Trends in cinema have increasingly ballooned big budget genre movies well past the 2 hour mark, but Mortal Kombat looks set to buck the trend by keeping its runtime under that threshold when it comes to reopening theatres. Read on for full details:

AMC Theatres have posted a runtime of 1 hour 50 minutes for the R rated revivial.

According to previous comments by producer Todd Garner: the theatrical release won't be jumping into tournament action as abruptly as the beloved 1995 adaptation, but the runtime will keep it close to the nineties classic, which ranged from 93-101 minutes in length. That's between 9-17 minutes shorter than the 2021 movie.

The new film dedicates around 13 minutes to a dynamic action sequence set in feudal Japan. The opening scene has been featured in previews, showing an attack by Bi-Han (Joe Taslim) and the Lin Kuei on gardening ninja Hanzo Hasashi (Hiroyuki Sanada). The pair are destined to meet in the modern era later in the film when Bi-Han serves the machinations of Shang Tsung (Chin Han) as the ice wielding Sub-Zero.

The movie will also introduce new creation Cole Young (Lewis Tan): a down on his luck MMA cage fighter with a dragon-shaped birthmark that alludes to a hidden destiny. Through well known characters from the video game he will learn to unlock his "arcana" soul power and fight back against Outworld's deadly warriors.

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