In 2008, gamers got a front row ticket to a clash between Mortal Kombat and their superhero equivalents in the DC Universe. Earthrealm's best went toe-to-toe with the likes of Superman, Captain Marvel & Darkseid -- but what if Raiden had found himself in the world of Marvel Comics?

The latest instalment of Comic Book Resource's weekly art jam - The Line it is Drawn - pitted comics against video games, and Raiden against Thor!

Artist Mike Rooth called upon a classic Mortal Kombat II design to meet the suggestion of a battle between Thunder Gods! The lightning charged clash reveals no superior in this mock cover to the monthly Thor series -- presenting Raiden in the fashion of any guest starring villain or rival!

For combative conclusions you'll have to flash back to 2012, when we featured Screw Attack Death Battle's fantasy fight of the same match-up [full story]. You can join that heated debate on the forums! Otherwise, just take in the visual splendour that is this fine piece of crossover fan-art -- a battle we're unlikely to see any time soon!

Also featured in the game/comics mash-ups: Robin in Fruit Ninja; Flash & Gorilla Grodd in Donkey Kong; Jimmy Olsen plays Superman 64; Rocket Raccoon in Space Invaders; Machine Man versus Mega Man and more!

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