With less than two weeks to go until the release of Mortal Kombat 11 the game is giving up its last secrets. Kitana and D'Vorah are the next fighters to go under the developer's spotlight in today's Kombat Kast. Watch it all unfold right here:

Kitana appeared in Old Skool, Story Mode, and Evolution trailers, but confirmation of her playable return didn't come until this week's TV Spot. At last we expect to see the Edenian princess in action when the Kombat Kast returns today at the usual time of 3:00PM CST.

Scuttlebutt also suggests this may be the long awaited unveiling of D'Vorah! Little detail has been offered since her grotesque reveal in early February. Bio updates showed another side to the Kytinn killer, with a detailed report from Gameinformer building anticipation for a new D'Vorah capable of spawning all-new horrors!

Catch more Kitana while you wait in the Nintendo Switch TV Spot. Then when the stream goes live, watch it embedded above and share your impressions on the Mortal Kombat 11 forums!