The two latest additions to the Mortal Kombat 1 playable roster were revealed with an action-packed Lin Kuei trailer, but now you can get a more personal impression of Rain and Smoke with official biographies and render art. Check it out:

MK1's "New Era" presents these characters with subtle details distinct from their established status in the series' previous two timelines. Smoke joins brothers Sub-Zero & Scorpion under a remorseful Lin Kuei Grandmaster, while Rain's famed water techniques go a step beyond the fighting arts with no mention of his origins.

Rain (High Mage of Outworld)
As a student at Outworld's exclusive Imperial Academy of Sorcery, Rain amazed his peers with his singular aptitude for water magic. Having honed his craft of water magic into a fierce weapon, he now hopes to learn the realms' darkest and most powerful sorcery.

Smoke (Master of Stealth)
As a boy, Smoke lived to hunt with his family. Their final hunt, however, ended in tragedy. Having accidentally trespassed onto Lin Kuei lands, they were attacked. Smoke was orphaned.

Ashamed by his warriors' actions, the Lin Kuei's Grandmaster adopted Smoke. He raised him alongside his sons, Sub-Zero and Scorpion.

Eventually, Smoke chose to make the Lin Kuei's mission his own. But as he lacked his brothers' innate supernatural abilities, he set out to master practical magic. Having done so, he now joins them in Earthrealm's defense.

Smoke's boyhood adoption into the Lin Kuei may or may not address the relation of his fellow clansmen, filling in details of his past, while omitting reference to his nationality, and transformation into a mythical enenra, as established by the previous series reboot.

Rain's bio omits reference to his status as an Edenian demi-god, but that may not be all. Compared with other character bios, his single paragraph is uniquely brief, and some fans may note it differs slightly to a previous version prematurely circulated amongst the fandom.

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