Seasons greetings and happy holidays from Mortal Kombat Online! We're excited to be celebrating another Merry Christmas with you all as we reflect upon twenty-three years of service to the kommunity -- and look ahead to what's coming next!

So this is Christmas. I hope you've had fun! A new year is fast approaching, but lets not forget about this one! Mortal Kombat 11 checked off 12 million units sold, and even as the developer called time on downloadable content -- the war was far from over as MK made a COVID safe return to competition at Evo Online, and spawned a league of its own with the first year of the Mortal Kombat Online Fight Klub service!

Rumors abound regarding NetherRealm Studios' next project and the corporate saga that created a merged WarnerMedia, but even as anticipation took hold at the end of 2021 -- everything old seemed to be becoming new again. PlayStation Plus made Mortal Kombat X a PS5 launch feature, while Xbox celebrated 20 years with backwards compatibility for MK2011 and MKvsDC!

The original Mortal Kombat arcade klassic will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year, and series co-creators Ed Boon and John Tobias got us ready with nostalgic morsels like the making of Scorpion's iconic spear and the klassic tournament timeline. We even learned the identity of the Mortal Monday kid! Still no word on an official HD remake, though!

There were two cartoons based on NetherRealm Studios fighting games this year! DC superheroes were jerks in Injustice, while Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms loosely adapted the plot of MKII, and elements from several other later installments. It also dipped into the meme well to give us an unexpected crossover that 63.2% of MK Online users think will manifest soon in Warner Bros' MultiVersus.

Of course, the biggest story of the year was undoubtedly the build up to a new Mortal Kombat movie! You were with us during all the ups & downs of pre-release promotion, sequel speculation, and general mixed reactions. Could 2022 be the year we learn what comes next from HBO Max's standard bearer?

For everyone at Mortal Kombat Online I thank you for sticking with us all these years and hope you'll continue to do so, whether on the web, or on iOS and Android! Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!