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-- A Lost Soul --

I woke up. Trapped in a coffin of ice, unable to move as I twitch my body around, I sense something happened to me. Thing is, I cannot remember what got me here. I managed to free myself after countless attempts in pushing this coffin from the inside off the platform it's on. When I was freed, I looked up noticing that I'm surrounded by a number of dead bodies all trapped within the same kind of coffin I was placed in. How I got here is still unknown, why I was in the coffin doesn't spark anything in my head, I need to know exactly what happened to me. My memory is a blank though the only thing I can remember is a name... Sub-Zero... I don't know what this name means; I don't know anything about that name. Am I Sub-Zero? Is someone I know named Sub-Zero? I can't remember.

I walked around the tomb, noticing the walls were like mirrors, seeing my reflection; I need new clothes to wear. Is it wrong for me to steal clothes from a dead guy? I doubt that it's wrong as I see that a dead warrior was robbed of his clothing, I guess it's perfectly fine when you're in the need of new clothing... Especially if the ones you're wearing is all torn? Slipping into new clothes, I feel as if something inside of me was getting stronger. I looked at my hands; I could see that they were beginning to get covered in ice! What is going on with me?

``You're a Cyromancer as well.'' A voice said from behind me. I turned around. A man wearing a brown cloak was staring at me.

``I'm a what?''

``A Cyromancer, someone who has the ability to wield ice. I sense that you once worked with a man named Sub-Zero?''

``I-I'm not familiar with that person but the name rings a bell.''

``Heh. Well, I know who you are, I know everything about you.''

``You do?''

``But, in order for me to reveal everything about who you are, I would like for you to do something for me.'' This man is willing to tell me everything I need to know about myself, but for some reason I'm getting a bad feeling just looking at this man. He doesn't seem trustworthy, he's got a smug look on his face, I feel I'll be doing a horrible thing if I agree to do what he wants me to do. I simply declined his offer.

``No thank you, I'd rather try to remember more about myself in my own hands.''

``You're willing to give up all the information just like that? I can tell everything about you within a matter of seconds, but you would rather go out into the world as a lost soul and figure things out? What happens if it takes you years to get the answers you seek? You'll be wasting your life if you go out there on your own. You can save time by working for me and get everything just like that. What do you say?'' It's tempting, that I can save time by agreeing to helping him out, but I just cannot accept this offer. He doesn't seem like a nice person to work with.

``I'm sorry, I'd rather not.'' The man gave out a maddening look. He lashed at me with his hand and knocked me to my feet. My face hurt. Looking up, the man was about to send out another attack but someone attacked him from behind. The man was shocked and ran away. I could not find the attacker as I stood up. I wondered towards the exit of the tomb and saw the man still running down the cliff side. He looked back and saw me.

``This isn't over, you will work for me one day, Frost!'' He shouted out. Frost? Is this my name? I would also like to know who saved me from a beating. All I know is that there are questions needing an answer. I looked over the cliff and spotted a giant building in the distance. Maybe if I head there, someone in that building could help me out.

My adventure begins...

Author : Drew

Creation date: 2010-9-7-23-11

Modification date: 2010-9-7-23-11


-- An Uneasy Truth -

The hours of life flew so slow throughout my adventure. I feel as if I was never going to get to the place I'm destined to go. Maybe I should have agreed to help that man out, but unfortunately my heart told me no. I felt so weak, so numb, so hungry and so tired. I collapsed on the ground.

Waking up, I see that I am no longer out in the snowy fields, but inside a warm little place. There was a man sitting across from me, staring at me.

``You're welcome.'' He said. I was clueless. I sat up, taking off the blanket.

``Thank you?''

``I saved you back there from Quan Chi.''

``Quan Chi?''

``He's a killing machine... Responsible for my family's death... And responsible of my own life.''

``You're dead?''

``Yes...'' The man didn't seem like he wanted to talk too much about that.

``How did you know he was there?''

``I've been chasing him around, trying to get revenge for what he did to my life...'' The man looked as if he didn't feel like talking about his past anymore, so I quickly changed the topic.

``I-I was wondering maybe if you can help me out with something. I don't know who I am, where I need to be, anything like that. But, I have this name stuck in my head for some reason and maybe you can help me out with that...''


``I have Sub-Zero stuck in my head and I don't know what that is.'' The man gave me a cold, long stare. It is as if he knows exactly what that word means. ``Do you?''

``I know that name. I know that name perfectly well. Sub-Zero was once considered an enemy of mine. He was the one responsible for my death.''

``I thought you said Quan Chi was.''

``Oh, he is... Quan Chi told me that Sub-Zero was the one responsible for my family's death. I was a fool to believe him... Because of that, I managed to get my life ended to Sub-Zero. But, that Sub-Zero I know is dead... there is another Sub-Zero living out there. The younger brother. You probably know him rather than the one who killed me. I can take you to see him if you want.''

