It's a battlecry that continues to echo through the annals of gaming history. The bellowing shout of "Mortal Kombat" was originally meant to gather fans around home console ports released on the first Mortal Monday, but its subsequent use in music and promotion has taken on a life of its own. Now after almost thirty years the man behind the shout has allegedly been discovered!

We jokingly dubbed the commercial's shouting boy "Morty Monday" when a popular YouTuber speculated about his enigmatic yelling. Thanks to the sleuthing efforts of another YouTube channel, RKVC (via Slate), we can now know him as actor Kyle Wyatt!

Watch: Mortal Monday Commercial | RKVC found the voice of MORTAL KOMBAT | Unedited RKVC Interview with Kyle Wyatt

The key to finding the lost star of Mortal Monday proved to be an obscure Screen Actors Guild credit indexed within a PDF. According to Wyatt, it was just one of his first acting gigs, and it came without any pomp and circumstance. He wasn't even aware of its cultural impact.

The Texas native embarked on a journey to New York with his friend, Donald Wesley, to pursue a mutual passion for a career in acting. Fresh out of college and in his early twenties, he found himself in the financial district near Wall Street, pulled from a mob of extras by the director to be face that stepped out of the crowd.

Instructed simply to part from the group and shout to an overhead camera crane, Wyatt's audio was directly recorded in the street from multiple takes. As he describes the filming, it was largely the product of improvisational flourish. The final audio mix is the same shout he uttered in the early nineties, which Wyatt says was also modulated and used in the song Techno Syndrome, and to open the 1995 Mortal Kombat movie.

So it seems another longstanding Mortal Kombat mystery has been solved. When did you first hear the MK shout? Share your thoughts on Mortal Monday in the comments below and dive deeper into retro in the 2D Kombat Klassics forum!