The 1995 Mortal Kombat feature film is still widely considered one of the best live-action video game adaptations of all time. It's inspired a new Scorpion skin for the latest video game, but one element that hasn't made the transition back to games is the movie's iconic soundtracks. Shapeshift Records is imagining what that might've sounded like with a double album of 16-bit chiptune versions of all the most iconic music! Read on for details:

Flawless Victory is a double vinyl album and digital experience conceived as a complete package imagining if Mortal Kombat the motion picture had inspired a video game based on the movie!

First and foremost its a collectible gatefold poster and vinyl set with movie-inspired designs by Tom Pollock Jr, and two 180 gram heavyweight clear vinyl discs: one with purple colour and black & orange splatter, the other orange with black & purple [pictured below]. They feature music by Anar Keytarman who imagines 16-bit gamified versions of the George S Clinton score, and iconic single tracks by the likes of Orbital, The Immortals, Utah Saints, and more!

The $40 vinyl package includes all 29 tracks, but for $20 you'll also be able to get the Flawless Victory digital kollection that includes all the music in WAV and MP3 formats, plus a raft of digital bonuses, including pixel animation by Fatih Emir Duran, Harry Shotton, Luis Zuno & Tom Pollock Jr that conceives movie scenarios in a pixel art style, a 24 page digital art book, 25 desktop wallpapers, 21 mobile home screen backgrounds, and behind the scenes interview materials. Purchase both vinyl & digital versions and receive $5 off.

Flawless Victory will go on pre-sale starting 12:00PM EST on Friday, May 17th. Keep your eyes peeled to the Shapeshift Records website for more.

Vinyl soundtracks for the George S Clinton Mortal Kombat Soundtrack and Klassic MK & MKII Dan Forden Soundtracks have previously been released. Will you be adding 16-bit movie tracks to your collection? Share your thoughts in the comments below and go deeper into music, movies, and collecting in the Media & Merchandise category!