``I would like that.''

``Rest up, we have a bit of a long walk.'' The man got up and left the room. I looked around. I just laid on the couch and cuddling myself with the blanket... I took a deep breath and prepared myself for what was going to come.

We began to go on a journey towards that giant building I ventured towards after I left that tomb. The man was in front of me, never looking back at me. We didn't talk, we just kept walking. From morning to night we journeyed but we finally managed to arrive at the place. The man stopped a few inches away from the gates.

``You're not coming?''

``No, I am an enemy towards the Lin Kuei, I cannot enter the building with you. Good luck, kid.'' The man faded away, I was left by myself. As I entered the building, I was getting looks from the people inside like I was a crazy fool.

``There she is! She came back! Quickly get her!'' What? A trap? What's going on? All of the people who saw me came after me, filled with anger. They pummeled me to the ground and forced me to stay there. Great...

Waking up, I saw myself tied with my hands behind my back, sitting on my knees. I suddenly heard footsteps getting louder and louder. I looked down, trying to figure out exactly why my knees hurt so badly. I was kneeling on rice. Is this supposed to be a punishment or something? Why am I being punished?

``You shouldn't have come back!'' A voice said.

``Quiet, get out of here.'' Another voice said before I heard a door closing. A man came into my sight, all dressed in blue, and his arms... They're like mine, all frozen. The man kneeled down by me and stared into my eyes.

``Why am I kneeling in rice?''

``As a partial punishment, Frost.''

``Frost?'' The man looked at me as if I was an idiot or something.

``That is your name.''

``I don't remember anything about me, I don't even know who you are. The only thing I can remember is the name Sub-Zero.''

``That's my name.''

``So you're Sub-Zero? Who am I?''

``You're Frost...'' Sub-Zero got up and started to walk around the room for a bit. His hands were behind his back. ``You were once a student of mine, one of the better students may I add. You had everything going for you that I actually brought you alongside with me to take out the Deadly Alliance, a threat that was happening a while back. But all of a sudden you changed. You darted at me and stole my medallion that I have here. Because you were too weak to contain its powers, it froze yourself. Maybe I brought up the Grand Master title a bit too much while I was teaching you...''

``So why is everyone upset with me? Why am I being punished?''

``Because you managed to break free from your frozen tomb and came back here. You were delirious, killing my students, trying to look for me. So I froze you and stuck you back where you were... I was going to keep you there until I felt like it was time for you to be free.''

``So you were just going to let my life rot like that?''

``You were killing my students.''

``But leaving me there to waste the rest of my life until you thought it was fine for me to come out of there should be controlled in your hands? I don't think so. My life isn't yours to control. Maybe I should have worked for Quan Chi instead...''

``What do you mean Quan Chi?''

``He was there when I woke up, offering me to tell who I am if I accepted his offer to work for him. But because I sense he wasn't someone I should be with I declined his offer.'' Sub-Zero shook his head.

``He's getting closer. What else did he say to you?''

``Nothing, only to offer to work by his side... Then some man with a yellow mask helped me escape from him.''

``I'm guessing that's Scorpion.''

``I don't know, I don't know anyone, all I know is a name that's it.'' I looked at him seriously, I was getting very annoyed by this conversation. Sub-Zero helped me up to my knees, dusting some of the rice that was on it as well as the blood. As he was about to untie my hands something impaled me back. I was suddenly whipped backwards towards two men, one of which was Quan Chi.

``Good work, Mavado.''

``Quan Chi!'' Sub-Zero shouted.

``The Red Dragon has this entire place in its hands.''

``Why are you attacking us? The Lin Kuei has nothing to do with you.''

``On the contraire, Sub-Zero... I don't want any of your students or yourself interfering with me and my plan.''

``And that is?''

``To take over the realms with the Dragon army. I have one half of the amulet with me. I'd prefer if you and the Lin Kuei will go, how do you say... out of business.''

``You're not going to destroy this place.''

``Give up, the Red Dragon has taken over, there's nothing you pathetic little clan can do about it.'' Mavado shouted out. Sub-Zero was about to attack the two of them, but Quan Chi froze him in his place.

``I don't think so.'' Quan Chi said. He suddenly looked at me, placed his hand on the bottom of my jaw and tilted my head slightly. I tried to avoid his eyes but I couldn't. ``I'm sorry that little interference occurred, my dear. You will work for me, and there's nothing you can do about it.'' Sub-Zero was started to fight back against Quan Chi's power. As Sub-Zero was freed, he started to run towards the three of us but Quan Chi used his sorcery powers yet again, building a wall of skulls between him and us. The only thing that Sub-Zero can do is hear me scream

I feel cold...

Author : Drew

Creation date: 2010-9-13-15-42

Modification date: 2010-9-13-16-18