Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate is officially coming to current & next gen consoles in November with three new Kombat Pack 2 characters and pre-order skins. Get a closer look at the returning warriors in high resolution screenshots provided by WB Games and NetherRealm Studios! Right here:

Fan-favourite returning kombatants Rain and Mileena feature in dramatic stills showcasing frozen moments in a couple of their deadliest moves!

Rain is back using the power of water to conduct and contain "Blood Moon" Skarlet, while Mileena reclaims her trademark sai blades, and klassic Tarkatan maw, to stab and threaten the "Halt & Catch Fire" Liu Kang skin. Check thumbnails to also see John Rambo machine gunning the sky with the likeness of actor Sylvester Stallone!

The images give us a closer look at new designs for the returning fighters: Mileena has departed from both her klassic one-piece (seen in Kitana's Friendship), and the more recent pants & bustier update from MKX. A simple, solid pinkish-purple hue evokes klassic MK sensibility, while adapting more complicated unused fabric wraps from the last game. The time displaced Mileena also reverts to a more traditional, toothy Tarkatan grin.

Rain remains consistent with a purple palette on black, adorned in pale gold - as he has been since design updates in Armageddon. This time the Edenian demi-god is seen with a closed head wrap, more similar to his 2011 cowled design than the exposed top knot of Armageddon and MKX. This could address questions raised by his mini-bio. Check out character render art below:

What do you think of the new designs? What new moves will eacg character unleashed when Kombat Pack 2 arrives? Catch up on release details with the MK11 Ultimate & Kombat Pack 2 trailer and share your thoughts in the comments below!