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Future MK Games

Discussion of all future Mortal Kombat Games.
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ThePredator151Posted: 12/04/2006 03:31 AMStatus ::

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Nationality::United States
The Future Games Idea Thread

Hello everyone..

In this thread, I'd like to host alot of creativity for the new games to come. Hoping for a stickie here so that this will be a one stop shop for all kinds of cool stuff.

In here, I'd like ideas on:

1. Characters Concepts (moves, stances, looks,ect. Pictures, sprites, KaF pictures are welcomed for visual aid.)

2. Arenas (traps, interaction ideas, ect)

3. Short Stories or Bios

4. Gameplay Ideas

5. Bring Ideas from all over this site in here. (It's cool to bring other peoples' ideas in here, just make sure you credit them with the idea. Links are good, I'll be posting a few.)

6. New Game Types(some have mentioned RPG's, Conquest type games, FPShooters...ect)

Btw, not limited to the "rules" here so feel free to post as many inventive things as possible.

Some links worth checking out:

konquest idea::pick good or evil

Only --Pure Elementals- Please!! pics welcomed

Should the elemental gods return for the future?

Translating real martial arts to a fighting game (brain storming)

Everything you’d like to see about a character...

The Official MKA Idea Thread.

how to make mk 8 dark and serious?

MKA: The Aftermath- What Now?

Mortal Kombat Storyline Analysis (WARNING: looong posts)

MK voice technology, (Has it improved since 1991?) and other weak links.

What earth elements would you like to see affect gameplay Few other good threds linked in this thread too(TGrant).

What I would/would not like to see in the next MK

Make the Next Boss a Female....

What do Robot-Characters look like for Mk in the future?

MK7 Gameplay Design Plan TonyTheTiger's thread..

MK Gameplay Primer + MKDA's & MKD's failed fighting system written for everyone to understand in one post. HDTran's thread..

The Ultimate Mortal Kombat Experience
- Lead Graphic Designer - Mortal Kombat Online -

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Dark_No0BPosted: 12/04/2006 06:32 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: The Future Games Idea Thread

Great thread. I will be posting some of my ideas on what type of new characters I'd want to see, as well as new bio's/story directions for already existing characters.

ThePredator151Posted: 12/04/2006 11:52 PMStatus ::

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Nationality::United States
RE: The Future Games Idea Thread

Dark_No0B Wrote:
Great thread. I will be posting some of my ideas on what type of new characters I'd want to see, as well as new bio's/story directions for already existing characters.

Perfect, that's what I was hoping for.

Now, my turn:

Pretty much like the "fore-father" of this thread comes from axeman61. There were some excellent ideas expressed in this thread and he also helped me with the blue-print of this thread.
The Official MKA Idea Thread.

Here's one of a few of my ideas out of this thread:


I was just watching that Jet Li movie, "Unleashed" again and it gave me an idea for a MK relative mode.

How about a mode or mini game that resembles that fight in the bathroom Jet and Sebastien Soudais?? 2min:44sec into it is the fight I speak of if you wanna see it. Or if you wanna see the whole scene try here, 6min:40sec into this clip to see exactly what I mean.

Extremely close quarters, hand to hand fighting. This fight could be in the form of a "Test your Might" or something and would focus on extremely short range grabs and bends of the opponents limbs. Knees, elbows, head-butts, etc. Like that fight I linked.

Rewards for finishing the challenge well could be:

1. Rank up in skill or unlock more special moves for that character. If the challenge was met by a KAK.

2. Coins or some sort of currency to be used in the Konquest mode. (armour, a cool weapon, whatever)
3. A new way to unlock or find a secret character. (if any ever again)

Might be a little bizzarr but this is the idea thread right?
"Put it out there and see what they think."

So wutdaya think?


I'll add more later.

The Ultimate Mortal Kombat Experience
- Lead Graphic Designer - Mortal Kombat Online -

:G-play :Story :F-Design :Cutout :Get Sig :Raiden :Fans [1] [2] :#LegendaryArts
Dark_No0BPosted: 12/06/2006 07:22 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: The Future Games Idea Thread

That bathroom scene in Jet Li's "unleashed" is a sweet clip, and I would like to see something like this as a mini-game or another mode. It would work neat, especially as a game to win prices and such.

