Gamespot have unveiled the Edenian traitor, Rain in a new Gameplay Trailer which have previously been focusing on upcoming DLC Kombatants! Rain first made his debut back in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and didn't make the inclusion in this games initial roster. But due to huge fan demand he has been instated as the third DLC character!

"Rain grew up under the protection of the Edenian Resistance..."

Rain's Biography:
"A refugee orphaned by Shao Kahn's conquest, Rain grew up under the protection of the Edenian Resistance. An exceptional fighter, he soon rose through their ranks. As his reputation grew, so did his arrogance. When Rain demanded leadership of the Resistance forces, he was refused. Infuriated, he turned against his rebel comrades and betrayed them to their sworn enemy. In payment for this treason, Rain was promised his own army by the emperor Shao Kahn. Power would be his - no matter the cost... "

Rain, sporting similar attributes in his attire to his MK: Armageddon appearance, whirls like a hurricane in his entrance and seems to have had an impressive update to his moveset! Returning is his infamous Super Roundhouse Kick along with his Lightning Bolt special moves, along with a new arsenal including a Teleport, encapsulating his opponent's in a Water Bubble and zoning them with Jets of Water amongst other moves.

Also featured in the trailer are glimpses of his Fatalities which utilize his prowess with water-based attacks, making use of his water bubbles to snap his foe's legs before decapitating them with a stream of highly pressurised water and for his second in what appears to asphyxiate his opponent, subsequently drowning them. His X-Ray is also witnessed, which involves Rain snapping the opponent's elbow before finishing off with a Roundhouse Kick to their face. His Victory Pose also pays homage to his UMK3 stance with a new addition of him summoning actual rain from the skies.

Rain will be available Tuesday July 19th on Xbox Live and Playstation Network for 400 Microsoft Points and $4.99 respectively. He is also one fourth of the Season Pass which is available now! It is unknown who will be accompanying him in the the adjacent Compatability Pack but codenames for the two characters have been announced as Blueberry and Lime. Let's speculate to who these two characters klassic costumes are!

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