A horse is a horse, of course, of course. That is, of course, unless that horse is the famous MK3 centaur, Motaro! In which case, he's not a horse at all, and is much more likely to try to rip the skin from your flesh, than exchange pithy lyrical dialogues of an equine nature.

It began with a humble poll on Mortal Kombat Online, and ever since you selected Motaro as the statue you most wanted to see, the process of turning pixel to polystone has been underway!

The MKOmmunity has been involved at every stage of production thus far, with Syco Collectibes incredibly attentive to fan feedback throughout the sculpting stages. MKO fans helped keep the little details true to the character, influencing the minutia of the 14" statue, down to the finger.

Three months after the first preview, Syco are ready to unveil the first look at a paint master version of the Motaro statue chosen and overseen by Mortal Kombat Online fans!

Images represent an unfinished product with some revision still expected, but it gives you an idea of where the process is going. Is the fully painted centaur sub-boss up to standards? Fans will be encouraged to continue to share their opinions in the official forum thread!

Despite not quite being finished, Syco Collectibles are offering the customary pre-order option, with a 20% discount for using the appropriate link. Members of Mortal Kombat Online have been assured an exclusive priority on pre-orders for at least the first week, meaning you have a guarantee not to miss out in this window, should stock be limited.

Representing the character to scale with the rest of the standard 10" line; Motaro is 13" head-to-toe, positioned on a 14" diameter base. The horizontally inclined body stretches an equal 15", making Motaro a big release in more ways than one!

Mortal Kombat Online has provided exclusive first-look coverage of various stages [above] and will continue to keep you updated on this special project! Get more updates by visiting the Media & Merchandise forum and by liking us on Facebook and following @MK_Online!