In a future MK game, they need to expand konquest greatly. I think there should be different types of konquests, one being similar to Super mario rpg/pokemon in the sense that you gain levels and fighting experience through various battles. And like all the other users here, I also think their should be a specific, unique, character adventure/story mode that expands with the character since their first appearance. So if you were Liu Kang or Kung Lao, you'd actually be doing things that are part of your actual story - like protect the monks from an invading tarkatan squad.

The krypt needs to return as well. Only this time, you have to use tons of methods to unlock coffins - not including coins. Granted to this, their should be different sets of coffins that you can unlock which are located in various realms. So lets say you finished opening 200 coffins which would be one set - you'd then go about searching for the next set which would be even harder to find. To make things more adventurous, like as previously stated, you should go about searching for a key in order to unlock secret/certain coffins. Different methods would be used to optain the key, like killing certain creatures or robbing them. Doing certain tasks and/or jobs would be rewarding as well.

The style of unlocking secret characters just like in the old glory days must return. I still remember the hype of seeing Smoke/Jade/Noob for the first time, I literally went crazy. All the characters that are secret don't necessarily have to be playable. I'd still enjoy doing long missions just for the sake of fighting a very powerful foe, or even seeing/hearing about them. Remember when Jade used to pop up and say "Ermac Who?" That's what I'm talking about - and don't forget Blaze/Hornbuckle. Clues and hints should eventually be exposed on extremely secret characters; I would like to see the return of the kombat kodes back in MK3, except this time they would't be cheesy.

For actual ways to unlock characters, some of them would only appear on certain days for a brief amount of time. Not only catch (which would be very difficult by itself) but you'd also have to defeat and perform a certain finisher to completely unlock them. Other ways would be by winning a large amount of victories, or obtaining lots of "double flawless's". Hints from fighting stages is yet another way to unlock or fight.

I'm tired right now....more later.

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ThePredator151Posted: 12/08/2006 12:09 AMStatus ::

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Nationality::United States
RE: The Future Games Idea Thread

That's a wonderful collaboration of ideas.

