Continuing the busy week of news, has revealed a list of achievements unlockable for the upcoming Mortal Kombat. As is typical, the achievement points add up to 1000 total and currently number 50 in total.

The achievements vary in nature but seem to cover all modes of the game. There are several achievements for winning a certain number of matches online, as well as completing the Challenge Tower and Story modes. Several mini-game related achievements also exist, asking players to complete challenges with Test Your Might, Test Your Sight, Test Your Strike and Test Your Luck. Straight gameplay achievements also exist, requiring that you complete throws, X-ray attacks and fatalities. Of note, a specific achievement regarding Cyrax and Sektor is mentioned called "Robots Rule". This could lead to rumors about yet-to-be-seen character Smoke and whether he too is robotic or human in this game.

There are 10 "secret achievements" which we assume are being kept under wraps to protect many of the game's reported hidden gems. Six of these achievements are listed with the 10 point award while the remaining four are listed with 20 points.

To view the complete list of achievements, click here. We assume PS3's Trophies will be similar if not identical. Thanks to forum member and #mortalkombat IRC Network chatter Mimik for bringing these to our attention.