Mezco Toyz impressed in New York late last year with the unveiling of their new Mortal Kombat X action figures [full story]. The toymaker shined, showing exactly what they could bring to a new era of MK collectibles. They were back in NYC this weekend for Toy Fair, where reported a massively expanded line.

Joining perennial favorites Scorpion, Sub-Zero & Raiden in the standard 6" line are a second wave of confirmed characters: Kotal Kahn, Quan Chi & Kitana! Like the figures before them, each preview shows off a greater level of detail than previous series - right down to the ornate carvings of Kitana's jewellery and Quan Chi's chest skull!

Note: The original trio of Scorpion, Sub-Zero & Raiden will now also make-up a scaled down series of 4" action figures baring similar sculpts at a reduced size. September 2015 will also see the arrival of 12" super-sized Scorpion & Sub-Zero dolls. Mezco reportedly aim to fill each variant line with the full Mortal Kombat X roster.

Expanding the line into even further realms are a series of super-deformed variations on Scorpion & Sub-Zero. Bobbleheads bring the highly detailed MKX designs to life with a wink and literal nod. Simplified versions coming in plush and Mini Mez-Itz formats - the latter standing just 2" high!

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