The Mortal Kombat Legends animated universe will officially expand this summer with the home video release of its first sequel: Battle of the Realms. Purported box art for the 4K Blu-Ray has leaked, revealing a trio of characters expected to play a significant role. Take a look:

Self-proclaimed "industry insider" GeekGab posted the artwork to Twitter, which shows a painterly image of Liu Kang leaping to action flanked by Sub-Zero and Raiden. The simple compositional style is similar to Scorpion's Revenge box art, placing the characters over the dragon logo and a colourful background.

An initial report revealed a substantial amount of cast information, confirming Kuai Liang will assume the mantle of Sub-Zero from his deceased older brother, just as he famously did in Mortal Kombat II. Actor Bayardo De Murguia (Tiny Pretty Things, Fast & Furious Spy Racers) will voice the younger Lin Kuei warrior.

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