For a few more pre-exsisting Konquest Mode//Game Ideas, Go in here:(For those who haven't seen)
konquest idea::pick good or evil

~~~~~~~~~~Here's one of mine outta this thread~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Yea! this is a pretty sick idea, and I think I would want to start out innocent and neutral first, go through some incredible events and become Aligned good or evil.

This gives alot to the creative process too. Peep:

1. It would give alot bigger a pupose to all the random people walking around aimlessly. If you go around beating people up you could become evil quicker. Which in the end could make you just that much more potent.

On the good side, it entices you to do all the side missions, doing people favors and such would contribute to the good side. Start early on, be a better "saint" in the end.

2. It could definatly make conquest a longer game becasue you would have more to do.....more possible to do the way of #1.

Let alone the main story concerning each alignment. They could even give us different ending stories based on our conluding alignments. Say 50 possible personality endings. How cool would that be? Not to mention the replayability of Conquest mode then?

I'd even except picture or kata endings according to the skills acquired during the conquest.....

3. What if you could Kreate the fighter you took through the conquest? Certainly would make you care about the character you take through the mode.

If Kata endings were to become so, the armour and style of fighting you got through the mode would be more appealing instead of just pictures.

And when you got into fights, the "jig saw" man or woman could very well pop up as actually you instead. Take the way they move around when you're making them, and put those subtle little actions in the vs screen. Nothing short of a little motion capture could take care of this for even the most ellaborate combinations of peoples characters. I'd love to see this.

4. Ooo what If you stayed neutral, you could be ellected to be an elder god or elder gods' champion or something. Cuz y'know how they have to stay out of the "mortal matters"? How hard would that be to accomplish.

5. Theeen add in guest appearances by all the "official characters from Mortal Kombat history and what you "must" do. This could give incentive for good or bad characters when you have to go through oposite favoring realms.

Like taking Raiden through Outworld. He obviously dosen't want to spend a bunch of time there becasue he gets weaker the longer he stays there.

Imagine your character aligned with good and HAVING to got through the ChaosRealm or NetherRealm. Same principal for "evil" alaigned characters coming through EarthRealm or Edenia.

It might also make deeds done that attribute to your alignment there, that much more potent in favor of making you stronger or weaker in your alignment. See that?


If I'm a good guy, and I HAVE to go to the NetherRealm, AND I'm trying to get out of there as quickly as possible by completing all my objectives in that realm, but I do a favor for Ashrah while I'm there, I get a shit load of

"Good Guy Kudos" or something that out weigh my altogether stay in that non favoring realm.


Anyway, Fabulous idea man. This could//should be it's own game.

I'll add with a couple new konquest thoughts....

I truley believe that Konquest should just be its own game. There's so much more potential there.

1. Created Characters potential could look even more ellaborate.
2. Those "Side missions" we saw in "Shujinkos' Konquest mode should come back and could be put to a better relativity to the game. Secrets//Unlockables....ect.

I agree with you here man , secret codes and such should absolutely come back. It leaves to wonder what if they put 2&2 together and made secret codes+a time an objective to get a REAL secret...... Some "underground cave" or "secret room" of some sort(where), then you HAVE to be there on a date at a time(when), THEN you gotta put in THE code to get the goods(how and what)

Wouldn't it be even more frustrating to find an item you "never" use, but need to get to the place you need to be, during a time, and THEN you gotta know the code. Hahaha!! I might hate//love that....

3. "Training//Experience" should effect EVERYTHIG:
a. the armour//things you can wear or have as weapons
b. fighting style//ways you choose to fight should be any, as there are "good and bad seeds" in every facet of life.....even every martial arts class.
c. general personallity//why not be able to even effect the way your character walks?

4. "Guest Appearences" would excite more.

I don't really think we should be allowed to play with any "real" character from past MK's now. I think it might be more exciting to become an accompliss or an apprentice to a "major" character. Much like how, say the clans would recruit. If you so choose to go that route of course, but I believe you should definatly have the choice and follow that path all the way to the "top tier", if you will, that---that path takes you.

Like if you played in relation to Sub-Zero, you should be able to finish the game as a GrandMaster of some sort and "sit upon thy throne". Ha!

Sry for the gigantic post....probably editing....add more later...

The Ultimate Mortal Kombat Experience
- Lead Graphic Designer - Mortal Kombat Online -

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skinsleyPosted: 12/08/2006 07:34 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: The Future Games Idea Thread

I would ofcourse like to see FMV endings for each character, there should only be a set few characters in the game also, 25 at the most i would hope.

