It's official! The first teaser for the next Mortal Kombat video game will drop tomorrow! The developer has confirmed the time and date with a new 14 second clip that continues the motif of a ticking clock -- and functions as a bit of a teaser itself. Watch and speculate right here:

The trailer advances the countdown, confirming "it is time" on May 18th, 6AM PT. The info fades over an alarm clock stuck at 1, which cracks, adding evocative imagery to the video title of Tomorrow Is A New Dawn. Small, but potentially significant details.

Mortal Kombat 11 left the MK timeline in tatters as the Titan Kronika endured defeat after twisting the past and present together. Liu Kang and Shang Tsung battled for control in the aftermath, and although Ed Boon has confirmed the sequel will continue where MK11 left off -- exactly what that means for time & space remains to be seen.

MK first rebooted its timeline in 2011 with Mortal Kombat: a retelling and reshaping of events that were first depicted in the 1992 arcade game and its two subsequent sequels. To avert Shao Kahn's victory over Armageddon, the thunder god Raiden sent images to his earlier self, inadvertently creating a grim new reality explored in Mortal Kombat X.

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With the series celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year, much speculation has been focused towards the possibility of yet another timeline reboot. A return to a previous era, such as the original game. Is this the new dawn that awaits? Share your thoughts in the comments and be with us tomorrow for the big reveal!