Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate has arrived with cross-gen krossplay support and a free upgrade for next generation consoles, but the klassics aren't being forgotten! Kombat Pack 2 brings back perennial favourite Mileena and action legend John Rambo! Take a closer look at their modern-retro renderings in official character art:

Mileena's design pays homage to some of her earliest digitized appearances, but adapts the belted accent on solid colour with a new approach. Layered fabrics give texture to an iconic pinkish-violet base, simplifying ideas we saw experimented with in Mortal Kombat X concept art.

The wrapped tunic matches Mortal Kombat 11's more modest aesthetic, and creates what feels like an achievable look for live-action. It will be interesting to see if there is any design confluence with wardrobe worn by Sisi Stringer, who was cast as Mileena last year for the upcoming feature film reboot.

A large, full face mask isn't just a conscientious flourish for our infectious times. The face gear offers full coverage for Mileena's now lipless Tarkatan maw, hiding the assassin's true nature until it's too late! A choppy hairstyle gives Mileena personality, but look closely and you'll notice a model that could very easily pass for Kitana -- a klassic conceit for the half-breed Edenian clone!

Customizable gear options will allow players to emphasize their favourite aspects of Mileena, with base costumes ranging from a helmet Shao Kahn inspired Empress look -- to a scrappy, half-shorn design that plays up her Tarkatan heritage! You can see some of these elements in the Mileena gameplay trailer.

John Rambo boasts the photographic likeness of Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone and is seen here with an iconic design plucked right out of Rambo III.

The character doesn't dress for style, but fans will be able to mix and match various customizable options and recreates looks from the various films. If you prefer a red headband, rest assured it's in there. You'll also be able to pass through town in a military issue jacket or improvised gear right out of First Blood. You can see more in the Rambo gameplay trailer!

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Be sure to get a closer look at Rain in official character art and gameplay trailer provided by WB Games. You can find MK11 Ultimate and Kombat Pack 2 out now for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Google Stadia!

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