Reptile is one of the klassic fighters still sorely missed in Mortal Kombat 11, but old hidden fighters won't be forgot by Ed Boon these holidays! The series co-creator shared a "random" fan video to Twitter showing the green palette swap sliding through MK11. Take a look:

The "Random Reptile Video", as Ed calls it, was originally posted to YouTube by KayGee, and appears to cinematically isolate Shang Tsung's Reptile transformation in the acid slide and win pose.

Shang Tsung can transform into klassic palette swap fighters in various special attacks, as seen in his gameplay trailer, or in his Brutality win pose when triggered by holding both shoulder buttons (ie; L2 & R2) and an attack button. 2 triggers Reptile -- triangle on PlayStation, Y on Xbox.

Reptile was a surprise omission from Mortal Kombat 11, but the Zaterran warrior does make a dramatic cameo in The Krypt, subtly alerting fans to his hidden presence in various corners of Shang Tsung's island.

The invisible Reptile can be discovered with Kenshi's blindfold, and striking him with Kahn's hammer eventually unlocks a Scorpion "Forest Ninja" skin. Kombat League eventually delivered more complete Reptile inspired skins in the Summer.

Ed Boon can't do much without inspiring wild fan theories and requests, but he must've known this one was ripe for speculation. During a New York Comic-Con interview, the MK11 Creative Director discussed deliberate methods used to stoke appreciation for Mileena. On the subject of teasing fans he noted, I wouldn't be doing that if I knew she [wasn't] eventually going to show up."

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