New York's Toy Fair is the place to be for the latest in collectible merchandse and Storm Collectibles have shown they've still got some klassic Mortal Kombat offerings up their sleeve!

Toyark was in NYC to take extensive photos from the Storm display, where 1:12 scale figures of Baraka, Cyrax and a netted Smoke are joined by classic fighting game characters from Street Fighter and King of Fighters. Behind the MK offerings can also be seen Injustice versions of Darkseid, Bane and Lobo.

The MKII and MK3 characters are faithfully rendered, with Cyrax demonstrating his cyber assassin net and open chest cavity in Smoke's general direction. Baraka strikes an impressive pose, brandishing his deadly blades with a sculpt that captures the original design -- right down to the deeply shadowed eyes created by the digitized mask!

Some fans may remember earlier versions of these characters. Prototype sculpts, including the Lin Kuei cyborg model and Baraka, were displayed during the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con alongside Shao Kahn & klassic palette swaps.

Do these toys live-up to the klassic reputation of their source? Share your thoughts & feedback in the Media & Merchandise forum, or jump back to Mortal Kombat's arcade past in the 2D Kombat Klassics forum!