Early last year, Mortal Kombat Online had fun comparing Triple H's Wrestlemania XXX entrance with legendary Outworld Emperor Shao Kahn. It looks like Chapter 4 of DC Comics' new series has turned the tables, showing us a Special Forces line-up with Sonya Blade and a large redheaded fellow who looks awfully familiar!

Malibu Comics fans might be a little disappointed if they're looking for Lieutenant Lance among the MKSF, but that large fellow at the back does bear a striking resemblance to former WWE Champion: Sheamus!

When asked about the resemblance via Twitter, he agreed, "Only missing me @leinsterrugby shirt".

"The Celtic Warrior" lives up to his ring moniker as one of the exaggerated cast appearing in NetherRealm Studios' hugely successful app: WWE Immortals! Before you get too excited about crossover prospects, Creative Director Ed Boon shut down a question about the subject with a pretty definitive: "No." Hats off to artist Dexter Soy, all the same.

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