Around this time of year Storm Collectibles is usually on the floor of the San Diego International Comic-Con, but with pandemic concerns shuttering the massive crowds for now, the toymaker has taken to social media to reveal their next big action figure offering. Sub-Zero is on the run with a klassic design pending approval in new images. Take a closer look:

Wearing a mask may curb the communal spread of coronavirus in 2020, but the retro Mortal Kombat 3 style Sub-Zero is noteable for its uniquely unmasked design.

Originally portrayed in the 1995 arcade sequel by chiseled John Turk; this design finds Sub-Zero marked for death and on the run from his former comrades in the Lin Kuei clan. In MK3 he not only had the Outworld invasion to contend with, but also the pursuit of cyber assassins Sektor and Cyrax, who've already been released as Storm Collectibles figures.

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MK3 is becoming a regular source of inspiration for the Hong Kong based action figure company, who previously released an exhaustive series of klassic ninja palette swaps. Other offerings have included UMK3 Scorpion and MKII Baraka.

The man we today know as Kuai Liang sports the famous eye scar earned in battle, and if other Storm releases are any indication, will probably be able to exhibit a variety of his trademark kori ice attacks. MK3 notably expanded his arsenal with the skyward ice shower attack.

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