Popular comic book scribe Gail Simone has revealed she was working on a now abandoned Mortal Kombat project in 2018. She described the extensive research the project required in a Twitter chain, also teasing the ominous scope and conseqeuence the multi-series concept would have had!

Simone was working simultaneously on licensed comics for Mortal Kombat and My Little Pony, joking about a crossover between the disparate brands, while discussing the heavy research projects like these require for their intense followings.

Many comic book writers enter the field with existing practical knowledge of the vast shared universes at DC and Marvel Comics, but will sometimes have to consider how extra research will occupy their time. Simone's output in 2018 took a dip while she immersed herself in the minutiae of the two brands, dividing time between MLP days, and MK nights. A fan of Mortal Kombat's characters, she discovered "how truly extensive the mythology" is once diving in "with both feet".

Simone describes a twelve-issue Mortal Kombat maxi-series she would have written, with an extended role overseeing an additional three on-going series, with what seem to be ominous consequences! The writer declined to go into greater detail, alluding only to a 'sprawling' event that "would have changed a comic universe forever, for real".

Although no clear context is provided, the reference seems to imply major consequences for an existing comic book universe beyond Mortal Kombat itself.

As a property owned by Warner Brothers since 2009; Mortal Kombat tie-ins have been published by DC Comics, who have a long history of incorporating new acquisitions into their larger DC Universe. It could be speculated the three additional on-going series Simone would have overseen may be in the wider existing DC lineup, indicating some kind of crossover, or more permanent incorporation. The publisher currently offers several series detailing alternate realities within the DC multiverse, including the world of the Injustice games made by NetherRealm Studios.

Shawn Kittelsen crossed over from working in video games as DC Entertainment Creative Executive to write the Mortal Kombat X tie-in series in 2015. His involvement has since expanded to include a writing credit for Injustice 2 and the Mortal Kombat 11 video game. Kittelsen made it known the new release would not have a follow-up DC Comics companion last December, suggesting the sprawling concept was scrapped by then.

Mortal Kombat fighters encountered a version of the DC Universe in a 2008 crossover video game. As of 2012 there have been no plans for a sequel, but Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Raiden have subsequently appeared as guest fighters in the Injustice series.

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