McFarlane Toys has big plans for their official Mortal Kombat 11 action figure line in 2021! Along with several exciting additions coming early next year, the toymaker has revealed two of its major releases for Summer: Kabal and Noob Saibot! Take a look:

Kabal leaps straight out of the game with his latest design recreated in exquisite detail. From the grey of his flesh, to his trademark life support mask and hookswords -- the rarely merchandised Black Dragon fighter is well represented by the McFarlane sculptors!

Fans of the less frequently featured characters will also be excited to see Bi-Han get the articulated action figure treatment! Noob Saibot is similarly faithfully recreated from MK11, wielding a jagged scythe in dramatic preview photographs released via the McFarlane Toys Gaming Facebook!

The cult favourite fighters join a line-up that already expanded with the likes of Kitana & Baraka earlier this year retailing $19.99. What do you think of Kabal & Noob? Who do you hope to see next? Share your thoughts in the comments below and talk toys in the Media & Merchandise forum!