And i dont care if that will take too long, i dont give a damn when the game comes out as long as they make it as good as possible, dont scrap Air kombat but elaborate on it, let sub Zero freeze in mid air and also bring back branch combo's.

Id like to see a small map, you fight in an area smaller than the Falling cliffs map when all edges have fallen, only theres no deathtrap your just in a small area.

Stage fatalities, Button combos to cause a fatality involving the map around you.

Your own fatalities, as well as KAF which would be operated with a different button combination.

Bring back chess kombat, i feckin loved that game, and also keep Motorkombat, only make it much better.

Konquest should and could be an RPG, a good one, make it so that enimies respawn when you leave the realm so that you could come back for TRAINING if you wished, that is one aspect that would make MK_next gen ultimately succesfull.

Ofcourse bring Back Bios, and also a Damn lot of renders.

Bring back the towers choices, so you can fight more or less other fighters on your way to the top.

And for storyline : Follow the storyline from Armageddon, lots of people were killed in the battle aswell, as Blaze who is also Dead and has been defeated by Someone.....

That person is who you have to defeat now and only Liu Kang, Sonya, Cage, Kano, Raiden, Fujin, Shang Tsung and Ermac Are left to do it, however whoever did defeat blaze has gonne somewear soon after his victory and rise of power, so the Konquest Explaines how the fighters find him, then have to battle good vs evil to get to him.

I hope that Shao Kahn somehow defeated Onaga and returned to the Pyramid later on and it was he who defeated blaze, Liu Kang is the rightfull winner after defeating kahn in Next Gen and is given his Human body back (none zombie).

However god like powers are not granted to Liu kang as the battle was taken place away from the top of the pyramid, so his body restored is his only Reward for victory.

Other characters ofcourse will have their own versions of victory.

Sub-Zero and Scorpion will also be in the game, however Cannon they wont actualy be there, they will be on their way to the neatherealm to defeat Quan Chi and Noob Saibot who were defeated in battle, and returned to their Realm.

New characters will be in the game, quite a few at that, characters from cities and villiages across the world who were summond by Fujin or something in order to defeat (whoever defeated blaze), they will be tied into the story somehow, but will all have great stoylines as they will be in the next game after that as the Staring lead characters.

Ok that is the end of my ideas for now, this is probably the longest post ive ever made.....i dont post any longer than a short paragraph ever anyway.

Made by MINION.
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Lone_WolfPosted: 12/09/2006 02:05 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: The Future Games Idea Thread

Different species could bleed in different ways.

A good number of fighters aren’t exactly human, nor from earth. It would make them more unique if they bleed a different color.

A few examples:

Bleed lava
- Blaze
- Scorpion (like from the first movie.)

Bleed black
- Sektor
- Cyrax
- Noob Saibot
- Quan Chi

Blood freezes after a short time. (It becomes frozen on their face or stays frozen while falling to the ground.)
- Sub-Zero
- Frost

The God characters don’t bleed
- Raiden
- Fujin
- Shinnok

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c-lokePosted: 12/09/2006 11:53 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: The Future Games Idea Thread

I think Midway should put some of you on payroll
I think a blindfolded monkey with down syndrome couldve came up with a better game. Dont get me wrong all the fighters is great but no personal fatalites and no free roaming in konquest makes me a very unhappy puppy.
To sum it all up in one word.......BOO

spectre13Posted: 12/09/2006 01:59 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: The Future Games Idea Thread

you cant really have a story come out of armageddon...

there are too many characters and they are too numerous to choose just a few without disappointing anyone

so there should be either all new people or no story line

i personally think the no story line is a great idea

1. They can focus on graphics and gameplay rather than meaningless bios and storylines (would you rather have a crappy game that is horrible and is annoying to play with a story for every single character or a completely awesome game with a little storyline but not too deep in detail?)

2. Focus on the gameplay, graphics, fatalaties, and also introduce new minigames~~i was thinking (for a new minigame) they could have an arena and fight (the 3d way like in the last konquest). it will be timed so you can keep trying to get better times. there are rewards for certain times. each time will earn koins, depending on the time. the lower time-higher koins. also used to unlock various features~~ also a left-right walking minigame (like Sub-zeros MK game... MK Mythologies i believe) and have levels and earn koins and unlock stuff

3. have no konquest. today we are forgetting about the wonders of the original MK! have traditional arcade (possible to choose 3D or original 2D fighting), have the puzzle kombat, chess kombat, and motor kombat.

I like cereal.
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Shinnok-fan64Posted: 12/09/2006 03:50 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: The Future Games Idea Thread

i think you should be able to play as each character, and do their history.

For example, it Scorp was a new character, then you would go back in time and play his most important times, or events, in his life.

Also, have the normal fighting mode.

Also, Create a Character should be there.

