Way back in February; D'Vorah was one of the earliest character reveals for Mortal Kombat 11. With no further gameplan reveal in the weeks and months following, questions have been raised about the elusive bug queen. Some of those can at last be answered thanks to Gameinformer:

Sticking to Mortal Kombat 11’s overall direction of not giving characters too many strong low and overhead options, D’Vorah has a good low combo-starter, but no great overhead. She can lean into close-range aggression, however, thanks to an equippable overhead spinning move she can use in the air. “If you're playing a match where you just want to get in, do your mixups, you could use that overhead move," Brownback says. You could also combine a few of her moves to give her decent mix-up options; you could equip the low-hitting crawling bug attack, then use it to get in close and attack with the airborne spin move.

The inadvertent release of achievement data got us very curious with an obliquely specific trophy listing: "TROPHY_ID_DEFEAT_OPPONENT_WHILE_DVORAH_BUG." Any theories about a sub-boss or strange new variant based on her new design can be put to rest. A Gameinformer preview feature has cast the spotlight to radically revamped customization options that will expand the arsenal of D'Vorah in weird and wonderful ways!

The article describes increased emphasis on her unique insectoid powers. Extended "ovipositors" will now be a permanent feature of her arsenal and presentation, with options to kit wings for aerial bug bomb attacks. If you're squeamish about being bathed with insects, D'Vorah could quickly become your kryptonite! She can now affix multiple insects to your fighter, waiting to detonate them at the time of her choosing. She can also summon and spawn multiple creepy crawlies - even bringing them out of the ground beneath her opponent!

The most bizarre and intriguing new trait comes at a sacrifice of two customizable move slots. Go with this, and you'll be able to spawn a baby upon defeat -- extending the battle with the unique moveset of your insect offspring! Gameinformer compares it to the resurrection mechanic used by Jason Voorhees in MKX, but we can't help but remember D'Vorah's grotesque MKX arcade ending. We can't wait to see it in action!

Excited about the next evolution for D'Vorah? Infest yourself with the few glimpses we've seen by checking out the Story Mode Trailer and official mini-bio! Join the hive to share your thoughts on the Mortal Kombat 11 forum!