May has been a massive month of news and reveals for Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath -- now the downloadable expansion is finally upon us! Aftermath is released later today, and NetherRealm Studios has put out a helpful global release map so you can know exactly when its out. Take a look:

The very helpful resource breaks the world into key timezones, using regional capital cities to help you narrow down the earliest time you'll be able to start checking for your download! MK11 Aftermath will make impact everywhere from Rio De Janeiro, to London, Moscow, and Tokyo! Check the map graphic above for your nearest region, or convenient text below:

  • Los Angeles, USA - 8AM, May 26th
  • New York, USA - 11AM, May 26th
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 12PM, May 26th
  • London, England - 4PM, May 26th
  • Berlin, Germany - 5PM, May 26th
  • Cape Town, South Africa - 5PM, May 26th
  • Moscow, Russia - 6PM, May 26th
  • Tokyo, Japan - 8PM, May 26th
  • Singapore - 11PM, May 26th
  • Sydney, Australia - 1AM, May 27th

Those used to orienting release times around Central Standard Time can start checking at 10am. Most of the world will enjoy an afternoon download, while Australia will be up early (or late) to start the fight Wednesday morning at 1AM AEST. Note: The global digital release will be delayed by at least 2 hours for PC and Google Stadia.

If you haven't made your purchase yet, you can order the expansion via PlayStation Store, Xbox Marketplace, Nintendo Switch, and Steam for $39.99US. The expansion gets you 3 new characters, 3 Skin Packs, and new story chapters. It's also available packaged with the original Kombat Pack for catch-up savings!

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Everybody with MK11 will also be able to look forward to the free addition of Friendships and four new arenas: Kronika's Keep, Soul Chamber, Dead Pool, and The Retrocade! Have you got yours? Tell us when you do in the comments below and discuss everything Aftermath in the Mortal Kombat 11 forum!