Tanya (#16) eliminated Kia (#11)
16. Raiden (#28) eliminated Tanya (#16)
17. Frost (#24) eliminated Khameleon (#4)
18. Frost (#24) eliminaed Meat (#17)
19. Raiden (#28) eliminated Scorpion (#8)
20. Kintaro (#30) eliminated Daegon (#19)
21. Rain (#27) eliminated Bo' Rai Cho (#29)
22. Shinnok (#22) eliminated Frost (#24)
23. Shinnok (#22) eliminated Cassie Cage (#14)
24. Shinnok (#22) eliminated Rain (#27)
25. Shinnok (#22) eliminated Kintaro (#30)
26. Sonya Blade (#25) eliminated Raiden (#28)
27. Quan Chi (#26) eliminated Goro (#18)
28. Shinnok (#22) eliminated Sonya Blade (#25)
29. Shinnok (#22) eliminated Quan Chi (#26)
Winner: Shinnok (#22)

Mortal Kombat Online is excited about this experiment to bring together the MKOmmunity in a unique way. We hope everyone will help make it a great success! If you have questions about the Mortal Kombat Royal Rumble - be sure to ask them on the forum!

Register to kreate your own forum games, or fantasy fight match-ups any time you like in the Fan Koliseum! Tell your friends to be ready for tomorrow's Royal Rumble by sharing via @MK_Online & Facebook!