Finally, they should have a online mode, and a two vs. two mode, where you all play at the same time, not tag-team.

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ThePredator151Posted: 12/09/2006 04:52 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: The Future Games Idea Thread

Lone_Wolf Wrote:

See there, now, I like that idea because it'd be a wonderful reason to have the blood code re-implemented. Maybe even multiple blood codes to gain access to all the different types of effects. One idea I might add is "kick//punch dust"..

Know what I mean? Like in the old martial arts movies? Even the old kick and punch sound effects out of some of those movies would be cool to have access to. I know you guys remember the "pop" from a fist we would get from those old movies.

Just saying it would add a different flavor to playing the game. Find the code, play and sound just like the old martial arts movies. Hey, about that "wind" or "ruffling" sound off of the fighters clothes when fighing? Wouldn't that be a cool little effect to have in a fighting game for once?

spectre13 Wrote:

You know, I'm not really opposed to your ideas there. Reason being, I think we need to see more come out of the basis of the games' already good qualities.

It seems to me that the more they "add" (mini-games and such) to the game, the less substance the game has.


On another point, this thread made by Bleed has some excellent ideas for gameplay. It also has some excellent YouTube references I think we all should take a look at.

Translating real martial arts to a fighting game (brain storming)

The point and question in there to me was really about what you want to play in a Mortal Kombat video game.

Me personally, along with a few other congruent minds, really aspire to play a fighter closely related to a movies' choregraphed fight scenes.

Check out the videos' GhostDragon posted in there and tell me what you think about that. TonytheTiger made some excellent points in here about how feasible gameplay like this would be as well.

Hopefully, if this thread is ever veiwed by anyone who could effect the gameplay, it could be an excellent gauge and refference for what we'd like them to try and get close to in the future games.

I'll post up some fresh ideas in a sec.....

The Ultimate Mortal Kombat Experience
- Lead Graphic Designer - Mortal Kombat Online -

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fijikungfuPosted: 12/09/2006 09:14 PMStatus ::

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Nationality::United States
RE: The Future Games Idea Thread

NIce Thread Pred...
I'll talk about my ideas later though

-Courtesy of TheCypher-
axeman61Posted: 12/09/2006 10:44 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: The Future Games Idea Thread

Congrats on getting the thread stickied Pred. I didn't talk to anybody though. If it was pinned to the top all on it's own without any PMs on your part, that's great.

Though ThePredator151 allowed a wide variety of topics, I'd advise you all to make at least one of the ideas you post here solid, with a wealth of thought powering it. The more good ideas we can pound out now, the more we can bring over to the MK8 forum when it pops up.


Getting Up - I'm picturing that when someone loses a round, the camera zooms in on them getting up, shaking off their defeat, and getting back into fighting stance. It would then zoom out to show both fighters ready as the announcer says Round 2. I'd settle for just more of those unique "get-up" animations some people got the last two games.

Not So Special - This should be a rule:
NO "stunners" should be unblockable or easy to spam.
By stunners, I mean attacks that set you up for a combo. Some of you can already see where I'm going. Some throws lanch you, which is not good. Some special moves are just annoying.
For example, Dairou's Tombstone drop shouldn't have made it past the PS2 and XBox versions of MKD. It should have been cut out. Not toned down, just cut out and replaced.

DON'T Pull That Plug! - Rank is tricky. We know MK plans to stay online. We're still tired of disconnects and cheats from losers who see a baby when looking at that number next to their username. But without rank, would there really be much competition? There would still be cheaters.
I don't care what rank I am or how many losses I have, but I can understand some people taking it as a critique of their skills. My thoughts?
Replace rankings with awards or stats. Rank is supposed to let you know skilled someone is, but people are getting hung up on it and distorting that mission. I think awards and/or fighter stats are better status symbols. Let me break it down.
Awards - little certifications that let you know what your competition is good at. If he can parry a lot, there would be a parry award. If he throws a lot, there would be grappling award. Like that.
Statistics - Think just about every wrestling game (and Def Jam: Fight for New York) that shows bars under the wrestler. They show arm strength, power, speed, etc. For MK, those bars would show the number of special moves used, or how much the player uses his/her weapon style. Stuff like that.


Use Your People - Instead of Konquest and all this, I think it would be better if every character had their own tiny story in Story Mode. I would only be interested in Konquest again if it explained what everyone was doing there.

I'll think of more later.

Why care about people if they're not bloody and on your carpet right now?
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bleedPosted: 12/10/2006 03:54 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::Puerto Rico
RE: The Future Games Idea Thread

I'll probably post some ideas later on, I have a ton of them and on file.

eecerPosted: 12/10/2006 05:16 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
