Reasoning why the sex has been toned down in MK11
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RE: Reasoning why the sex has been toned down in MK11
01/04/2020 01:10 PM EST
01/05/2020 06:19 AM EST

The thing I don't understand is there's some utterly smokingly hot costumes already in the game, but it's only for a few select characters or they're not readily available.

They don't have to go super slutty to be appealing or sexy. Sindel's bodysuit is phenomenally sexy by just having a few little windows to her body, the newly released MK2 female ninja costumes (albeit not the sexiest around the ass) are absolutely lovely and at last show off Skarlet's figure (OMG thighs!), Kold War Skarlet is deliciously naughty, Klassic Cassie is absolutely fine especially the Kahn Killer variant (would prefer it without the jacket though... and can't believe they went to the effort to show VPL through the shorts), Sonya's got her MK3 outfit and her Terminator 2 combat gear (with visible nipples!) and hell she looks amazing in the Top Brass skin (which is sexy without being MK9 stupid) and I'm absolutely fine with both Jade and Kitana's costumes, outfits like Honoured Tradition and First Princess are both utterly wonderful.

Now that I've finally got both Klassic Ninja Skarlet and Kold War Skarlet, I love her to bits, it's amazing what a little bit of diverse character design can do to make a character more appealing, yet neither of these costumes are readily available and the rest of Skarlet's costumes are either 3 very similar variations of a leather-clad dominatrix or 3 very similar variations of desert nomad (hat and goggles, hat no goggles and no hat no goggles do not qualify as three different costumes IMO!) for which there's a needless 60 rainbow colour variants. Kold War and Klassic Ninja are proper unique and great looking skins that completely change how she looks from the default choices, yet not everyone has access to those and that's the failing here.

And then you've got characters like Cassie whose majority of costumes are just awful, have no plot context, out-of-character and cover up everything to the point that I don't understand how Cassie could even fight in a space suit of that bulk and heaviness, that's where it really goes wrong. Don't go so far in the opposite way you take away from the characters personas. I don't need Kitana's boobs hanging out to find her nice to look at, and since day one in 1994 she's worn form-fitting navy-blue attire and First Princess does that admirably (and if you wouldn't find a real woman wearing an outfit of that slinkiness very attractive, there's something wrong with you haha).

There's so many costumes in this game that are just *bad* which is the mind-boggling thing. Cassie was awesome in MKX with the SWAT-style bodysuit and her Endurance workout gear. Here she looks like a robotic clown in most of the costumes that are also so unflattering - even Cassie Quinn gives her 'love handles' and the smeared make up makes her look repulsive. I love Jacqui in her BOLO costume with the gorgeous long curly hair and a muted-colour scheme, but for the most part she just looks a dork, either a futuristic tribal warrior in a ballroom gown or a tweenager with Cosby Show braids and BMX gear haphazardly strapped to her arms. Where's a proper Special Forces Jacqui?

I'm fine with just MK1/MK2 levels of female costume exposure (well more realistic is nice than cheap day-glow lycra, but I mean in terms of the amount of sex appeal), I don't need MK Conquest or MK9 levels of slutiness, it's just when the costumes on offer largely all utterly suck and offer no variety (come on why do Jade and Skarlet have the same masks?), that's when it's thoroughly disappointing.

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RE: Reasoning why the sex has been toned down in MK11
01/07/2020 09:26 PM EST

I mean to be completely honest, Mortal Kombat 9 did that stuff for the first time and I was all grossed out by that stuff. But I didn’t want that to go away. Because I don’t want to be out here dying by this.