The hierarchy of royal power in Outworld is precariously balanced in the new era of Mortal Kombat 1. The reality of a new timeline has poised Empress Sindel atop the throne of the chaotic realm, with General Shao commanding the ranks of the imperial army. Learn more about these pivotal figures in official bios & character art:

Sindel's relationship with Shao Kahn was controversially rewritten for Mortal Kombat 11, making her a traitorous figure in Edenia's history, and willing collaborator with the conquering Emperor. Her relationship with King Jerrod appears restored in MK1, but the ties between Edenia & Outworld are as blurry as ever in the new bio.

Sindel (Empress of Outworld)
When Sindel ascended to Outworld's throne, she worried that she was ill-prepared. Adding to her stress: her impending arranged marriage to Jerrod, an Outworld noble. Forced into it to placate a rebellious region, Sindel could only pray that he was worthy.

To Sindel's delight, Jerrod proved an ideal partner. Her early reign marked the start of a new Golden Age. Sindel then welcomed her beautiful twin daughters, Mileena and Kitana. She thanked the Gods for her charmed life.

But Sindel had counted her blessings too quickly. When Jerrod was murdered, Sindel's heart was broken. Smelling weakness, factions formed to challenge her rule.

As her enemies conspire, Sindel fights to protect her family and her empire. She will do whatever it takes to defend her daughters' birthright.

General Shao (Supreme Commander of Outworld's Army)
Born into a proud military family, Shao was expected to become a soldier. But he was a sickly child who, though brilliant and eager, had an infirm body.

Shao's disability infuriated his father. He dismissed his son's physicians and designed an extreme program to build his son's strength and endurance.

Years of toil molded Shao into a physical colossus and forged within him an iron will. And as his father had promised, Shao became the perfect soldier. His brilliant tactics and relentless effort won Outworld many victories and him much fame.

Though General Shao is sworn to serve the Empress, his loyalty is to with Outworld. If Sindel's rule ever endangers Outworld, he will be the first to try to end it.

Questions abound regarding how Edenia came to be entwined with Outworld in a timeline overseen by Liu Kang, and whether its history has once again been retconned. We're also left wondering about General Shao's lineage and who his "illustrious" military father might be. Perhaps this is Shao Kahn's son? Or could Shao himself be the offspring of a character soon to take on greater significance?

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