RE: The Future Games Idea Thread

This is great! This is exactly why I joined the forum, to express what I would want in a new Mortal Kombat! So here are my ideas for a new one:

TITLE - Mortal Kombat: Domination
TYPE OF GAME - TBS (Turn Based Strategy)
INFO - Once again have every character ever created, including bosses, and have the create a character, but this time instead of just you fighting, you have an army!
You can costomize your army and your nation ( or land that you own) in different ways. FOR EXAMPLE: you can choose to have your troops trained up to black belt, but you wont get as many made per turn. Or you can train your men only to white, but you will have a ton come out every day. You can also choose were you want this factors: At your front line you'll want a ton made, so you choose a little less in thier training, but at the heart of your nation you want everyone at tip-top condition, so you train them well. even though there wont be as many per turn, since thier being trained in the center of your nation they wont face battle often so they will eventually build up to have a legion of black belts.
Other things that you can do with your nation would be choose how much for taxes, and with different variations in taxes also depends on your number of troops per day, because of population suport. There are many other things like that but i'm surer you all get the jist of it.
An other big thing on this would be battles, no longer will it be just on an arena, now it would be on a battle field! One important thing would be keeping the funny little side fatality (like in armageddon's konquest, where you could kick the enemies onto the icicles and they would get impaled) this would make your battle feilds incredibly interactive! Also the nations should be wide spread, a large area with the nations only starting with a few territories. Then you slowly claim more and more until you hit the next nations border, from there you choose to try for peace or war.
Money is the hardest thing to give an importance in this version of Mortal Kombat, so I haven't been able to figure out what to do with your tax money, but I'm sure there are many things that I can't think of.

So please tell me what you think of this idea. This is just a short version of the actual game, there are many other things that i thought of (like a larger variaty of weapons and fighting styles to choose for your own character) but i figure I'd just type it up and send it to whom ever would want to read everything about it. So if you do want to know everything that I think should be added, please tell me and I'll be more then happy to E-mail it! but like I said I would love commants!

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JohnBoyAdvancePosted: 12/10/2006 01:15 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United Kingdom
RE: The Future Games Idea Thread

Shadow of the Kolossus.

Story: A lone ninja (and his horse)is on a mission of revenge against his nemesis - Sub Zero. But he is unable to defeat the warrior, so he has travelled to The Cursed Lands in Outworld to gain an unfair advantage in MORTAL KOMBAT. He talks to the God of this place: Damashi. To gain super powers Damashi tells him to kill the Sixteen Kolossi using the Mugai Ryu. When he does all will be given to him, but he must pay a terrible price for this sin.

As he kills the Kolossi his appearance becomes darker and more ragged.

Spoilers: (Highlight to reveal)
When he defeats the Sixteen Kolossi, He becomes possessed by Damashi. Sub Zero travels to the Cursed Lands to prevents this from happening.but gets there just in time to see the possession his foe. Sub Zero chants a mystic incantation and seals the beast in the Cursed Lands. The Ninja gets sucked into a pool of water and is no longer possessed by Damashi. He commits Hara-Kiri in the vault making sure that no one repeats this task leaving behind his pregnant wife. It is implied that the ninja has now passed on an uncleansable taint on his gene pool. His future generations will carry the curse. The Curse of Scorpion.


Yeah. This is sarcasm. But you should play Shadow of the Colossus. Failing that: Fable. Because there are a few people who are asking for Mortal Kombat: Fable.

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MystikaPosted: 12/11/2006 02:05 PMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: The Future Games Idea Thread

I'v always thought it would be cool if other game co.'s would licence out there characters to be in mortal kombat. They wouldn't have to be a part of the main story or anything just have them there for fun. Can you imagine Scorpion up against Master Chief from halo! So many possibilities. the licenced out characters could even have their own seperate select screen. i dont know i just think it would be cool to see some characters hop into the kombat fray that have no business being there. of course if the kreate- a -kharacter becomes highly advanced this may become uneccesary so....

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ThePredator151Posted: 12/12/2006 01:54 AMStatus ::

Rank ::
Nationality::United States
RE: The Future Games Idea Thread

eecer Wrote:

Yea sure, I'll take.

I really like the concept here, I like how you've implemented a battlefield and the interactivity on and offline.

I'd say the only thing about this concept I personally don't like, is the fact that it would have to be it's own game. It starts to resemble MKSF in a hue or two....

I also think your idea closely relates to the "Chess" mode we got in MkD, which is good. Judging by the general census here on MkO it sounds like a good idea to maybe follow through on... I might need a little more information on the capabilities of the game though.

