Iron Studios is taking inspiration from klassic arcade games like Mortal Kombat II to create a new series of iconic collectible statues. The MK Klassic line features several legendary fighters from the first games including the biggest and baddest boss of them all - Shao Kahn! Take a closer look:

For his Mortal Kombat Battle Diorama statue the sculptor has taken inspiration directly from Shao Kahn's original appearance in the background of Kahn's Arena. The Emperor sits in a flared throne of stone, staring coldly out from beneath a skull-shaped helmet with one hand resting on a throne skull, and the other gripping a long sceptre with red gem.

Although seated, Shao Kahn is consistent with the 1:10 scale of the MK Klassic Battle Diorama series. The design peaks at 9.8" high thanks to his staff, 7.8" wide & deep. The throne makes this one a bit heavier than others: 5lbs of hand-painted polystone for a slightly higher than usual $199.99 price.

Shao Kahn is available to pre-order and set to ship sometime this quarter. Other statues in the series include: Goro, Raiden, and Scorpion. Will you be adding the Outworld Emperor to your personal Warrior Shrine?

Tell us what you think of this one in the comments below and check out more gear in the Media & Merchandise forum! While you're there you'll also be able to vote for Shao Kahn and others in this year's Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion character tournament!