Could even be a "faze" or an attribute of a conquest type game based on the "friends" you made. Further, it could give people more of a purpose to get online and even join up with some of these clans that work together to get objectives complete. Really good idea man....keep 'em coming.

I wanna take a minute to kinda provok game play posibilities.

1. Run: We've heard people talk about it, how feasible is it in a 3D enviornment? I think this should just be something either there, or not there. Not gauged on-screen, yet limited by distance you can run.

2. Gauges: Life bar, Aggressor, character advance and block disposition(when you kick or block), chi(Like Onimishu has a "sprit gauge"), weapon wear and tear(however much damage a weapon can take before it breaks/////Or do you think they should be allowed to break at all?).....ect...ect

The Question about this is; Which ones do you like//think we should even think about having in future games??.....Looking for the ideas and suppoting input here.

3. P.o.C.(Point of Contact) This one is aimed at our more knowlegable in hopes you may teach us all something.

I wanna know what it's supposed to look like in a video game. I wanna know what's that wrong with Mk's system this way and how it can be reasonably improved upon in future games. [The new consoles and the capabilities of these new consoles vs what we should be seeing in the game.]

To the common eye, there's nothing that wrong with it. I know a little bit better than that because I've been exposed to the subject by way of some of our users here....a little bit.

O.k. that's all I got for now, I love the concepts and ideas in here , we're doing quite good so far....

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RE: The Future Games Idea Thread

Ancient Shrine
Appearance: Similar to Goro's lair with no upper level, hard wood floors, lots of windows, statues of Kombatants from MKs 1-4, DA, D and A.
Death Traps: None
Weapons: Twin Broadswords, Kirehashi, Dan Tien Dao, Straightsword, Drakesword
Interaction: Five arena levels, smash opponents into statues of older MK combatants (16 per area), former character's weapon in every area of the area (Quan Chi, Reptile, Shujinko, Shang Tsung and Taven, respectively).
Location: Earthrealm

The Pit IV
Appearance: Similar to MKD's The Pit stage
Death Trap: Knock opponent off stage and they fall into a pit of lava.
Weapons: None
Interaction: One death trap.
Location: Netherrealm

Chaos Temple
Appearance: Two levels, similar to the Beetle Lair. The second level has a statue of Havik in it in front of the Morning Star. The upper level has a death trap.
Death Trap: Knock opponent out of window, into an endless abyss.
Weapons: Morning Star
Interaction: Break through wall, grab Morning Star, Upper level Death Trap.
Location: Chaosrealm (duh)

Obviously, we're going to need ninjas in this game. And maybe Midway should throw in a KAK-centered Konquest mode.

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RE: The Future Games Idea Thread

I definitely think that the thing they HAVE to bring back is those really secret characters. That was the thing that drew me to this game in the first place. I remember I would fight Smoke in MK2 over and over.

All the older characters should be taken out and leave some of the newer characters in.

Make their not a lot of characters overall.

Konquest with everyone would be VERY nice.

Start out with very few characters unlocked. It needs to be difficult to unlock the characters. Just don't start with anything. Basically you have to unlock everything. Maybe start with 2-3 characters, Konquest, Vs. Mode, and Options. That's it. You have to unlock the Krypt, Mini Games, Kontent, and all the other characters, plus, anything else.

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fijikungfuPosted: 12/13/2006 11:42 PMStatus ::

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RE: The Future Games Idea Thread

There should be an exclusive adventure game for the Sony PSP...
I'll provide details later...
All I can say is that the story should be focused on a NEW character which I'll come up with a concept soon or later...
It has to make sense...
and the gameplay should be fairly unique...
There should also be a Wireless Battle Mode with the same engine with about 4 or more players at the same time....
Ad-Hoc, Infrastructure, and ofcourse... Gameshare if possible...

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MasterHandPosted: 12/16/2006 03:02 PMStatus ::

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RE: The Future Games Idea Thread

The End Boss of the Final MK game has to be the one being incarnate thatd be cool

Shinnok-fan64Posted: 12/17/2006 05:21 PMStatus ::

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RE: The Future Games Idea Thread

i think in the next MK they should have Raiden and Shinnok working together to destroy the human race.

griff13playerPosted: 12/18/2006 09:16 AMStatus ::

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RE: The Future Games Idea Thread

Mortal kombat games should have more women.This is an 18's game for god sake.And Raiden should not go evil again.

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RE: The Future Games Idea Thread


KAK Species
Each species has its advantages and basic Special move list.
Eg.TARTAKAN-Blade spark,shredder.
SHOKAN- Stomp,Fireball,enhanced strength,enhanced endurance.
ZATTERAN-Acid Spit,health regeneration,enhanced speed.
CENTAUR-Enhanced speed,enhanced strength.

Unique KAK Moves
All the moves available in KAK are unlockable and only available to your kreated warrior.

The KAK you create will be used for the Konquest Mode since the story is mission based.

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